Mobster Event FAQS Week 1

Here are the FAQS for the new Mobster event!

Players will need to be on the new 1.9.0 app store update have District 3 unlocked in order to take part. 1.9.0 was released this morning.

When does the Mobsters Event end?

The Mobsters Event will end on Thursday, July 9th at 3 PM PDT.

How do I participate in the Mobsters Event?

In order to take part in the Mobsters Event, players must have District 3 unlocked and play on app version 1.9.0.

How do I earn Gurl Scout Cookies?

You can earn Gurl Scout Cookies by performing event-related actions, raiding Safehouses, and sending Goons to clear Gurl Scouts.

How do I unlock The Fatfather?

To unlock The Fatfather, you’ll need to collect the following items:

15 Wingtip Shoes (uncommon) from Bonnie, Cigar Merchant, Fur Coat Emporium

5 Pinkie Rings (rare) from Peter, Chris, Lois

5 Cigar Boxes (rare) from Jerome, Mort, Cigar Merchant

500 Gurl Scout Cookies

You will have until Thursday, July 9th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Diabeto?

To unlock Diabeto, you’ll need to collect the following items:

15 Mexican Candies (common) from clearing Forklifts, clearing Piñatas

12 Lard (uncommon) from clearing Cookie Delivery Trucks

5 Insulin Medications (rare) from Bruce, Peter, Dulces Candy Shop

8 Tacos (rare) from Lois, Bonnie, Mort

750 Gurl Scout Cookies

You will have until Thursday, July 9th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I get Kingpin Consuela?

Kingpin Consuela is the 10th and final individual leaderboard prize. Winning this prize will unlock Consuela’s character and the Kingpin Consuela outfit in your game!

You’ll need to collect a total of 17,500 Mob Rep during the event. You can view the list of individual leaderboard prizes in the “Individual Prizes” tab of the Leaderboard menu.

What are Goons?

Goons are hired thugs that will do your mob’s dirty work. You can send Goons to raid Gurl Scout vehicles and clear obstacles in Safehouses. Each type of Goon has a different purpose.

You can manage your Goons from The Don’s Nightclub. If you tap on The Don’s Nightclub, you’ll see how many Goons you can have at any given time (“Capacity”), the type of Goons you can hire, and the queue of Goons waiting to be hired.

Goons are single-use and will disappear after being used. Keep hiring Goons to continue your illicit activities!

What are Safehouses?

Safehouses will appear to the right of Peter’s Mansion. As you progress through the raid, you’ll come across different obstacles that stand between you and an awesome prize. Clear all of the obstacles to reach the end! You can tap on the sparkly prize at the end of the raid to see what you’ll earn.

New safehouses will be added each week. Complete raids to earn prizes and points for the leaderboard!

How do I raid Safehouses?

Clear obstacles to reach the end of the warehouse and get your hands on some sweet loot! Each obstacle has a different requirement. Some obstacles will require items, while others will require Goons. Tap on the obstacle to find out what you need in order to clear it! You can tap on the required items to learn how to collect them.

Once you earn 3 stars, you’ll win a cool prize. You can keep completing raids to earn Mob Rep until new Safehouses are added.

How do I earn Mob Rep?

You can earn Mob Rep by using Goons, clearing Safehouse obstacles, collecting from event buildings, and performing actions with event characters/outfits. The counter in the bottom right corner of the screen will display the amount of Mob Rep you have.

Earn Mob Rep to win individual prizes and rank in the global leaderboards! The top-scoring players on the leaderboards will win awesome prizes at the end of the event. Learn more by reading the Leaderboard FAQs.


23 thoughts on “Mobster Event FAQS Week 1”

  1. Do yo know what tasks peter and Bruce do to get the insulin for diabeto? Also what tasks do Lois, Bonnie, & Mort do to get the tacos for Diabeto? I like to pre do some quests if they are long ones by having characters do them before the quest opens it saves time.


  2. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else has been having trouble with goons and receiving cookies? Sometimes when I get cookies from the raids, they don’t count toward my total amount or I end up getting 10 fedoras instead of the 25 cookies/5 fedoras. I’ve contacted TinyCo, but no response yet. If they don’t respond until Monday, that’s two days worth of cookies I will have missed out on… Not sure what else to do….


  3. I am having an issue on Android that I don’t know how to fix.

    Data Error; There was a problem loading the game Please try again (5): LocalDataMobsters-0d52b15dba2c1abe3907477fe6e0c4b7

    I was able to update the game and load up ONCE, and then I am checking to finish tasks and now I get that error. Please help.


      1. It starts to load, and you know how if you are not connected to the web, Consuela comes up and says No No No? Well, that is when it comes up with the error, and there is a grayed out Report Error and a Try Again button you can push. I have rebooted my device already and still the same problem.


      2. I’ll get the email address of tinyco from Zooey and Holly and pass it onto you Joseph so you can email them and see what they can do



      3. oh, I do remember, there was no music when I was able to bring up the game. I wonder if that is the issue my device is having. I also noticed there is now a different error coming up when I try to load it. I am guessing I might have to uninstall and then reinstall the game, cause I checked my Doctor Who Legacy game, and that worked perfectly.


      4. well, I got it working by uninstalling and reinstalling, then using my saved file from Google. it is a shame I had to but… atleast it works, even though every so often it crashes.


    1. Apparently by putting all our hard-earned items in inventory. I know, I’m not a fan of that either, I prefer to put my trophies on display but we have no choice.


  4. I cannot connect to the server! Tried to force quit and reboot, same problem. Playing on my I pad. Do you know if this is a common problem or if they are working on it?


    1. I’ve not heard of anything off anyone else yet but I’ll keep my ears open, do you have the latest update?



      1. Hmm, I’d say to keep trying and not give up, if i hear of anything I’ll do my best to let you know 😊



  5. When I first checked in to the game a couple of hours ago there was a bunch of character actions that paid out fedoras but I now see that this payout has disappeared.

    As I only like to have active characters & buildings that are needed for an event, do you know if anyone plans to work on a list of characters/buildings needed?


  6. They give us more then 1 quest at a time, n they want us to do all the quest, we can’t do it.
    I just opened China town, n I need Peter, Chris n Lois but they have to do other things, this isn’t right.


  7. Thanks for this great information, I’m awaiting the update for Android from the Google Play Store. DIABETO? Didn’t we already get this “deco” character in a previous event? I have him in my inventory (but it doesn’t do anything, just stands there). Also, I wonder if will TinyCo ever guess us new space???? I have so much crap in my inventory and more will have to be stored to accommodate this new Mobster event.


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