Mob Rep and Cookie earning characters

So a few requests have traveled our way via owl post for some lists –

So here it goes!

Cookie / Mob Rep

Bonnie – Watch Mobster Movies – 10 / 2, 2h

Chris – Get easily smitten with girls 40 / 7, 16h
            Nose Goblins 5/1, 1h
            Eat Cookies 10/2, 2h
            Enjoy private time 20/4, 6h
            Eat a large ham, 25/5, 8h
            Enjoy glue, 45/9, 21h
            Eat Sugar, 25/5, 24h

Diabeto – All tasks

Joe – Turn a blind eye, 30/6, 10h

Lois – Kiss Peters Ring, 25/5, 8h

Mort – Retreat Cowardly earns Dog Food

The Fatfather – All tasks

Peter – Hang out at the clam, 5/1, 1h
             Stub his knee, 10/2, 2h
             Do the Dons bidding, 5/1, 1h
             Chortle, 10/2, 2h
             Cook disgusting vegetables, 15/3, 4h
             Taste the rapier, 20/4, 6h
             Overeat, 20/4, 6h
             Dance the shipoopi, 25/5, 8h
             Play with expensive xray machine, 30/6, 10h
             Kick stuff! Road house! 35/6, 12h
             Ride the washing machine, 35/6, 12h
             Bench press whales, 40/8, 18h
             Double check birth certificate, 45/9, 20h
             Watch cartoons, 50/10, 24h

Quagmire – Try a new look, 15/3, 4h
                     Bribe business owners, 20/4, 6h

To be continued……


51 thoughts on “Mob Rep and Cookie earning characters”

  1. Hi does anyone have an actual email address to Tiny co, cause my game is also crashing, the loading bar show progress but when it comes to an end whole game is crashing and i can’t do anything about it


  2. Ps have you noticed the leaderboard prizes have been updated.
    For example if you finish in top 100 you get gold mansion, Don, and zoot suit stewie


  3. F*ck you tinyco. Spent like 70 clams to get a head start and now my gf who spent none is further than me. I keep crashing and cant login. Piece of shit testers, how can this tinyco release updates that crash so many systems? Fucking noobs need to implement a better way to test the environment before they put it out there. Nice way to scam me out of 70clams bitch ass company. Maybe u should release another update that fixes the problem stupid cunts


  4. Enjoying it so far, but unlike others on here I am yet to break into the top 50,000!! ;O
    What would be really nice is to get ALL of the prizes on the Leaderboard prior to the one you qualify for. I’d love to get the drive by shooting car, the cat etc, but at the moment I am qualifying for Ciolonie??? house


  5. Sucks not getting my fedoras from tasks, cookie truck raids and warehouse raids. I’ve been doing the first two like crazy and half done with the 3 star raid (just unlocked Diabeto today).

    Still ranked in the top 500 though and approaching 8k cookies. I’m sure I’m not the only one but it would be cool if it was fixed so we could have a real numbers ranking.


    1. I don’t get it. On my friends list someone has 500 more mob points than me, but is ranked around 800 and I’m just inside the top 400.


  6. I am ranked # 740 in the world!!!! couldn’t have done it with out you guys.. Just putting nose to the grindstone, and squeezing the game in when I am getting a chance!!!!


    1. As it stands now in the leaderboards, I’m in line to get zoot suit stewie, and that suits me just fine, I’m not greedy, a new skin is more than enough for me.
      The guy in #1 spot has 11K hats, compared to measly 860 😦


      1. Woke up this AM to be placed # 312… My name there is “Little Trooper 46″… LOL.. Not many would call me little!!!! lol

        I haven’t rushed any events.. The only difference is I bought the 700 clam cookie machine..


    1. Seconded!!!! Or at least add another task to get the dog food. Not really a great thing to do to those of us stuck with the brewery.


      1. I’d love 2 but still need 19 beer bubbles to finish everything, with 2 people on 12 hour tasks for a rare drop I’m looking at about 2 more weeks. Until then I’ll keep getting hosed with Mort dropping another unusable rare silver ticket instead of an uncommon dog food.


      2. And at this point that won’t happen until w-a-y after this event is over.
        For the first round getting dog food was a 1 in 3 result.
        Prior to needing the next round of dog food, I created as much as I could at the brewery but still couldn’t clear them all.
        On the second round I only got the brewery item in 5 tries (no dog food) so I gave up and used 40 clams to get what I needed to clear the dogs.
        It would at least be nice to be able to get dog food prior to getting back to needing it to clear the dogs.


      3. I finished all my brewery tasks and Mort’s still only dropping about 1 out of 8-10 attempts. So don’t solely blame the brewery tasks, Mort still sucks for those of us without them. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    2. agree nick, what’s up with that? I bought everything hoping it would disappear, no luck. then I even tried putting the building away, but it won’t let me uggghhhh! I have zero interest in that building. why didn’t that event end like the rest?

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Collect all the things from the brewery and then the characters will stop wanting to get them. You still can’t get rid of the brewery though bit it opens up tasks


  7. I’m still not getting cookie trucks on the street, even though i hired 6 goons on Friday. They’re just standing around with nothing to do.


  8. My characters don’t have the option of earning cookies and mob rep. Chris and Peter are listed above with actions that have earning levels but my game doesn’t show that. I am 8 shoes away from earning Fatfather!


    1. Mort’s task to earn Dog Food Labels doesn’t trigger until you’ve unlocked Consuela’s Lemon Clean Warehouse.


  9. I was able to load the game this morning.
    After tapping away collecting hats, cookies, experience points and coins, I sent some characters to do some tasks.
    I started creating Diabeto.
    I sent 2 thugs to start going into Consuela’s compound.
    Then I bought 3600 clams… and having completed everything I could, I closed the app.
    A little while later, I tried relaunching the game.

    This time, a window came up asking me to rate the game.
    I clicked “yes” and went in…but not wanting to type out a comment on my tablet, I opted to wait until I was on my laptop to do it. I shut the feedback page down.
    Since then, I can’t get the app to run. The splash screen comes up and the progress bar indicates that it is loading…but when it reaches the end, the game stops running.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After each game crash, and I log back in, I get the pop up asking me to rate the game.
      I think TC are slitting their own throats asking us to rate the game when its in such an unstable condition, especially after we have to keep logging back in to find all the work we had done is lost, bad reviews aplenty I suspect.


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