Tell RyPod: Next Event

What’s up Quahog? You’re listening to Dingo and the Baby…*cough* I mean RyPod, here once again with a question for you all…

It’s been relatively quiet in the comments for a couple days now so I thought I’d throw another post up to get your creative juices flowing…giggety.

So tell me…with the Star Trek event ending in less than 24hrs (unless there’s another extension lol) … what do you want to see in the next event?

Any particular characters? Do you want Death, Neil Goldman and the Evil Monkey available yet? Any random events? Maybe a Eurovision event? (Although that wouldn’t appeal to any Americans…or people with taste lol). Maybe a sporting event?

Tell RyPod in the comments and let’s shoot the breeze.



130 thoughts on “Tell RyPod: Next Event”

  1. Heres a throw in another direction that i think would be awesome. How about a simpsons event? I can really see Tinyco doing something bold like this. Would be really amusing if we get Maggie in FG before tapped out. Lol.


  2. The show LOST. That would be awesome. Have all the cast from the show and have it so all the family guy characters can transport to an island and dress as cast members from the show and all the cast members want to do is takeover quahog and dress like the characters. The actions you would have to come up with but if you have seen the show I’m sure you can come up with some stuff. But either way I don’t know I’m just throw in that idea out Any takers?


  3. Lord of the Rings
    Hobbits running around Quahog! Ringwraiths needing to be cast out. A Balrog to battle! And you can grab lines from when Sir Ian was on the show Extras and was doing his bit on being the wizard. Such awesomeness could be had! Imagine having an animated Eye of Sauron atop his tower to put in your Quahog to gaze upon the citizens! And the dwarves can mine mithril to collect to build things. And the Eagles can drop bombs on Orcs. Too much!! Let’s do this!! Get the word spread and make this happen!
    A “you shall not pass” animated task would rock. And Frodo putting on the ring and it won’t come off could be a funny one. Pippin and Merry dancing with pints in hand. Strider/Aragorn wielding his sword and trying to be cool until it slips for his hand and flies up and stabs into the ground right next to him (whew!). Legolas tossing Gimli! So many cool animated outside tasks.


  4. hey guys there’s a BRAND NEW event in our Quahog right now! The theme is those birds Peter had in his beard and ended up raising them lol


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