TinyCo June Spoiler!

We have been sent a little teaser for this month! TinyCo has said they have something BIG planned for us, what do you think?



24 thoughts on “TinyCo June Spoiler!”

  1. ok, so now it is a Godfather update, but my android is still doing the previous update… Something is not right here


  2. once again I have NADA CLUE as to what this next new event is gonna be about! But I can say I’m excited lol I’m always excited when they release teasers tho and can’t wait for the new stuff!…I really hope they release some more land as well because I have ALOT of stuff in storage, including some buildings! I’ve NEVER have or even wanted to put any building at all in storage lol! I like having them all displayed because I have my Quahog as an actual town, not just stuff randomly placed everywhere. 😊😀


  3. Well, from the description and FGA pic i could see a gangster theme, sopranos or godfather perhaps. These chiwawas have no link, correct me if im wrong


  4. None of you has realised, the “What is new” section of the game on play store. It is on at least for a week.
    It’s a life of crime for Peter and the gang when he gets a taste of the high life


      1. “Come take a bite out of my hot chiwawa meat”

        A hilarious hot dog vendor I saw last week. 😂


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