Nature Weekend Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs for the mini event 🙂

Naughty By Nature

Part 1
-Have Peter trip, 2h

-Have Chris eat a large ham, 8h

-Place the campfire

Part 2
-Have Peter hang out at the clam, 1h

-Have Lois teach Piano, 4h

-Collect 1000 coins

Part 3
-Build the Bird Sanctuary, 6h

Part 4
-Have Peter overeat, 6h

-Have Mort Swallow Jewels, 4h

Place Ol’ Geyser

Part 5
-Collect from the Bird Sanctuary, 1h

-Build the Historical Log Cabin, 8h

Part 6
-Have Bonnie pack up Joes diapers, 6h

-Have Lois whip up something to eat, 5h

-Collect 1200 coins

Part 7
-Have Bird Beard Peter pick food out of beard, 8h

-Have Jerome host happy hour, 2h

-Have Quagmire eat some Tacos, 4h

Part 8
-Place Owl Tree

-Have BB Peter Catch Bird Flu

-Have Lois Bake cookies to solve problems, 10h

Part 9
-Have BB Peter get grizzly, 10h

-Have Chris hang out at home, 2h

Watching the Birds

Part 1
-Create the bird beard Peter outfit
85 yellow birds
20 blue birds
25 pink birds
30 green birds

Part 2
-Have BB Peter do morning routine, 8h

-Have Lois buy groceries, 12h

-Have Quagmire let the gerbil loose, 4h

Part 3
-Place the Perfect Picnic Table

-Have Chris eat a large ham, 8h

Part 4
-Have BB Peter eat popcorn, 12h
-Have Bruce go kitten pickin, 20h

Fiercest of Fur balls

-Get the Predatory Mountain Lion
-Get Ben the Bear
-Get Gary the “No Trash” Cougar


48 thoughts on “Nature Weekend Walkthroughs”

  1. I managed to get the outfit, but once the event closed and I finished the current quest that I was on, the quests disappeared on me. So I didn’t get to finish them. Oh well.

    I really wish TinyCo would put more emphasis on competing the quests.. How hard would it be to have the quests drop the items that you need for a character/outfit?

    It shouldn’t be too hard to write a piece that checks how many more you need of each item and then give you the item(s) that you need the most of to finish it. .Have it give Epic/to common that way if you need the same amount of 2 different items it will drop the hardest to get first. If they are the same level, then drop 1 of each etc.


  2. A lot of people must have not gotten this outfit.. I was working the questlines, and they all of a sudden went poof!!!! NO more!!! .


  3. i just got bird beard peter costume this morning. i am a freeium player and have never spent money on the game. So it is possible, but very unlikely. i had everything for ida davis at the end of the period and still did not get the character. Almost quit playing the game at that time.


  4. Aw shoot. I thiught this ended today. It wnds tomorrow on the 14th. Still gonna be tight for me with those fushia birds. But its possible now.


  5. 4 days to get 20 rare items from only 2 characters and the cabin? Ridiculous…. The game use to be fun, now it’s just a scam from Tinyco to prey on your enjoyment of the TV show. I started as a freemiuim player, but did buy clams for the events. Looking back I’ve spent about $200 for a FREE game. I log in and play consistently every 2-4 hours because we do have to work, sleep, enjoy life…. But no more…. Sorry Tinyco, you got to greedy, you could have approached the game play in the interest of your customers enjoyment and still made a ton of money, but instead, it’s just about the money to you. You’ve lost mine and as many persons as I can tell not to play or pay you. I work in a tech company retail that sees 1,000’s of people a day.. (Hint it rhymes with sapple) so the negative word of mouth will spread quickly).

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  6. If Tinyco. doesn’t do something about the panicking , then Bird Beard Peter will be the new Pee Pants The Hobo Clown. 😦


  7. what happened to the ability to purchase Buzz Kilington? After the Star trek, I (freemium) now have enough to purchase him, but he disappeared from the market place.


      1. It’s no glitch; I’d been saving up to buy Cleveland, and he’s gone too. In the “How to Play” section, TinyCo has a “Where did Cleveland go?” topic:

        “We rotated the premium characters available for purchase in the store. Cleveland and Buzz Killington are no longer in the shop; they have been replaced with Kool Aid Man and Human Rupert. We may make them available again some day!”



  8. I doubt anyone has crafter this costume yet. Virtually impossible to get it by this Thursday. I have all the yellow birds and have 9 for the rest.


    1. Yeah, I’m not faring much better, still need some yellow birds I think as I can still collect them but not many more left I think and the other birds are rarely dropping



    2. If they use clams to speed the tasks they can have him already, but by normal timing, no, the 12 hour task birds won’t finish till Wednesday earliest


  9. Question, We have until 5/14/15 to unlock the Bird Beard Peter outfit. After that outfit is unlocked there are three additional quest lines that follow. Do those quest lines also need to be finished before 5/14/15 or do we only need to have BB Peter unlocked by then?

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    1. Forget about the quest lines and focus on the costume, honestly. There’s nothing to gain from the quest lines, and they’re just a hindrance if the same characters are needed for the costume.

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  10. I just started to play this game at the start of the Star Trek event, but I am noticing a pattern, in that they announce the quests and people immediately start to complain that they are impossible because of the drop rates. The developers than adjust the drop rates, or include other ways to make them up, and boom, done deal for almost everyone, except for a core group of people who will continue to complain because they choose to be pure freemium players, and that they should have the same opportunities as those who choose to spend money.

