Week 3: Walkthroughs

Sorry for the delay – they will be up soon, slowly muddling through them as much as I can in between crashing, swearing and tutting furiously! It absolutely sucks that we used to get these out so quickly and now we feel really limited by the game! BUT the show must go on so to speak and I should hopefully have something for you soon!

In the mean time – please feel free to keep me entertained in the comment section!


82 thoughts on “Week 3: Walkthroughs”

  1. well this sucks cause i was totally looking forward to reading your walkthrough post!! lol All these different questlines are jus becoming way too much of a hassle now! There’s so much stuff needed and of course, one particular thing is needed for MULTIPLY quests and content so it’s definitely taking me a good bit of time to complete these questlines! i’m having a very hard time focusing on what needs done most importantly and what can be done later on down the road and what not. I feel ya tho on the constant crashing! I can’t even jus scroll around my town to do the daily collecting of buildings AND to complete every characters tasks without my game crashing and kicking me off then when i go back in, everything that i had done before a crash, NONE OF IT is ever saved! So long story short, i’m having to set characters on their tasks and collecting stuff at least 4 or 5 times over and over and over again. 👎👎👎😭


  2. I have completed the first run of the Takanawa estate and I still have no jobs to get the shoes for the showgirls. I have been at a stall waiting for over 2 days now. Anyone have any ideas?


    1. Have you built both the buildings that drop the shoes? I think it’s the kimono shop and tattoo place. There are two tasks for Bonnie and diabeto which drop shoes and both take place in one of these buildings.


  3. Glad to see I am not the only one incredibly frustrated by this event. I didn’t even find the Star Trek event that frustrating, but it may have been because I actually played as a premium player for that event since im a big trekky. This event is horrible and frustrating. I’m still waiting on Cleveland jr. I can’t advance because of this and I can’t start hiring showgirls because I need the wrestler dudes. Horrible planning to need the same crooks for fort nox, to get items and to pass the runs in the casino and estate, etc. do they even test these events before they put them out?


    1. Star Trek wasn’t as bad because tinycrook made changes if we felt something was unfair (like when they changed phaser battle drops from rare to always), whereas now they just don’t care (because they haven’t changed the tuba drop rate after 1 and a half weeks!!!!)


  4. I just gave up and unlocked Cleveland Jr. for 120 clams. I was tired of being at a standstill on the missions. They say that the Tuba drop rate was upped last week, but when they added dirty shirts to the mix, it really screwed people that still were trying to get the tubas.


    1. I can understand people caving in and spending clams to get anywhere in this horrid event, but that is obviously what TinyCo is counting on everyone to do. They will make no changes if people keep paying more & more to play. It’s difficult, but I’m staying firm at spending Nothing on this event, hopefully others can too. I’ve spent a Lot on this game over the past year or so and didn’t mind doing so, but this event has gone way over the line. If you’re a completionist like I was, don’t worry about any characters or outfits you miss out on this event, when the event is over you won’t even notice.


      1. Regarding the tuba drop rate…. I delayed updating the game to keep completing optional levels of the casino up to 2.5x (hindsight: dumb move – I’m behind now). Before the update (i.e. still on week 2/Casino) the tubas MAYBE dropped once every 3-4 times. After updating to week 3 / Takanawa, the few gurl scouts I’ve attacked have dropped every time. I went from 5 tubas before updating to now 10 after.
        On the note of people spending clams – has anyone noticed the #1 spot on the Board has 274k mob rep, #2 has 143k, #3 has 103k. (at 6/23, 1:30pm EST). Talk about dropping some cash on this dumb game. Whoever is #1 has either a lottery-win financed bank account or some other issue to make them spend that much on a game like this. This is exactly the type of person TinyCrook hopes to snag and help finance their subpar developer staff.


  5. 0 for 3 on my girl scout this morning. This is just ridiculous. It’s only 7am pst in the US so hopefully someone at tinyco fixes this major problem with the girl scouts. Even if we only needed 10 tubas it would have been too much with these drop rates. I cannot understand why they do this. It is all just basic algorithms and the people programming the game have to know how it will affect the game. If it’s not fixed and people 1 star the reviews letting new people know that you MUST pay to play and be competitive they will lose new players and even new players who do not intend on spending money do so it will hurt their pocketbook.



    So this past week my rank have sunk! I have been playing the game exactly the way I have, if not even more often.

