Week 2: Mobsters Walkthroughs *****Updated*****

So as week 2 kicks off here is those much needed walkthroughs!

This is currently as far as I can get without putting my fist through my screen! Enjoy!

Prized Possession

Part 1
-Earn Mop Rep to unlock the first Individual Prize, 100MR

-Claim individual prize, 250 Cookies

Part 2
Earn mob rep to unlock the 10 clams prize, 500MR

-Claim individual prize 2

Part 3
-Earn MR to unlock next prize, 1000

-Claim prize 3: 750 cookies

Part 4
-Earn 2500 MR to unlock next prize, 2500

-Claim prize 4: Fake Romantic Gondola Ride

Part 5
-Earn 5000 MR

-Claim 25 Clams

Part 6
-Earn 7500 MR

-Claim prize: Chainsaw Henchman

And apparently this goes on until you get to kingpin consuela at part 10?

Please do not rush this! Rushing to get this many MR points will at current get you kicked off the leader boards. Even if you are minted, wonga’d up, rolling in it, etc.

Mob Mentality

Part 9 (cont. from week 1)
-Upgrade mansion

Which crashes my game repeatedly! Great fun!

Cookie Crumbles

Part 1
-Have Quagmire Bribe business owners, 6h

-Pick up candy, 8h

Cookie Crumbles
-Have Diabeto beg Mama for cookies, 4h

-Have Fatfather take care of business, 4h

-Build the brass knuckle emporium, 450 cookies, 10h – FIND CLEVELAND Jr.

Part 3
-Have Jerome play darts, 6h

-Have Quagmire withdraw cash, 4h

Part 4
-Hire 3 Luchadors

-Have Chris eat cookies, 2h

-Take out 3 Gurl Scouts

Part 5
-Hire 2 wise guys

-Raid 2 Cookie delivery trucks

-Have Chris eat cookies, 2h

Part 6
-Have Mort bake Hamantaschen, 12h

-Build the Pawn Shop, 325 cookies, 4h

-Have the Fatfather Question Mort, 8h

Part 7
-Have Lois find Cleveland, 6h

-Have Cleveland Jr. Moo when scared, 6h

Part 8
-Have the Fatfather fire Tommy gun, 8h

-Place Geronimo’s palace,

-Upgrade to Fatfather’s Lavish Mansion

A Father’s Son

Part. 1

Part 2
-Have Cleveland Jr. beat it, 8h

Part 3
-Have Cleveland Jr practice the Tuba, 2h

Rise to the top 1
-Take down 4 Rival Delivery Trucks

-Take down two Girls Scouts

All In

Part 1
-Learn about the Casino

-Earn 1 star on the Casino Map,
Complete: The Black Jack Heist (1st Time: Have Mort Practice Counting Cards, Have Fatfather plan heist. 8h, 2nd Time: Have Jerome Distract Pit Bosses, Have Chris Take Out Camera)
The Slot Machine Obstacle (requires 6 goons)
The Bouncer Obstacle (requires 3 Sacks of Money – make Joe offer protection, make peter search couch for spare change, make Quagmire shake Havets)

Part 2
-Earn 2 stars on the Casino Map

Part 3
-Earn 3 stars on the Casino Map

Rise to the Top

Part 1
– Clear 3 Gurl Scouts


81 thoughts on “Week 2: Mobsters Walkthroughs *****Updated*****”

  1. I was in the top 7000 for so long, but as soon as I realized how long it take for the tubas, I’ve lost rank completely I went from 7000, to 70,000 It’s disgusting. Not only that but my goons and Luchadors get lost often when my game glitches and closes! -__-


  2. Sooo what has everyone been doing with their luchadors? I’ve been using them to clear the girl scouts bc I NEED TUBAS (8 to go!), but like everyone else I’m super disappointed at the drop rate and meanwhile my ranking keeps slipping from 10,000s just a few days ago to 13,000s yesterday and now I’m in 18,000s!

    Should I just use them to clear the casino? I have 3 stars already and now the first obstacle needs 5 luchadors and drop 60 mob reps, which is a much better turnout than if I use 2 + 2 to clear 2 girl scouts. Is Cleveland Jr. worth it?


    1. Cleveland Jr is only worth it if you’re a completionist and want everyone, I doubt he’ll have many tasks after this event Shara



    2. I think the optional casino missions are not worth it and it’s better to upgrade the mansion instead. I would focus on Cleveland jr more than the optional casino raids as he will be more useful in this event.


  3. Hi,
    I upgraded the mansion to the lavish mansion before I done with clevland’s casino and it’s delete clevland’s casino.
    What to do?
    (My English isn’t so good so I’m sorry if I have mistakes)


    1. I didn’t get three stars for the Cleveland level and so I’m assuming that’ll never go away cause I upgraded the mansion. So annoying.


