New Feature: Leaderboards

Here are the Leaderboard FAQS which will appear on Monday!

NOTE: Leaderboards go live on Monday, 6/8.

Leaderboards will go live on Monday, 6/8. All progress made before 6/8 will be counted in your leaderboard score.

How do Leaderboards work?

As you play through the Mobsters event, you’ll earn Mob Rep from using Goons, clearing raid obstacles, collecting from event buildings, and performing actions with event characters/outfits. The counter in the bottom right corner of the screen will display the amount of Mob Rep you have.

Leaderboards will display the players with the most amount of Mob Rep. You can view the top players and your own rank by tapping on the “Leaderboard” tab.

Your rank at the end of the event will earn you awesome prizes! You can view the prizes and rank breakdowns by tapping on the “Leaderboard Prizes” tab.

Why do I have a silly name on the Leaderboard?

Every player is given a unique and randomly generated Leaderboard name. These unique code names let players compete against each other while protecting their anonymity.

Also, they’re pretty hilarious.

How do I go up in rank?

Your rank is determined by the number of points you have in relation to other players. If you earn more Mob Rep than another player, you’ll increase your rank!

However, if another player earns more Mob Rep than you, your rank will decrease. Keep earning Mob Rep to score a high rank on the leaderboards!

Who’s on the Leaderboards?

The 10,000 top-scoring players from around the world will be displayed on the leaderboards.

If your game is connected to your Facebook account, you can also view your friends’ leaderboards. See how you rank amongst your friends and compete for the top spot!

What are the Individual prizes, and how can I get them?

A list of individual leaderboard prizes can be found in the “Individual Prizes” tab of the Leaderboards menu. The amount of Mob Rep needed will be listed under each prize.

How do I get global Leaderboard prizes?

Your rank at the end of the event will earn you awesome prizes! You can view the prizes and rank breakdowns by tapping on the “Leaderboard Prizes” tab. These prizes will be awarded after the event ends.

When do the global Leaderboard prizes go out?

The global leaderboard prizes will be awarded to eligible players after the event ends. Check back here for updates once the event is over!

Why am I seeing ‘?????’ instead of ranks?

The game may display question marks instead of ranks while your new Leaderboard rank is being calculated. Please wait for the Leaderboard to refresh in order to view the updated ranks.

Why hasn’t my global Leaderboard rank updated?

The global Leaderboards take longer to refresh. Please wait for five minutes in order for the global Leaderboards to display the updated rankings.

Why have I been banned from Leaderboards?

If you see a message stating you’ve been banned from Leaderboards, it means we detected behavior on your account that violates our Terms of Use. To preserve the experience for all players, we are banning players who violate our TOU from the feature.

Please note that Support cannot comment on disciplinary actions against specific players, or actions taken to limit exploits. If you have questions about a disciplinary action taken on your account, contact TinyCo Support directly through the in-game support feature.


33 thoughts on “New Feature: Leaderboards”

  1. Is it just me or is the leader board not updating?
    Mine says it was last updated at 6:30 PDT and the timer to update resets to 1440 minutes every time I leave the app. When I first checked, I was in the high 9000’s. Not I am in the middle 3000’s, but that only because I am being ranked agaisnt yesterdays un-updated data (anybody else experiencing a meteoric rise or suprising high rank should check for this same problem)

    I’ve mailed TC but don’t really expect to hear back in less than a week. doesnt really matter just would like to know. real worry is not grtting yue prize I am due at the end.


  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! I lost my entire game, right in the middle of the MOB EVENT (it has reverted to level 1). I am eagerly awaiting TinyCo’s help, I hope they can restore my game. Now I am losing tons of time in the event. 😦 😦 😦


  3. Even though I hate it, brilliant money grab scheme by TinyCo. Thankfully I’ve missed some characters/items so the desire to spend money to keep up is gone for me