    I come here to check if I really am progressing more slowly than the others, but it doesn’t look like it. I have unlocked Cleveland Jr. and it looks like half of the people who are commenting here have not. I legit wake up twice every night to play the game during the event, and still my rank keeps slipping. I’m a 100% freemium player and I’m seriously thinking about investing a few hundred clams to buy one of the premium buildings now. TinyCo must be flushed with cash from this event.

    At first I thought the top 10k was a realistic target. My rank is now at 25k with 7k mob reps, and I’m not willing to focus on gaining mob reps by sacrificing the chance to get new characters (and lbr, this ‘slip’ pattern will probably not stop any time soon and my rank will keep slipping down in the coming weeks).

    I do find it hard to focus with so many things going on at once. Mr Washee Washee, Cleveland’s and Tricia’s costumes, Fort Nox, Tricia’s House raids. It seems like TinyCo want to give us more ways to earn mob reps, but if you choose to focus on one, you’ll have to sideline the others, and you only get a week before TinyCo give you MORE costumes and characters to unlock.

    You can only hire so many people, and all these tasks and items need SO MANY people. The problem isn’t even the capacity, it’s the time. Every 4 hours, I collect 4 masks and hire 4 luchadors and clear 2 girl scouts since I need shirts for Mr Washee Washee. I’m stuck in this loop and can’t progress with any other tasks that requires hiring people until I finally collect all the shirts (FML).

    tl;dr: I’m frustrated that my rank keeps slipping and I’m stuck in a luchador hiring loop.


  7. Here are all the Takanawa Estate Tasks.

    I. Earn 1 Star on the Takanawa Estate (1st Raid).
    Task Completion is needed to unlock the Showgirls goon.
    It is also need to unlock both the Kimono Shop and the
    Permanent Mistakes Tattoo Shop in the shopping cart.

    A. Samurai Ghosts Obstacle:
    1. Hire 4 Goons.
    a) Receive 20 Mob Rep.

    B. Sushi Chef Obstacle:
    1. Hire 5 Luchadors.
    a) Receive 40 Mob Rep.

    C. Suited Sumo Wrestler Obstacle:
    1. Joe & Quagmire: Play Mace Tag (10hrs).
    2. Fatfather: Speak Fake Italian (10hrs).
    a) Receive 24 Fedora Mob Rep.
    b) Receive 1 Ang Lee Photo.

    D. Completed Raid:
    1. Receive 175 Gurl Scout Cookies.
    2. Receive 35 Mob Rep.

    E. Completed Task:
    1. Receive 15 Gurl Scout Cookies.
    2. Receive 3 Mob Rep.
    3. Unlocks Hire Showgirl in Copahavana.
    4. Unlocks Permanent Mistakes Tattoo Shop in shopping cart.
    5. Unlocks Kimono Shop in shopping cart.

    II. Earn 2 Stars on the Takanawa Estate (2nd Raid):

    A. Sushi Chef Obstacle:
    1. Hire 2 Showgirls.
    a) Receive 24 Mob Rep.

    B. Suited Sumo Wrestler Obstacle:
    1. Joe & Quagmire: Play Mace Tag (10hrs).
    2. Fatfather: Fake Speak Italian (10hrs).
    a) Receive 24 Mob Rep.

    C. Sushi Chef Obstacle:
    1. Hire 5 Showgirls.
    a) Receive 60 Mob Rep.

    D. Suited Sumo Wrestler Obstacle:
    1. Mort: Scrounge for Coins (8hrs).
    2. Jerome: Be a Superior Athlete (8hrs).
    a) Receive 20 Mob Rep.
    b) “CHANCE” for an Ang Lee Photo.

    E. Completed Raid:
    1. Receive 350 Gurl Scout Cookies.
    2. Receive 70 Mob Rep.

    F. Completed Task:
    1. Receive 10 Gurl Scout Cookies.
    2. Receive 2 Mob Rep.

    III. Earn 3 Stars on the Tawanawa Estate (3rd Raid).

    A. Salaryman Obstacle:
    1. Joe: Investigate Calls (12hrs).
    2. Bruce: Frolick with Jeffrey (12hrs).
    a) Receive 24 Mob Rep.

    B. Samurai Ghosts Obstacle 1:
    1. Hire 7 Showgirls
    a) Receive 84 Mob Rep.

    C. Samurai Ghosts Obstacle 2:
    1. Hire 6 Showgirls.
    a) Receive 72 Mob Rep.

    D. Suited Sumo Wrestler Obstacle:
    1. Mort: Scrounge for Coins (8hrs).
    2. Jerome: Be a Superior Athlete (8hrs).
    a) Receive 20 Mob Rep.
    b) “CHANCE” for an Ang Lee Photo.

