Mobster Event: What’s inside Mafia Brian’s Mystery Box

For week 2, we are able to open the Brian Mystery Box for this Mobster Event for 100 Clams! Find out what you could win below:

Industrial Cookie Conveyor Belt
– Earnings: 850 Cookies

Extravagant Vegas Fountain Show
– Decoration

Welcome to Quahog Sign
– Decoration

Floyd Wetherton
– Animated Decoration

200 Clams

150 Clams

500 Gurl Scout Cookies

750 Gurl Scout Cookies

Good luck to everyone who gives it a go – we have our fingers crossed that you win the Industrial Cookie Conveyor Belt!


7 thoughts on “Mobster Event: What’s inside Mafia Brian’s Mystery Box”

  1. I don’t even what to admit how many clams it took me to get all of the exclusive decos/buildings, it was that damn Industrial Cookie Conveyor Belt that was the last one to drop.


    1. I am not even partaking in the mystery box as opening steals my clams and crashes my game and then the cherry on top is – I don’t get my item when I get back in! (Steam is coming out of my ears at present) have you got the gold trucks working in your game?


      1. Yeah, I got my first Gold Truck last night, and got another just now, both times they dropped the 5 gloves. I’m having a nightmare trying to get Ckeveland Jr, not getting many purple trucks, and when I do half the time they don’t drop Golf Balls, and also having trouble with the Tubas, its getting annoying having to wait 2hrs for the Luchradors to clear 1 Gurl Scout and not getting a Tuba. I think these items should drop always, or reduce the number needed.


  2. Thanks for the great ongoing information about this Mobster Event. Unfortunately for me, it’s all fine and good but I have received NO SUPPORT from TinyCo, I have lost my entire game’s progress and haven’t heard back in 4 days, so this event is going to be a write-off for me, assuming I even GET my game back. Hello??? TinyCo??? You there???


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