Nature Week – Part 2 FAQS

Nature Week is back for it’s second installment!

How do I participate in Nature Week?

You must have District 3 unlocked and update to app version 1.8.5 in order to see Nature Week content.

When does Nature Week end?

Nature Week will end on June 4th at 3 PM, PDT.

How do I get the S&M Cow?

To get the S&M Cow character, you need to collect the following materials from the Pinecone Mystery Box:

4 Hay Bales (uncommon)

8 Milk Pails (uncommon)

10 Branding Irons (uncommon)

12 Ball Gags (uncommon)

Each mystery box costs one Pinecone, available from Quagmire, Bruce, and Mortโ€™s 4-hour โ€œCamp in the Living Roomโ€ actions. You must get him before Nature Week ends on June 3rd at 3 PM PDT.

How do I get Pinecones?

You can earn Pinecones from Quagmire, Bruce, and Mort’s 4-hour “Camp in the Living Room” actions. They’re a guaranteed drop!

What can I win from the Pinecone Mystery Box?

You can win the following items from the Pinecone Mystery Box:

Hay Bales (uncommon)
Milk Pails (uncommon)
Branding Irons (uncommon)
Ball Gags (uncommon)
Maple Leafs (uncommon)

What are the Maple Leafs for?

In addition to being a Canadian hockey team, the Maple Leafs can be used to purchase decorations during Nature Week. You can get them from the Pinecone Mystery Box!

Be sure to use them before Nature Week ends!


32 thoughts on “Nature Week – Part 2 FAQS”

  1. So now I have the cow and need more maple leaves… I have pinecones but how do I use them to open mystery boxes once I have the cow?


    1. Mort, Quagmire and Bruce are used to get pine cones with their 4hr tasks (it’ll have a picture of a pine cone next to the task)

      You use them on the mystery box (click on the trolley at the bottom right and then it should be the first item on the left, it’ll be a picture of Human Rupert holding a box)

      You’ll get maple leaves for doing so and you’ll use them to buy decorations in the shop (the trolley button at the bottom right)

      Hope this helps Shana



  2. Last night I was getting numerous hay bales but that has not occurred today. Maybe this was a glitch that’s been fixed or maybe my luck is just better today. My issue is not knowing how many maple leaves I have collected, it is frustrating. I don’t want to keep count, this is supposed to be mindless tapping.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Um…I swear it was not there before…it was just a pine cone count, right? I guess when I restarted my iPad it changed. However, I see Lauren wondered the same thing so I guess I’m not crazy, well at least not crazy regarding the maple leaves. Thanks love.


    1. @Marion, LOL no you are not crazy, they just recently updated that, which I appreciate because there was no way of tracking leaves before. Still amazes me they let things like that slip through the cracks. Oh and BTW, I’m back :). Playing this mini event bc it looks pretty easy and relaxed ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. I knew you couldn’t stay away!! As all us hardcore players know, this game is addictive no matter how much it pisses you off. The last event was pretty relaxing, just a bit of a grind, but no stress to get some of the freemium stuff. Hopefully this event is similar.


      2. @ l0gan5, I often think all of us on this site are crazy for continually playing this game. I see you couldn’t stay away too long. Welcome back! Did the break allow you to appreciate the game more? Agree with your statement re: TinyCo. I often wonder how many people they have working on a single event at a time. Too many heads working on one project generally leads to chaos and headaches for all. But TinyCo fixed my complaints for the game, no more repeating drops on hay bales and they provided a maple leaf count. Yay for me!


    1. Underneath the picture of the cow at the bottom right of the screen, it’ll tell you how many maple leaves and pine cones you have ๐Ÿ˜Š



  3. This event is okay but one massive problem. Why do we get items we have no need for??????
    I have all the hay bails but I can get more from the mystery box, but why? Surely once we get all the items they should disappear and we should get to a point where we can only get leaves, because they’re the only items which are useful after we get the cow.


    1. That’d be too easy lol, let’s be honest nobody will struggle with this event because we get 2 of every item every time, otherwise it’d be over in a couple days ๐Ÿ˜• I thought at first there’d be 1 in every box and that would have been challenging but this is pretty easy, it’s nice though ๐Ÿ˜Š



  4. Really??? y mean.. REALLY?? Where the f**k are we going to place all that: all the fire stuff, at least some Star Trek Stuff, and ALL the stuff!??! WE NEED LAND!!
    Also, now there is a new currency for a mini event; leaves?!?! Lots and lots of players have like a zillion coins and nothing good to use them for… this is getting from bad, to worse and now is just Sh**ty.
    The game is making me a big pessimist.. so I won’t be so excited about the greased guy, for I’m sure he will cost 300 clams…


  5. I was so finger weary after the trek event, cold not be bothered with the fire event. This will get me poking once more. And for S&M Cow…. Oooooh!!!!


    1. I did the same. Totally skipped the Fire event and barely checked my game while it was running. Was nice to have some time away from the game right?


  6. Yay!!! was waiting for the walkthru’s and Faq’s!!!! Thanks guys.. I know it is late on the other side of the Pond!!!


  7. Hmmmmm maple syrup. I miss maple trees since I moved to western Canada. As for the beleaguered hockey team that hasn’t won the Stanley Cup in 48 years ?*#! There is a good reason for the line “Oh no, a Toronto Maple Leaf sweater” in the book The Sweater.


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