Firefighters Event FAQS: Week 1

We have a new two week event – Firefighters! Here are all the FAQS for the first week!

Some additional notes about the Firefighter Event:

– We’re seeing lots of errors related to players being on an older version of the game. If you begin getting error reports from players, a good place to start is to ask them which version of the game they’re on.

– Firefighter Seamus and Fire Dog Brian are currently locked in the shop. We’ll be releasing them later. 🙂

– There are two Mystery Boxes in the shop that share the same prize pool, but cost different types of items. Ideally, this will give players more freedom of choice. (Also, no repeats!)

When does the Firefighter Event end?

The Firefighter event will end on Wednesday, May 27th at 3 PM PDT.

How do I participate in the Firefighter Event?

Players must have District 3 unlocked and Al Harrington’s repaired to participate in the event.

How do I extinguish Brushfires?

Tap on Brushfires to put them out! They’ll drop Fire Extinguishers that you’ll need in order to to unlock Sexy Firefighter Chris and train Firefighters.

Can I use my buildings when they’re on fire?

When buildings are on fire, they’re unusable until the fires are put out. Train Firefighters to extinguish the blazes!

How do I extinguish Building Fires?

To extinguish a Building Fire, you’ll need to train Firefighters at the Fire Academy. Each Firefighter requires 4 Fire Extinguishers to train.

After you’ve trained your Firefighters, tap on the building you want to extinguish and press the “Ready!” button.

How do I clear Fire Creatures?

Depending on the type of Fire Creature, you’ll need to train Fire Captains or Fire Chiefs at the Fire Academy. Tap on the Fire Creature you want to clear to see which firefighters you’ll need to train!

After you’ve trained the correct firefighters, tap on the Fire Creature you want to fight and press the “Ready!” button.

How do I unlock Sexy Firefighter Chris?

To unlock Sexy Firefighter Chris, you’ll need to collect the following items:

30 Fire Extinguishers (always) from clearing Brushfires

20 Gas Cans (always) from clearing Building Fires

7 Firefighter Axes (always) from clearing Angry Fire Creatures

10 Suspender Straps (rare) from Bruce, Jerome, Quagmire, Bonnie

You will have until Wednesday, May 27th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

Known Bug – Buy Items Crash

There is currently a known bug where the game will crash if a player attempts to buy items with clams but doesn’t have enough currency.


42 thoughts on “Firefighters Event FAQS: Week 1”

  1. I finished Hotter than Hades 4, and instead of making Firefighter Seamus available to create it made him disappear from the character menu altogether. Did this happen to anyone else?


    1. Can’t say I’ve noticed it myself (as I’m not that far) but if anyone else in the community has noticed, please let us know 😊



      1. Bah! He came back, but he’s been relocked. The wikia says he should unlock for 75 fire extinguishers after Hades 4. 😦


      1. The Wikia now says he’ll be available tomorrow. It says he’ll be 50 extinguishers or 1250 clams, but being that his timeline has changed so much, I suspect that may change, too. We all have so many extinguishers, and I doubt they’ll make it that easy.


  2. I’m not sure why there are so many complaints.. I’ve been getting 8 hours of (straight) sleep and work during the day with limited access.. but I’m moving along quickly. I just unlocked the third firepole and now I’m working towards chris. I’m sure everyone has near 100 fire extinguishers.. you only need 7 axes.. and its am always drop so if you are falling behind you at least know for a fact you can catch up by doing math to equate the hours. Very exciting event, in my opinion.


  3. I still can’t get any firemen. I have contacted TinyCo too … Nothing. I get an error message saying the file is missing for firemem…do you know if you start from scratch if you reinstall?


    1. You’ll have to do a couple quests at the start again but when it gives you the option to go into inventory etc, then you can enter your email or Facebook or whatever you used to start the game originally and get back to where you left off



  4. I cannot extinguish campfires. It worked the first time then I click them and nothing. Been 2 days now so I may just give up on this dumb event too.


  5. So…..I think I might just completely skip this event. I havent done anything with this new event and I may only go into my game to collect from Jesus and get my daily clam from Ollie. I am totally soured on this game right now and I’ve got more important things to worry about. I just hope the next event sparks my interest or I may actually hit that big U button. Good luck to those who are pushing on.


      1. I can’t say I’m enjoying this mini event at all Saad, it seems every time you get (x) amount of items for Fireman Chris, you lose them because you have to train firemen and fire chiefs and it feels like I’m not getting anywhere 😞 what do you make of it?



