Gossip With RyPod

Hey guys,

I know we’re all waiting for the next event and comments aren’t coming in much at the mo so let’s get this community talking…

What’s on your mind? Let’s shoot the breeze and talk about stuff. Has anything happened to you all lately? Wanna talk about the game? Wanna talk about the future? Films? Music? The depleting lives of bees? Literally, any topic goes!! Come holler at me and we’ll chat!!



28 thoughts on “Gossip With RyPod”

  1. I got a new splash screen of godfather. greesed up def guy and bottom tooth characters, also I got an error that said couldn’t load Cleveland jr! Cleveland jr has to be coming


  2. About a half hour ago my games home loading s teen changed to them holding money and in different costumes. Now my game won’t load says error loading animation for Cleveland Jr. So I’m assuming a new event is about to start but can’t get in!


  3. Hey RyPod & Team,

    long time reader & Famil Guy player but first time poster so apologies ! I think new content is on the way – tried to get into the game and the main loading page appeared with an error message saying something about Cleaveland Jr ! – took screen shots but no clue how to upload to this !


    1. Oh ok, that sounds cool, I hadn’t heard about Cleveland Jr but that’s an awesome extra character if he comes in 😊 thanks for the comment Nuri, please feel free to post again anytime, don’t be shy, we’re all friends here



    1. Hey Winston, sorry about that, I’ll pass your message onto Zooey and Holly but personally (and they’ll hate me for saying this but I’m just being honest) the QMC hasn’t really had anything done with it for a few months now, it’s essentially died off, it was a great idea when we started it but the guy who ran it (some other mod who left) and now it’s just kinda gone belly up, I’ll pass this message along anyway but that’s just my personal opinion



    1. How many have I bought? Zero!! Lol, I haven’t bought a single one, I’m completely freemium George, so I only buy characters with clams I get from tasks and Ollie, I don’t remember any times where there’s been discounts on clams (I’m not saying there hasn’t been a time, I just can’t remember)



  4. Wow, we are really struggling here. 😆

    Yeah, I’m really worried about the future, when are we ever going back to save Quahog and it’s remaining civilians like Death, Evil Monkey, James Bottomtooth, and finally meet Ernie the Chicken?


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