Mobster Character: How Do I Unlock Cleveland Jr

Find out which tasks and how many items you need to collect to Unlock Cleveland Jr.

25 Math Books (common)
– Collect from The Slot Machine Obstacle
– Collect from The Bouncer Obstacle

25 Golf Balls (uncommon)
– Collect from Atlantic City Gentleman’s Club
– Clear Cookie Delivery Trucks

25 Tubas (uncommon)
– Clear Girl Scouts
– Collect from Atlantic City Gentlemen’s Club

6 Ritalin (rare)
– Make Lois Kiss Peter’s Ring
– Collect from Quahog Pawn Shop
– Collect from Atlantic City Gentlemen’s Club

1500 Gurl Scout Cookies


17 thoughts on “Mobster Character: How Do I Unlock Cleveland Jr”

  1. Anyone else find the 20 tubas a bit on the excessive side? Takes a minimum 4hrs to get one mask and an hour to make the guy from the mask and you need two of em to clear a Girl Scout. So minimum 6hrs assuming you aren’t building any guys to clear the vans. Plus it’s uncommon to boot, that item will take forever to get all of


    1. I agree. Either lower the required amount or make the tubas an always drop. It’s probably too late to change them to always so it would be better if they make us collect 10-15.


      1. Ya unless you don’t sleep and get a drop every time it will take 5 days to get them. So far I’ve got 1 tuba after clearing 6 Girl Scouts. I agree that they should (will I hope) lower the requirements


    2. I sent them a message saying it’s mathematically impossible to get him in a week and asked them to lower it and make them always drop.

      It actually takes 8 hours to make 4 wrestlers and hence clear 2 Girl Scouts. This means we can clear up to 6 a day, and based on my experience this gives one tuba a day (2 if we’re lucky) so it would take us up to 20 days to get him!!!!

      Please can as many people as possible tell this to them so hopefully they can make a change to the number required and the rarity.


      1. Not to mention you also need a bunch of wrestlers to clear the casino to get the other items for getting Cleveland jr


    3. I agree the items take forever. I guess they want us to purchase clams. That’s the only think possible for just about everything taking so long to get.


    4. I don’t get tubas at all from gurl scouts any longer – they don’t show up as drop items. which means the only way for me to get Cleveland Jr (and therefore finish the rest of the event) is to shell out the clams for the building. Thanks TinyCo, will be deleting this game


  2. Those Tuba’s are very annoying. rarely ever get a drop from the gurl scouts. Only 5/20 since i unlocked him (I have all of the other items done already).


  3. So I’m slightly annoyed because I need to grt jewelry store to get the masks (Bonnie and quagmire’s tasks) but it says the store is locked for me.

    I can’t continue cookie crumbles pt4 cause I need the luchadorrs and I can hardly complete all in pt1 wince the only person I can use is joe since everyone else has the building locked. This is affecting me when trying to unlock Cleveland junior!! I also can’t finish rise to the top 1 since I can’t get the Girl Scouts!!

    Why is the jewelry store locked?!?


  4. I don’t know if I’m way behind or something wrong. I still don’t even have option to upgrade mansion never mind being able to unlock Cleveland or any new buildings etc. I still don’t have option to build new guys says need to start certain quest first (can’t remember which one now)

    Can anyone please help losing those few days not getting on game has left me confused


  5. I can’t do anything to unlock Cleveland jr as there are NO TRUCKS spawning in my town plus I can’t make any of the new goons as I have a game full of the original 1’s. I need 1 more of the new goons to get past the Casino ( this is to get 2 stars) I have messaged Tinyco. Is anyone else having this problem? #Frustrating ( plus I have lost clams while speeding up a building) because the game crashed it took my clams but never left the items to help with Cleveland Junior. Thank you


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