      1. I didn’t even think it was possible to upgrade the mansion without getting three stars. It makes me wonder, what exactly triggers the mansion upgrade?


    2. Today I woke up and saw that it’s gave me the prize from three stars in the Casino and gave another way to get math books for Cleveland jr but there is the quest all in pt 3 that I don’t finished it. It’s important quest? What are the quest that I unlock when I complete this?


    3. They gave me another chance to unlock Cleveland jr and gave me the prise for three stars in the casino but they don’t pass me all in pt 3! is this quest important? When I complete him I unlock another quests?


  4. Cookie Crumbles part 7 has changed from ‘Make Cleveland Jr. moo’ to ‘Have Bonnie look after Cleveland Jr’. Also Diabeto’s mask gathering task has changed from 24hrs to 4hrs. Just fyi.


  5. 20 tries and still not a single tuba. Sent 2 in game messages to tiny co. Beyond annoying and frustrating. I’m done with this event


    1. I to have had this problem i sent in game message to which they have replied there is no problem with the drop rate and it drops at right rate for uncommon.
      Ive only had 2 none has dropped for over 2days 😦


  6. I’m getting zero horns… I’ve attacked the scouts I think four times now with no drop. I don’t want to have to buy the building


  7. Does anyone know the requirements for the last casino level 3 to get cleared? As in what is required to clear each obstacle? I’m about to clear 2nd to last one, the dealers table, then there’s a slot machine at the end before the prize. Anyone know what the last slot machine takes to clear?


    1. Im also here looking for that info.
      Im working my way towards 3rd star and on the 1st slot machine one that needs 4 luchadour to clear but was looking to see what the tiger obstacle and 2nd slot casino and then the box needs.
      Also what the optional raids need to.
      I have 10hrs left on speed feed diabeto but by looks of it i have no chance of doing it as still need to do the optional raid when just started 3stars one argghh


  8. I am having an almost zero horns from the gurl scout. i have hired goons the last 7 times with no drops. I bought the Atlantic city gentlemans club for clams, otherwise i would never get any horns. 😦


  9. My progress in this event is incredibly slow compared to the previous events, Cleveland Jr., Cleveland’s outfit, the casino raids, the purple trucks, the golden trucks, the girls scouts, all of them require hiring goons all at once, and I can only hire 6 guys? Despite me buying the RV?

    Really Tinyco?


    1. I messaged tinyco about being able to hire 6 goons even with the extra RV and they sao that’s how it should be. We can queue more goons but still only have 6 at a time, like that helps. Can’t believe I paid 1000 cookies for this!!


      1. That is actually opposite of reality. You can still only queue a max of 6 but your total goons at a time can be nine. There are many times this can be helpful, tasks requiring six goons, or necessary, optional casino raids 3 and 4 have tasks that require 7 8 and 9 goons to complete.


  10. Is anybody having any issues collecting from their friends town? I can collect from Ollieland but when I go onto my Facebook friends it comes up with Consuelas and an error message saying “you need to upgrade your game to collect from this town”
    However there is NO update!! So frustrating!


    1. To fix all the crashing issues there is a mandatory update in the App Store. However, only the Android version is available to download. Once you or you neighbors update you will not be able to visit them until both of you have updated…


  11. Argh!! I play on my iPhone 6 and the battery died, so I logged in on my android while my phone charged. Now on my phone I get a message to say an upgrade is due, why is it doing this 😓 I’m in the 16,000 now and losing my bid to get within the 10,000’s for the leaderboard prizes, please help or tell me everything will be okay, I need this game in my life 😢😢


    1. There was a mandatory update release this weekend to fix all the crashing issues. Only the Android version is available in the App Store. Once one device type is updated you cannot play other device types until you have updated both games. You should continue playing on the one that works and need to wait for the other update to become available to,download so your games will sync.


  12. just when you think this game can’t get any worse they come out with a new event. you’d think that as time goes by they’d get better at making events but it seems to be the opposite. the game crashes on both my tablets but it works just fine on my cheated bluestacks version. i find that funny

    the only different thing in the event is the leaderboard so im guessing thats causing a lot of the crashing issues. why would they use a leaderboard for a game like this anyway? only reason i can see is in some misguided attempt to punish cheaters and make them stop. i hope thats not it cuz if so epic fail. you can ban me from the leaderboard if you like but once this event ends ill get every prize on it thru the mod anyway.

    finally how many more buildings are they going to come up with before giving out more land? they got no problem adding in huge event areas that make them money but a few more squares of land is out of the question. its literally the most broken game of any kind i’ve ever played. the only reason i keep playing is to laugh at how pathetic Tiny Co is. i hope nobody ever gives them any of there real money going forward. they just dont deserve it…


    1. Well said truth, I got kicked from the leaderboard but I sure as hell am not going to cry about it! My game is also crash city and I can’t abide it. There is nothing wrong with taking a damn break to get the game working properly, so many people unable to play and now another money grabbing special – awesome!


