Updated: The Bird Is The Word

Hey guys,

Just a short post to see how everyone is getting on with collecting the birds we need for Bird Beard Peter, I’m currently on…

Yellow birds 85/85

Blue Birds 13/20

Pink Birds 13:25

Green Birds 23/30

Chatting to you all, it sounds like you all share my opinion, that being you’re not willing to waste clams and expecting TinyCo to extend the event, because let’s be honest, we’ve got less than 48hrs to get everything, mathmatically, not possible 😩



90 thoughts on “Updated: The Bird Is The Word”

  1. The other issue I have with these types of mini events – I may well just make the requirements with a couple of clams spent on rushing a task or 2, BUT you just know that as soon as the timer runs out all the associated quests will also disappear, WTH great way to reward effort tinyco!


    1. Absolutely agree. I think I may be one of the few freemium players that got BB Peter with no clams spent (and only thanks to the increased drop rates the last 24 hours or so) but no quests for me.

      Granted, they don’t give anything more than some coins and exp, but that’s not the point. Now Peter’s got another skin I’ll never use again…


  2. Yellow-85

    So close but my tasks are due at 10 clock and 4 am so never getting it unless I use clams or they extend event


  3. Got my last green bird this morning and got the outfit 🙂 (thanks Peter, would have been impossible without him). Got really lucky with drops in the past 12 hrs. Even the rare bluebirds were dropping every time after only getting 1 or 2 a day. So maybe they changed the drops, maybe I just got lucky. Now I can just relax and ignore the game if I need to so I’m “rested” for the next event


  4. This was insane… Like many of you I’m getting tired of tinyco and their events. With constant log in to collect everything (yes sadly I set timers to check in on characters) the pink birds just won’t drop. After last nights 8 hours NONE of them, not Bonnie Jerome or the school dropped pink their pink birds. So with 9 1/2 hours left till the event ends I’m stuck at
    85/85 yellow
    20/20 blue
    16/25 pink
    30/30 green
    With a cost for the costume sitting at 135 clams……
    So no matter what I won’t have enough pink birds to finish. This is extremely frustrating, I don’t really want to spend the clams on a costume but at the same time I don’t want to have wasted all my time and effort to end up with nothing. Between me and my husband we spent about $300 on the Star Trek event and this mini event is a bigger slap in the face after all that. Family Guy has a strong following but tinyco is chasing people away with their over aggressive profit push. If you launch a ‘free’ event you need to make it obtainable by all. Not just by getting lucky with drops, lucky with time constraints… Some people can’t log in constantly and those that couldn’t stood zero chance of completing, while those of us that could had a slim chance. If you want stuff to cost clams then fine… Just release it FOR clams and stop wasting everyone’s time!!!


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