RyPod Review – S & M Cow

Hey guys,

Just got the S & M Cow!! Oooohhhhh yesssssss!!! I’ve only seen the animation for his first task – swatting flies – but it’s pretty a-moo-sing 😄

One of the easiest characters we’ve ever had to earn but definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the show and seen him in it 😊

If you love cows…or S & M 😉 you’ll find the animations funny 😊


P.S. Yes, I could have put this in a comment but decided to make a post instead…don’t have a cow, man…oh wait…wrong show 😆


30 thoughts on “RyPod Review – S & M Cow”

  1. Saw this in a meme.. doesn’t pertain to FG.. but will type it out..

    Something in the way she Moos… Attracts me like no utter lover…

    thought it fit.. .lol


    1. Yeah, that’s the S & M Cow 😊 he’s appeared in a couple episodes but always in the same type of scenario



  2. Hello everybody…more or less a newbie I started with the StarTrek Event and I got Stewie at long last yesterday….so still alot to do and to learn 🙂 and thanks everybody for contributing to this blog….

    anyway I had to make an update on the weekend and I got some german text next to the update. In summary it said; Will the Griffins survive? Gangsters are loose in Quahog.

    so I think the next Event we will find our Little town transformed into Chigaco or something similar. I have a question, since we german speaking Folks are not uptodate with the last season of episodes….was there a Show with Gangsters? or even worse….is this an old Event that was already launched and I just missed it?

    thanks again for your help and Keep up the good work (and the game)




    1. Hey T, thanks for the comment, you’re always welcome to ask anything and we’ll do our best to help 😊

      To answer your question, I’ve seen every episode of every series numerous times (apart from the latest series that’s available in the U.S. but as I live in the U.K. I haven’t seen those) and so far, no there’s been no episodes with gangsters in it as such….however…

      There’s been a very early episode with a guy named Big Fat Paulie who was a Mafia Don’s nephew who put a hit out on Lois and got killed himself, that’s the closest there’s been 😊



  3. Cud you all just stop it please? I have a big beef with cow jokes ok? How many wheys can you rib them? I’m sure you’re all just paddying yourselves on your top sides. Seriously, I’ve herd enough from that guy Round Chuck, he thinks he’s a natural barn comedian, when he’s really just a jerky. His jokes are offal and he just butchers them. Maybe he’s had too much calf-iene and just can’t stop yakking. At least then you could say it was an honest misteak.

    I propose that we steer this conversation into a butter topic. Let’s talk about my brand new tanned color Cattle-lac and the shiny veals it has on it. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but my favorite 2 features are the nice suede interior and the moosic system is Grade A prime. You can really blow those horns.

    Uhoh, gotta hoof it on outa here before that pasture prime heifer finds me. I swear you can’t hide from her. It’s like I got a bell around my neck that only she can hear. All she wants to do is curdle with my tender loins and if she rustles me up, then you might as well stick a fork in me, cause I’ll be done.

    Hopefully we’ll meat again my friends.

    PS Tell the heifer I went to Istanbull.


    1. 😆 *stands up and applauds* haha, well done Mike, some were a little sketchy but all in all, an entertaining comment 😄



  4. Question: if you get S&M Cow just before the event ends, will there be continuation to finish out “Beef! Its whats for dinner” parts 1-4?


  5. Ha, I finally got him this morning.. First thing.. So, I guess I will just Mooove along, and wait for the next event!!!


  6. My Mooood is great. Got him earlier and he’s been swatting flies for 4 hours now. And to mafialifefrank: A big giggity giggity goo to you! lol


    1. Haha 😄 some of my favourite humour is puns so the fact everyone’s chipping in with these puns is totally worth the post 😄



      1. Haha, RyPod is going to milk these jokes for all their worth…haven’t we herd enough…😛

        Man, I was going to use udderly but mafialifefrank beat me to it. Well two outa three…


  7. that’s moooo riffic I still have to get one more item and then I will feel utterly fantastic giggity giggity giggity


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