  13. (prized possession) since I read your comment about the individual prizes I have stopped claiming them,… When u say please don’t rush this what do u mean? Do u mean don’t claim the prizes because you will lose your MR and you will go down on the leader board? I am 2 prizes away from getting Consuelas outfit…. When I get enough should I claim it? Or wait? I’m so confused 😩


  14. The “All In” task is the one you need to start to unlock all the tasks for getting masks for the next goons, right? How do you start it? All my tasks currently seem to be stuck since I need Cleveland Jr for them but I can’t get him without getting the masked goons to clear the girl scouts.


    1. I noticed that too, either last night or the night before. Maybe they realized that to get 125 gloves, you’d have to hit the gold truck every night of the event minus 3 or 4, so if Cleveland’s outfit had any quest or necessary tasks to it, you wouldn’t be able to do it until 3-4 days left of the whole event.
      I’ve got 3 that seem to drive around all the time. Once I hit one of them, another will respawn at the next regular time. I’m glad that made PART of this easy. Don’t get me started on 2 Luchadors per gurl scout, i.e. 2 hours per scout. Then throw in that you need 2-3 of them to clear parts of the casino.
      They really need to add a cancel button to the goon queue. If it hasn’t been made yet, why should you be locked into? Sucks when you’ve got 6 regular goons in line, then find out you need 3 Luchadors for the casino.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Part 2 Rise to The Top
    4 Gurl Scouts and 8 Cookie Trucks

    Part 3
    Fatfather listen to Dean Martin for 14 hours and Take Down 6 Gurl Scouts.


    1. Are you sure? It doesn’t give you more spaces to recruit, it allows you to have some roaming around whilst you recruit more.

      Initially you could only have 6 guys not working or being recruited.
      Click on the casino and look at the capacity in the top left. It starts off saying 6/6, then I think it goes 6/9 and then 6/12.


    1. Thats wierd. I didn’t get banned and i have flown through the points.
      Are you sure it wasn’t because of something else as well? Like maybe doing the hedge thing as well?


  16. Here’s a strange one for you. I just went to the leaderboard screen and tapped on “individual prizes” to claim the Fake Romantic Gondola Ride and noticed that I could claim every single prize even though I didn’t have enough hats! The word “claim” was there so I clicked and got every prize!

    This is on my iPad (so no cheats).

    Let me know if anyone else has the same.


    1. I had the same problem so I wrote like 8 emails to tinyco. They restored my game and it works fine now. I still am 2 days behind but try not to worry too much…


  17. hey hollypopsicle are you able to play your game normally yet or no??? That totally sucks you can’t get into it from all the crashing tho! …I’m having that kinda problem as well, but it doesn’t constantly crash or I’m not kicked out every time I go into it. My game is now crashing about a minute or 2 when I’m trying to get stuff done so I do have to keep logging back in multiple times a day and then every time I go back it, NOTHING is saved that I had just completed before it crashes! I know for a fact tho it getting real annoying lol I get SO frustrated every single time! TinyCo., PLEASE get a move on with this magical “crashing patch” so us playas can actually ENJOY playing the game! Lol! 😄


  18. I finally cleared the safehouse third time….didn’t get the roaches so I can’t continue with the walkthrough and can’t upgrade the mansion.

    Furthermore I FINALLY cleared my first gold truck….but no boxing gloves. Since you can’t earn more then 5 gloves each day I’m already lost for the cleveland outfit this event.

    Complained about both with TinyCo but they don’t bother te react anymore. Guess they got too much complaints….The gamemakers shouldnt’ put this game on their resumé if applying for another job i guess…..


    ps. and I think it’s almost a year that my game crashes like 50 times a day. When I zoom out, when I scroll, when I jump to another character. Only response is destroy your whole town. Did that once…didn’t fix it and I’m not rebuilding it again…. 😦


  19. I am unable to clear the gold trucks, because the game freezes up and kicks me out before it can process all 6 of the wiseguys’ ridiculously long animations


  20. So I’ve seen two gold trucks so far. Both times, I haven’t had all 6 guys available to take it down. But if you tap on the gold truck and can’t “hire” the guys to take it down right then and there, it DISAPPEARS. So I guess my advice here is, don’t tap on the gold trucks unless you know you have all 6 guys available, and are ready to hire them right then and there.


    1. update – finally saw a truck.. A gold one – had the 6 goons clicked the truck and it disappeared to home screen. 😦 on reload truck gone


    1. Seems like they’ve decreased the spawn rate of these trucks as new things like gurl scouts have made their way into the game. For me, the spawn rate seems to be every 4 hours.


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