Mobster Event Week 2 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 2 of the Mobster Event – don’t be put off by the amount of Boxing Gloves needed, TinyCo has said that it is meant to be an event-long endeavour!

“Get It, Gurl” Buy One Get One offer

Once you see this special offer appear, you’ll have two days to take advantage of it. If you purchase a package of clams worth $9.99 or higher, you’ll get 5,000 Gurl Scout Cookies for free!

Please note that this is a one-time offer. Purchasing multiple packages of clams will not award additional Cookies.

How do I unlock Cleveland Jr?

To unlock Cleveland Jr, you’ll need to build the Brass Knuckle Emporium and collect the following items:

25 Math Books (common)

25 Golf Balls (uncommon)

20 Tubas (uncommon)

6 Ritalin (rare)

1500 Gurl Scout Cookies

You will have until Thursday, July 9th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

What can I win from the Mafia Brian Mystery Box?

The Mafia Brian Mystery Box can be found in the shop. You can win the following buildings and decorations:

Industrial Cookie Conveyor Belt  (drops 850 cookies)

Extravagant Vegas Fountain Show (deco)

Welcome to Quahog Sign (deco)

Floyd Wetherton (moving deco)

200 Clams

125 Clams

500 Gurl Scout Cookies

750 Gurl Scout Cookies

Buildings and deco prizes will not repeat, but clams and cookies can repeat.

What are Gold Cookie Trucks?

Gold Cookie Trucks are special Cookie Trucks that will appear in your town once every 24 hours for a period of 4 hours. If you’ve missed one, don’t worry – you’ll have the rest of the event to keep clearing them.

If you clear them before they disappear, they’ll drop 5 Boxing Gloves. You can use these Boxing Gloves to unlock the Fight Promoter Cleveland outfit!

How do I unlock Fight Promoter Cleveland?

He’s back, and ready to rumble! As you play through the event, keep an eye out for special Gold Cookie Trucks. These Gold Cookie Trucks will appear in your town once every 24 hours for a period of 4 hours so try to clear them quickly! If you’ve missed one, don’t worry – you’ll have the rest of the event to keep clearing them.

The Gold Cookie Trucks will drop 5 Boxing Gloves. To unlock Cleveland’s Fight Promoter outfit, you’ll need to collect 125 Boxing Gloves and spend them on the Fight Promoter Cleveland Outfit in the shop. Head on over to Al Harrington’s to create the outfit after you’ve purchased it from the shop.

NOTE: This does *NOT* include Cleveland’s character. You must have Cleveland unlocked as a playable character before you can use this outfit. If you get Cleveland afterwards, you’ll be able to use this outfit then.

How do I get Boxing Gloves?

You can earn Boxing Gloves by clearing special Gold Cookie Trucks. Spend them to get the Fight Promoter Cleveland Outfit!


28 thoughts on “Mobster Event Week 2 FAQS”

  1. I had over 8,000 cookies, i did the update and now i have 300! Wtf happened to the rest? I bought the clam package and got the 5,000 and haven’t really spent any. Anyone else have this happen?


  2. After yesterday’s update… Peter triggers a dialogue that ends with …Cookie crumbles part 7

    The quest shows two check marks as if it’s completed and it won’t go away.

    Is this a glitch? Or do I need to complete something else?


      1. I haven’t done both lol. I’ve done the casino raids but not the main quest line because I’m up to the part which needs Cleveland jr and I’m still a long way off unlocking him.
        If we just need to complete the casino raids then I’m fine but if it’s the main quest line then it’s gonna be a while until I get Cleveland jr.


  3. My game keeps crashing when i push the complete build check mark on the brass Knuckle emporium to get Cleveland. Any one else have that problem?


  4. While the golden trucks are now dropping gloves, I’m still confused as I just saw 2 or 3 at the same time. Have the rules changed?


  5. Every time I go to load the game a box keeps popping up say there is a update that needs to be done, when I click on the green box it goes to the update screen then it just says open so I can’t play the game


  6. Do they Gold Cookie Trucks “always” drop the gloves, or is it only sometimes, I finally cleared one of the trucks this morning and I never got an gloves, kinda sucked 😦


  7. The golden truck bug still isn’t fixed. I finally found the golden truck but I didnt get any boxing gloves from it, just 50 mob rep. Hurry up and fix this!!!!


  8. Help! I waited up all night for the gold truck to appear and had my 6 goons ready. When I finally saw one and attacked it all I got was coins and mob rep… NO GLOVES! What the hell!


  9. When does the All In Quest start? There are buildings you can use cookies to buy that drop masks but not until All In Quest Pt 1!!


  10. How do you get the new goons masks to hire them? I can’t find anyway to get the masks To hire the wrestler goons? And the game crashing was supposed to be fixed with this last Android update yesterday according to the email sent to me by tinyco. Well its not! And iPhone still can’t get in at all says please upgrade you go to upgrade and there isn’t one available.


    1. One showed up for me and I sent 6 goons to clear it. The truck cleared but I only got coins for it. All goons were used up. When I tapped on the truck, the rewards only showed the coins and not gloves. WTH. Get your crap together TCo.


  11. Don’t go to hire more goons while 6 are attacking the gold truck. I did and when I exited the goon pop-up the truck and all 6 goons were gone and there were no gloves or anything. Then the game crashed. I wrote TinyCo. Hopefully they will fix it.


  12. Does anyone know how many goons it takes to clear a gold cookie truck? I want to make sure I have enough goons ready for when they appear.


  13. I got the gold truck for a few seconds, it was the first time logging in today around 5:30am. I went to tapped on it and it said that I didn’t have any Thugs… I checked the Copahavana and it said that I had 2 ready. I went back to the gold truck and it was gone. 4 hours went by quickly… 😦


  14. My trucks are missing?!?!

    The gold truck appeared but I did not have enough goons ready (4/6) I read here the truck is available for a 4 hour period enough for me to get two more goons ready.

    Now, that I have enough goons ready the gold and purple trucks are missing completely from my town.

    Is this normal?


  15. “Gold Cookie Trucks are special Cookie Trucks that will appear in your town once every 24 hours for a period of 4 hours.”

    Do we know what time they will appear?
    When I started my game, I got a notification about this and Mike Tyson, so I expected the trucks to appear when I closed the notification. I waited for a minute and one did, so I tapped it right away and ordered a goon to clear it. Seconds later, before the goon got to it, It just disappeared and the goon just ended up walking around with nothing to do (thankfully he wasn’t taken so I could still use him to clear a regular cookie truck).

    Also, these past few days I have been setting my alarm to wake me up every 3 hours when I sleep so I can earn more mob reps, but I’m still only at just under 2,000 and my daily rank barely goes up. Damn, this event is hardcore!


    1. I have 6 regular goons in the town waiting for the gold trucks, and have 1 regular goon to take out the regular trucks, and then a space left for a wrestler goon everytime I get 2 masks. They take an hour to create.


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