      2. Read my earlier comment further down but obviously this is atrocious. I’m slowly progressing with axes but like you said I have to use all my gas cans for them so I’m not getting any of those. I think I’ll get the costume by Tuesday though.


      3. Thanks, I definitely will. I just couldn’t spend another second stressing about something I’m not enjoying anymore. I’ve directly told this to TC in my numerous messages, but I usually just get something like “Thanks for your feedback.” I will let them know that I’ve become so disinterested in this game due to their lack of foresight about anything. They really need to improve to get my time again.


    1. @rypod Unlocking Firefighter Chris is not that hard. I’m going to be there by tomorrow. In order to get the 7 axes, you need to train 7 fire captains. That will require 14 gas cans, so that means training 14 firefighters. The remaining 20 cans for the outfit require training another 20 firefighters, so it’s 34 firefighters in total.

      You can speed up the process by unlocking the third pole. This requires 10 axes and is a temporary setback, but I think it will pay off in the end.


  6. Wow this event is basically TC begging people to give them money. I don’t know, I might sit this one out. I waited an hour for two firemen to become available and was then ready to tackle some fires, but no, each firefighter is only able to take care of one fire and then you have to train more. Yay, 2 gas cans, only like 30 more to go. Come on!!!!


    1. Once you get as many axes as you need, you can start accumulating gas cans. I’m not sure what’s so hard to understand. The event is on until the 27th, so there should be plenty of time.


  7. I like how plentiful the little blazes are, I was worried about that the first time entering it. Just a shame that you get one firefighter per fire only.


  8. It may be helpful to note that you don’t have to click on the base of the brush fire to extinguish it…I’ve actually found it easier to click on the smoke to extinguish it (especially if the base of the brush fire is on or near a character busy with an action).


  9. The axes seem like they will be a problem. correct me if I’m wrong but to get axes we need to clear angry fire creature , but to clear angry fire creature we need to train fire captains, and to train fire captains we need gas cans, and to get gas cans we need to clear building fires, and to clear building fires we need to train firefighters, and to train each firefighter we need fire hydrants and an hour to train each one, so everything depends on them!!!! Why can’t each item for fireman chris be obtained independantly, tinyco, like it should be?
    And why do we have soooooooo many new massive buildings if we haven’t had new space for like 4 months? This is already the worst mini-event, even worse than last week’s mess!!!!!


    1. Literally everyone’s having this problem but history tells us there won’t be any new land until the next district, and that won’t be for at least another 2 months. My game just told me an update was available and when I went to the appstore the description said there will be a new event in June. Since this firefighter bs will keep us busy through May and the unnamed event will last the whole of June and maybe some of July, that’s the earliest we can expect new land, but don’t be surprised if there’s another event that we don’t have space for.


      1. That’s the obvious solution, isn’t it, but what’s the point of earning/buying buildings if they just end up in inventory out of sight?


      2. Yeah, this is driving me insane. I have been a premium player since the game came out, and if they DOUBLED the amount of land I still wouldn’t have enough space to put all the crap I have in inventory. What is the point of collecting all these buildings and decos if I have to stash them away where I can’t even see them? and my town looks like crap with everything piled up, no roads…
        This is a fundamentally flawed game if they can’t bother to grow the land proportionately to the item growth.


  10. If anyone is curious about the spawn rate for the brush fires so far this is what I have seen…
    5 spawn every 5 minutes.
    However, the max at once seems to be 12. So if you only go into your game, lets say, every hour you will only see 12 appear.
    So right now it seems best to visit the game every 10 mins to rake in a whopping 60 brush fires an hour!
    But, hey. For all i know this is a happy glitch bc it sure is a QUICK spawn rate lol 🙂

    How is everyone else doing with this? Anyone seeing any other results? Numbers? 🙂


  11. Jeez….that uninstall button is looking better each day. Really wish I could ignore the game forever, but I’ve invested too much time (and money) and don’t think I could completely give it up. Congrats TC, you made me addicted to something I now hate. I would rather them focus on getting the big events right and not have any mini events at all. The time between events should be for resting (repair and self-evaluation for TC), not for more stress inducing, constantly crashing, time constricted, half-assed mini events

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Thank the holy flying spaghetti monster that I figured there would be an event starting today, and had all of my characters on short 4-8 hour tasks… !!!!


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