Leaderboard Individual Prizes Rundown

The new leaderboard feature for the mobster event went live yesterday so we are here to provide you with a breakdown of the individual prizes you can earn:

Prize 10 – you need 17500 hats
– Kingpin Consuela
– “No no, you die today.”
– takes 10 seconds to create
– lots of tasks that earn cookies and fedora’s
– if you win this costume, you’ll also receive premium consuela FREE

Prize 9 – you need 15000 hats
– Mafia Dinner Table
– “The place to eat spaghetti and bust each other’s balls.”
– 3 x 2
– Decoration

Prize 8 – you need 12500 hats
– Gurl Scout Headquarters
– “This place is filled with suits who don’t eat cookies or smile.”
– 5 x 4
– 10 hours to build
– Earns 1 cookie and 1 fedora every 2 hours

Prize 7 – you need 10000 hats
– Security Octopus
– “Security Octopus”
– 3 x 3
– Animated Decoration

Prize 6 – you need 7500 hats
– Chainsaw Henchman
– “Chainsaw Mobsters”
– 3 x 3
– Animated Decoration

Prize 5 – you need 5000 hats
– 25 Clams

Prize 4 – you need 2500 hats
– Fake Romantic Gondala Ride
– “The perfect way to end a night that started at Buca Di Beppo.”
– 8 x 7
– Instant Build
– Decoration

Prize 3 – you need 1000 hats
– 750 Cookies

Prize 2 – you need 500 hats
– 10 Clams

Prize 1 – you need 100 hats
– 250 Cookies


7 thoughts on “Leaderboard Individual Prizes Rundown”

  1. If you accept a prize it uses those hats to ‘pay’ for it, is that correct? So if I want Kingpin Consuela, I should not do anything till I get the 17500 hats. Just trying to clarify; I don’t want to make a mistake.


  2. So, I am in the top 2500 according to the Leaderboard… according to my current hat earning projections, I won’t get the last 3 prices before the event is over. I will miss the 8th by a whole day and the 10th by over 2 weeks.


    1. You can’t project your earnings rate after three or four days linearly over more than four weeks! If you had 13 or 14 hundred after three days I do not see why you think you won’t easily reach 17,500?


  3. It is awsome that they give the premium Consuela for free If you get the costume. I thought they where going to do like they with Stewie’s Costume in the Star Trek event and put it in your inventory if you didn’t have it. With knowing that I can get premium Consuela for free is a big motivation. Now I am going to work even harder on getting the Costume. Thanks for the info. I hope everyone is abel to get the costum.


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