Mobster Costume: Kingpin Consuela Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough for Kingpin Consuela!

Money Power and Respect

Part 1
-Have Kingpin Consuela walk with white tigers, 6h

Part 2
-Have Kingpin Consuela Rob Peter, 2h

Part 3
-Have Kingpin Consuela offer truce, 10h

Part 4
-Have Kingpin Consuela say hello to her little friend, 12h

-Have The Fatfather fire Tommy gun, 8h


8 thoughts on “Mobster Costume: Kingpin Consuela Walkthrough”

  1. (Not sure where to post this) what is the best way to get the individual prizes? I have nearly got enough MR to get Consuela. I haven’t claimed any prizes since the gondola dec. if you claim a prize does your MR go down? I can’t work out if/when I should claim the individual prizes. Can anyone give me some suggestions please. I really don’t know how to do this part of the event 😟 thank you


    1. I have been collecting all prizes as I earn MR. MR does not go down. I would start with the lower prizes then work your way up. From what I have been reading you should not do this all at once as you can be banned from leaderboards. Still not sure how that works but it sounds like if you move up too much at one time, you get banned. Just do a prize a day to be safe I guess, still lots of time left. I am almost to prize 9 with no issues.

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    2. No MR does not go down. I have been claiming prizes as I earn MR. I am almost to prize 9 with no issues. I would claim the lower prizes first, but at one a day. I have read that players have been banned from leaderboards because of “jumping ahead too quickly. Not sure exactly what that means, but to be safe I would just claim one prize a day. There is still lots of time. Most of them are just deco.


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