    E. Completed Raid:
    1. Receive 525 Gurl Scout Cookies.
    2. Receive 105 Mob Rep.
    3. Receive The Asian for your Quahog.

    F. Completed Task:
    1. Receive 25 Gurl Scout Cookies.
    2. Receive 5 Mob Rep.

    Hopefully this will help with your game walk-through.

    Anthony M


    1. Actually the beginning of the end was the Star Trek event. I still haven’t forgotten how hard it was to get chocolate bars for Deanna troi. The difference was at that time they cared enough to make changes.


  8. Ugh! My Girl Scouts went from dropping two different items to now not dropping anything.. But I still need tubas. Under the drop section there’s nothing there


  9. Has everyone given up on this event? We’re not commenting as much as we normally do, and even the mods aren’t making new posts lol.

    Also has anyone actually got Cleveland jr yet?

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      1. Still grinding on Cleveland Jr., and now the week 3 quest line requires him to be unlocked for it to go forward. Wow! frustrated to say the least. Just playing it out now (going through he motions), but have really low hopes to earn all the characters at a minimum. No excitement about the game anymore. Worse game pace than the Star Trek event.


    1. Sorry, I have Cleveland Jr. still working on getting Boxer promoter Cleveland, Mr. Washee Washee, and Sexy Schoolgirl Tricia.. This event just has me all over the place… I think I am ahead of the mods here.. Holly Pop seems to be stuck in a place of hell!!!

      I am at :
      Good to be a Gangster pt 7
      -Destroy Fort Knox
      -Have Fatfather play mafia wars

      Moment of Zen pt 3
      -Earn 3 stars at the Takanawa Estate-Just finishing first task Salaryman obstacle..
      –Have Joe investigate calls-3 hours left
      –have Bruce frolic with Jeffrey-finished
      both of these are 12 hour tasks…

      Prized possession 10
      -Claim top individual prize-Consuela costume-382 Mob rep points away

      Rise to the Top 7
      -Hire 77 Goons (I have 49)

      Lifestyles of the Rich pt 5
      -Complete Good to be a Gangster pt 8 to upgrade to the Grand Mansion

      Sweep the Leg Pt 1
      -Have Mr. Mayagi catch flies with chopsticks (finished)
      -Have the Fatfather forget about it (18 hr task) 9 hrs left

      Destroy Fort KNox pt 2
      -Get Fort down to 75%-finished
      -Get Fort down to 50%-finished
      -Get Fort down to 25%-working
      -Destroy fort

      Become the Best pt 2
      Send 12 Luchadors to Fort (4 out of 12)

      This thing is a nonstop, every hour gotta go game right now..

      By the way.. ranked 945 in the world..


    2. I ended up using about 125 clams to get Cleveland Jr just because I really wanted him. So I spent the clams and rated the app 1 star because I hate them for the ridiculous drop rate. I will continue to play simply out of spite now.


  10. Maybe this will entertain you for a little while. Here’s my letter in response to another in the very long list of horrible customer service replies from TinyCo:

    To Matt F and Family Guy Support,

    You haven’t heard from me because I couldn’t access this stupid game again until just now, at 8:00am on June 21st. That is 10 days! And you KNOW this because you SHOULD have my account and access logs right in front of you.

    If you don’t, what is the point of sending messages for service and support? This isn’t customer service. It’s customer disservice, by design.

    Your company has always been ready to take my money, but you are neither providing a good product nor adequate support at all. There was never anything wrong with my devices or connection. These were all YOUR software coding failures.

    Your “customer service” reps kept telling me nothing is wrong on your end and to keep reinstalling the game. I did multiple reinstalls, but still couldn’t get in the game. One time I was told it might be better to start over from the beginning. WHAT???

    Then, WEEKS later, I would always receive your emails saying you “apologize” because there were ‘glitches’ on YOUR end!!!

    TinyCo has never offered anything to compensate me for not being able to play the game or the items, tasks, and missions that I was deprived of completing.

    Speaking of compensation: Do you remember the time you took all my clams and called me a cheater??? I sure do! You wrote me a few weeks later to say that I wasn’t cheating and that my account was in good standing.

    That was great, but you NEVER returned my clams or responded to my inquiries about them! So I had to contact the App Store and my bank to get my money back.

    I should’ve cancelled my account right after that. But I was bedridden at the time and I felt that I needed things like your game to help pass the time. That was MY big mistake.

