Firefighters Event FAQS Week 2

We only have one new answer to provide as Seamus has been added this week, and a moving deco!

How do I unlock Firefighter Seamus?

To unlock Firefighter Seamus, you’ll need to collect the following items:

8 Sexy Photos (always) from Sexy Firefighter Chris, Fire Dog Brian

2 Fire Detectors (always) from clearing Large Building Fires

2 Firefighter Axes (always) from clearing Angry Fire Creatures

5 Jaws of Life (always) from clearing Crazed Fire Creatures, Fiery Tempers Counseling Center

You will have until Wednesday, May 27th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.


26 thoughts on “Firefighters Event FAQS Week 2”

  1. Don’t we get the walkthroughs anymore?

    Fanning the Flames
    Pt 2 Extinguish 3 Large Fires
    Pt 3 Build the 5 Alarm Hot Wings Restaurant – Have Peater eat wings – Have Quagmire eat wings

    I will let you know as soon as i get further


    1. Yeah, Holly and Zooey sort those out but they’ve had trouble logging into their games and I don’t have the funds to have thousands of clams to buy everything lol so bear with us 😊



  2. Am i the only one that does not have the purple fire monster in my town? How am I supposed to get the jaws of life ?


    1. The purple monsters should be spawning, I don’t know why they’re not Spy, but you’re not alone, a couple of others are missing them too



    2. I know you have to reach a certain point in the main quest line, fire in the hole. I think they pop up after part 7, if I remember correctly.


  3. In my game it says I only need 2 Jaws of Life, I only need 5 more Sexy Photos and I’ve got the outfit, so in 6 hours I’ll have it unlocked.


  4. Just an observation guys: if (like me) you didn’t have the time to get the 10 axes to unlock the third pole and if you don’t want to spend 150 clams on a third pole then this week might be a little tough going…

    To clear the large building fires, you need 3 regular firemen, but to have 3 regular firemen available, you need 3 firemen poles freed up so…I’m kinda screwed lol, I’d have to collect all the axes first, then everything else on top and all in 5/6 days so yeah…I’m not gonna get Seamus lol but I’m fine with that, I just wanted to warn you guys just in case it comes as a surprise to you about the third pole.

    BUT…I do recommend getting the emergency vehicle for 10,000 coins, it just drives along the roads but it’s a nice touch and I like it because it’s something different 😊



    1. Agreed. Bought three emergency vehicles, the limit allowed (in my game at least). I like it that it roams my streets and I need to spend all these coins somewhere, right?
      Stinks about your third pole. However, once I got the third pole in my game, I was able to get the axes fairly quickly. Good luck love. πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks Marion, keep calling me love and you’ll soon be my fave commenter πŸ˜† haha



      2. ☺️ getting brownie points huh?! Well, you are an absolute love…Always positive and super sweet. But I have to say I do like being the favorite. πŸ˜‰


      3. Haha…I know, I know….gotta be fair and spread the love around…as long as I’m one of the favorites…😜


  5. i’m surprised y’all ain’t got the new walkthroughs for this 2nd week of new stuff lol!!, I went here first looking for those πŸ˜‰

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  6. My game says I only need two of everything, other than the 8 sexy photos.

    I think this event has been one of the better ones, especially compared to the Star Trek event. I was happy they extended it but I just barely missed out on Uhura. I was also disappointed with bird beard Peter. I only needed two or three green birds to unlock him.

    I think the items for this event have been pretty easy to obtain.


  7. So I guess tiny co listened to our complaints, every drop for Seamus is guaranteed, all items listed as always.
    Thanks for the info Zooey.


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