    I started this game on Saturday, and I am already done with the yellow birds, and while I have not done so well with any of the others, I figure that is what is supposed to happen, otherwise it would be pretty dull if there was no challenge at all, and if you knew at the start, you would finish early and get everything.


    1. Agreed, but what people are saying is that it’s mathematically impossible to get all the birds so theoretically, TinyCo should have made it possible to do it from the start, not changing it halfway through, that’s all 😊


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      1. Agreed, that is part of the pattern that is annoying, they start out, and ALWAYS change the requirements to loosen them up, but it is even more annoying to see people who know this continue to do the bitch and rant and the “I am quitting” post, when they know exactly what is going to happen.


      2. Exactly. 3 Rare birds in 3 days is not going to help me get the required 20 done in the allotted amount of time.
        The 12 hour quests are tough as well, remember they don’t always drop, so after waiting 12 hours and you miss one? That really makes it hard to complete on time.

        And I am a Premium player, but i believe that these quests should all be able to be completed with out using clams to buy the skins/characters that are freemium items. And of course the ones that are only available via clams I will get (as long as they aren’t an insane amount like kool-aid man).


      3. Kool Aid Man is 750 clams… Yeah pretty darn high IMO. Especially since it was a free character with just time involved for crafting. I am by no means a freemium player but I wish they would just rerelease those type of events instead of putting them up for strictly clams. It would be fun to do the events that were missed by joining the game late and not just getting the character with clams. On another note I still don’t understand why more characters aren’t involved with the ability to gather birds, I got no problem with 12 hour quests or rare drops if we at least had the ability to have more characters trying to get them. I mean seriously… Meg has a ‘practice bird calls’ and yet she isn’t one of the characters able to get birds?!?! /facepalm


      4. 750 clams for kool-aid man If you didn’t get him when he first came out. Which i couldn’t cause i wasn’t even playing then.


    2. I’m sorry but if you’ve only been playing the game for a month or 2 you don’t know how the game is supposed to be. I’ve been ‘pure freemium’, as you said, since the game was released and I don’t mind if premium players get extra, as long as we can get basic freemium stuff without being slaves to the game. This is how it should be, because this is advertised as a ‘free’ game. In fact the exact words on the description in the App Store are ‘it’s free! Freakin free? Freakin great!’. So if freemium players can’t actually do anything, why say this?

      You said yourself you’re a new player but let me tell you this. Every event before Star Trek went smoothly for freemium players who devoted the time. Star Trek didn’t, which is why so many people are complaining. So no matter what you say, a newcomer like you honestly has no idea how the game should be.


  11. Well I now have all the yellow birds, 9 green, but only 3 each of the pink and blue ones after 2 days, and with the ridiculous clam requirement to finish it early, I basically have no realistic way of completing it! With the lack of available land and coins now effectively useless, I’m starting to think maybe it’s time to quit, as Tinyco seem to be getting greedier by the day!

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  12. Once you reach Pt. 4 of the questline, then Peter’s “Overeat” task is added to the list of potential Green Bird tasks. It’s only a 6 hr task, which means that it should add another 20 or so more opportunities to collect them.

    That should make the “Blue Birds” the most difficult item to earn.


    1. I’m only on the second part of the questline and I have Peter’s task. It isn’t based on the quest, I think they added it to help people get the birds.


  13. For the first time in the history of this game, I’m actually unable to login into the game. Every time I start the game, I get the error “Config empty for id geordiDefault_deco_scanConsole_Quahog in DualAction”

    If I understand that error correctly, I advise everyone to not use Geordi’s 1 hour action.


  14. according to my projections… (I do lots of spreadsheets and graphs, if I could figure out how to post images, I would upload them) I am going to miss the blues by a few hours and the greens by a whole day. The reason for missing the greens was because on the first 12 hour cycle, I got only 2 of the 3 drops. Since the greens are “common” and not “always”, there is no possible way to make it in the time allotted.


  15. A little off topic but can anyone tell me how to stop the brewery items? I’ve created everything but still it’s there.thanks in advance


    1. Have you created multiple copies of the items? Some you can brew 4 times. You have to brew all (ie no possibilities left).


    2. You literally have to craft EVERYTHING over and over again until you can’t make any more. Its one of the most tedious tasks TinyCo ever created.


  16. They really need to reduce the amount of pink and green birds needed for this one , or just get more characters to drop them .

    Seriously, is there no love for the characters of American Dad and Ghostbusters ?


  17. Oh yeah … and we put in a task for Mort to move along the questline when Mort is one the 12-hour task characters that HAS TO stay with his tasks?? Does anyone review any of this material before it is dropped into our games???


  18. Since there is no way possible to obtain the skin prior to the final day of the event due to the 30 green birds needed (12 hour tasks) without speeding up tasks with clams, these walkthroughs will be viewed by few. It’s a shame TinyCo will be laying off the writers and designers of these walkthroughs since very few people will ever see them because they can’t properly design challenges and there will be no further need to keep them on staff. What sense is there to develop a challenge that takes the maximum amount of time and then have tasks that include that skin? And then have the skin tasks take 8 and 12 hours. How come the players can figure out all of this but the designers of the game can’t?

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