    The last three “events” in this game have been visually nice but progressively worse in gameplay. It displays inept coding and server failure on an epic scale.

    I am very frustrated. Being unable to log onto the game for over a week will do that to you. Your company’s lack of responsibility, AGAIN, in reply to this is the last straw for me.

    I have invested enough money with TinyCo to buy a PS4 or an xBox, maybe both! I think I need to move on from your company to a product that is actually fun, worth my money and time, AND values me as a customer; because your company could care less.

    TinyCo seems to be all about making quick money, everything AND everyone else be damned.

    Anthony M

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      Sadly I still don’t think they wholeheartedly care and any reply will just be a formality. I pray for the day tinycrook are no longer involved with this game.


    2. Wow tony565, I feel for you there.. I don’t know what I would do in your situation.. but to start over from the beginning? Lose everything you have gained.. I would be pissed!!! Good luck man..


  11. Is there any way of getting shoes for the showgirls apart from the kimono shop and tattoo parlour?
    And is the 20000 cookies price on Tricia’s costume a mistake or is it supposed to be another ‘event long endeavour’?


    1. Once you finish building those 2 buildings you will then have 6 hr always drop tasks for Bonnie, Diabeto, and Cleveland Jr. Little annoying though sonce pretty much no one has Cleveland jr yet and Bonnie and Diabeto are needed to get Luchador masks. But hey, this IS tiny co we’re talking about here lol 🙂


    2. Saad, unfortunately the only way to earn the Sequined High Heel is through those buildings. The list is as follows:

      All tasks are 6 hours!
      Bonnie: Buy Gaudy Jewelry @Kimono Shop
      Diabeto: Go Shopping @Kimono Shop
      Cleveland Jr: Go Shopping @Kimono Shop
      Permanent Mistakes Tattoo Shop (500 cookies, 8hrs to build)
      Kimono Shop (500 cookies, 10hrs to build)
      Burlesque Vanity Set (125 clams)

      I’m very far behind, 10 days, but I’m using my clams to finish this “event” before I quit for good. Let me know if you have any other game questions.


  12. I still don’t have Cleveland jr!!!! The tubas never drop!!!!!!! It’s so incredibly frustrating; I have 10/20 tubas it’s ‘uncommon’ but honestly dropping like a rare item. This isn’t even fun anymore just freaking annoying


    1. Same problem here. I still need 17 more tubas and when I tap on a Gurl Scout, the Drops: box is empty. It seems like a glitch and that they’re not even set up to drop tubas anymore. Has anyone gotten any tubas lately?


      1. I just got one around an hour ago so it’s not a glitch but very difficult due to the rarity. I’m only on 12 myself but I have a feeling things will be worse. Items for mr washee washee are just a a hard if not harder 😢


  13. Out of 6 gurl scouts today I got 0 tubas, and 1 dirty shirt. So I’m still sitting on only 5 tubas towards Jr. I don’t see how Jr or the Washee guy will be obtainable, let alone all the other skins & characters that still have yet to be released. Looks like Diabeto is the only thing I’ll get out of this miserably impossible event. TinyCo needs to do something pretty quick, they are gonna see a lot more players jump ship during/after this nightmare.


  14. Why can’t they make the goddamn Tubas to be “common” to solve the issue? It has turned into an extra rare item all of a sudden.


  15. This event has great potential but TinyCo is all over the place. Seriously, I have 5 tubas total since i started collecting. It takes way too long. Hopefully they will fix this error and allow some characters to drop the dang tubas. (How about Vinny, TinyCo?)

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  16. This new content is just too much considering how hard it is to get Cleveland jr. Does anyone actually have him yet?
    Now we need to collect for mr washee washee, who seems just as hard with 15 rares, there’s the new fort which requires the same goons as everything else slowing down our progress even more, and I can’t progress with the main quest line because I don’t have Cleveland jr yet.


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    1. Yeah, it does seem that this event is the nail in the coffin for a lot of players 😞 it’s a shame because the game had so much potential and when we played the first event – The Full Moon – it was enjoyable and (dare I say it) …fun, but it hasn’t been fun for a long long time


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      1. I think the reason it isn’t fun anymore is because there’s just too many events, they all feel forced to be honest. They should lay off the ‘special’ events and give us a few districts and LAND to work through for a while.