  4. Ok, so going into the leaderboard thing I figured much like you all the top like 10k or so would be all whales and hackers. I went and spent $20 in clams (so far) to rush a few things ( Peter suit and the big kid) to try to give myself a boost hoping I would lease be in the top 10k so I could get the don and stewie. Much to my surprise now that leaderboards have launched my current rank is 1,523! No I haven’t bought any of the cookie conveyor belts, and that might make a difference as the event moves forward but def not a bad start. Much higher than I anticipated. Now just to hope that tinyco gives all the prizes in the lower ranks.. Cause I really really want the kitty cat and horse head bed. 😝


  5. Hmm let me guess – top places on leaderboard will be people with MILLIONS of hats, I wonder how they will have obtained them :/

    Unless tinyco are using this addition as a tool for weeding out hackers then it is a poor show certain to cause disappointment and frustration to 90% of loyal players

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  6. Well the leaderboard sure seems interesting… I just wonder how it’s going to work in the end. Are the prizes cumulative? Say we reach sub 10,000 will we get all the prizes upto and including the one from that tier or do we need to plan our position so we get 1 prize tier we want. I can see it being a huge real $$ sink to stay at top tier, question I guess is will there be any room for the little fish, dunno how many people technically play this game to know if the higher ranks will be obtainable by anyone free play or moderate funds.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It’s been my experience in several other f2p games that the top end of your leaderboards are all dominated by whales. Your average user will spend some money, be up there for awhile, but eventually they will fall off pace. Which means the chances of getting the highest profile item for this event (Don Corleone) are practically nonexistent.

    The idea of adding something so competitive as leader boards with exclusive items to a casual game like this is ridiculous.

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  8. My only complaints about this event is that it takes FOREVER to load up and oddly enough Vinny isn’t part of it. He doesn’t earn anything. I would think he would be one of the better characters to incorporate in this event. But then again I was also confused why George Takai didn’t do anything for the Star Trek event… its almost like they forget they have these old specialty characters to use for events…. just sayin.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. U mm George tekai was an original star trek star and he was the only character not involved in the event. The reason is a shitty one and it’s because new players do not have Vinny and they did not have George oh and by the way before anyone claims your ears are melting and your children will somehow become serial killers because they heard a bad word the word is actually used in the game. Can’t remember where but one of the descriptions had it. 🙂


    1. Anyone can get on the leaderboard, I know premium players will fast track the quests and get on it easier but it’s alright if you want to compare against friends or I suppose we could do a post on here to see how we’re all doing, like a light-hearted competition amongst ourselves if that interests you Scott?


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure. I would love to. It is my opinion that people who spend money are cheating. You are paying to make your game easier and less challenging to play. If someone bought clams for me I would not use them. I want to earn everything in my game and it seems like they may be going father away from that. I am totally ok with a non freemium character you have to buy but if I work as hard or harder on this game than someone who spends money and I cannot get the earned characters they do I am done. It Sucks bc I have been playing for over a year now. I’m trying not to insult people but I cannot believe there are people here that have spent hundreds of dollars. I bet there are people who spent over $1k+. I’ll tell you what. Send me the money and your login info and I will play it for you guys. I would pay $20 for an all freemium version. Rant off. Rypod, how do we do this? Is there a way to visit each other quohog?


      2. Well, if everyone had Facebook then we could all visit each other’s, but what I was thinking was more like at the end of every week, we make a post of where we’re all at (and trust people’s honesty lol) to tell us where you’re all at and we’ll compare how everyone’s doing 😊



      3. I’ll be away during the end of the first week but I’ve passed the idea on to Zooey and Holly 😊



      4. It’s a good idea if it’s only freemium players (no offence to the moneybags), otherwise it beats the point Scott was making as people will pay to get an unfair advantage. Agreed?


      5. As a mod, I’ve gotta be impartial and say everyone’s gotta be involved…HOWEVER…we could make two separate tables, one for premium, one for freemium? That’s about as fair as I can make it



      6. This sounds like a interesting idea. Have everyone’s rank depending on if they are a freenium or a premium will be able to make a lot of people happy. I approve.



  9. This sounds like a lot of “pressure” to play all the time…… if only my game would stop freezing, stalling and booting me out, I could actually have fun with this.


  10. I hate leaderboards! Exclusive prizes? PFF maybe I also want that character. Tinyco this is the worst thing you have added


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