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  17. Ok you guys are up to Mr washee washee? Mine still says the upgrade is not available yet. Am I missing something? This is just too much to handle with not enough time again and is giving me anxiety. I don’t want to play a game that is causing me so much grief. Games are supposed to be fun and this event is not. All this after I accidentally clicked complete everything and accidentally spent almost 400 clams to rush to unlock diabeto and I am a freemium player. Thankful that they have been giving me a lot of commercials to watch for clams. Is everyone getting a lot of them (like 3-6 clams worth a day)? I wrote to them so I figured they did that for me. Tubas are horrible. Girl scouts should drop them every time. I am so over outfits now and I will concentrate on getting new characters. Help!!!


    1. Have you got 3 starts for Cleveland’s casino? Have you completed the main quest line? Those are the only things I can think of for upgrading, and I agree with everything else especially the tubas. They take too long!!!


    2. Have you upgraded your game on your phone? I only had the option to upgrade it once I installed the newest version from the Play store, even though I had finished the main and the casino quest lines before that.


  18. Starting to believe Tiny Co is incapable of learning from their mistakes. Meg’s task for the “extra rare” item for Trisha’s outfit also returns beer bottles (if you’re still stuck with the brewery hanging around). So, we’re right back in the same mess we had with Mort 2 weeks ago.
    Also, there must be a ton of folks ponying up clams for special tasks. The last 2 days I’ve fallen down the leader board like I have cement shoes. But I. Haven’t changed my style of play.


    1. OH NO I meant to post this as a new comment and not a reply! Mods, can you please not approve this one? lol all the stress from the game is really getting to me ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ




  20. I can’t upgrade mansion either have two tasks up asking me to so cant progress with those.
    Still waiting to get Cleveland jr aswell 😦 I only have 6 or 7tubas so still loads to go I did get in touch with them but they said they checked drop rate and it is working normal no issues at all. I personally don’t agree with this I never got any for 2days.
    I hope it’s not Cleveland jr task that is holding me up from upgrading or I’ll be even more behind 😦

    Also they totally ignored my question over mob rep leaderboard & if us that couldn’t get on for 2/3 days would get anything has anyone else news on this


  21. I upgraded to lvl 2, but not lvl 3 cause I am about a week behind due to the android bug crash. Any word if they will extend for us?


  22. Do we need to update to the latest version every time to get access to the new contents? It’s just some updates are more prone to crashing so I always get weary of having to install an update after finding a more.. stable version 😦


      1. I could only upgrade my mansion once I downloaded the newest version of the game. It didn’t give me any warning or popup to do so! I would have thought “No, come on, I’m sure this was a coincidence! What if I hadn’t decided to try and update the game myself? Would they have let me get stuck in week 2 for the rest of the event?? Naah, TinyCo can’t be that stupid” but after stupid things after stupid things that they make us do in this event, I’m seriously doubting their intelligence.


  23. They just added Mr. Miyagi from the original “Karate Kid” and also Schoolgirl Tricia outfit.. I just stumbled on them… The game did not give a warning…


  24. It doesn’t matter what you post, they keep changing the walkthroughs after I start them!!! This one is weird…

    on a side note.. are you going to have a section where we can post our ranking?


  25. The new manison upgrade was showing up for me even though I hadn’t quite finished the casino tasks, I accidentally clicked on it without thinking and now the casino has disappeared! And my two main questlines need me to get to 3 stars in the casino. So annoying! I’ll email tinyco and maybe they can sort it, I don’t know


      1. I had to complete a quest with two or three timed jobs. Before it allowed me to upgrade. Sorry I forget what it was. My annoyance is diabeto, I’m still only 10/20 tubas from the girls but, must have cleared over 30. Says the drop rate is uncommon, more like rare!


      1. Thanks for the reason. I think the game could do a better job letting us know this instead of me wasting my time trying to get boxing gloves for a costume that will never again be used in this game.


      2. They updated that quest line a few days ago where they replaced Cleveland jr’s action with one which doesn’t need him unlocked, so we can upgrade without unlocking him.

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    1. There was some weird bug earlier that had to be fixed for it to work. Plus you must have finished Cookie Crumbles to the point it tells you to unlock the mansion. There’s a second questline that requires you to unlock the mansion before advancing it too, but I’m not sure if you must be to that point in both or just Cookie Crumbles. Fair warning though. Cleveland’s casino optional run through (and the multiplier you will have racked up) will disappear after the upgrade.


      1. I completed Cleveland’s Casino, but when I try to place Geronimo’s Palace, the app crashes. Typical it seems


      2. the game finally acknowledged I completed the casino and put the Palace in my inventory. Took a few crashes for it to work though.


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