Star Trek – Seven of Nine walkthrough!

OK so we all know 7 of 9 is in the game now and the whole world (or the gaming community) lost their **** over the clam / dilithium con! But let’s take a minute to enjoy 7 of 9 shall we?!

If you were a teenage or adult fan during Star Treks lengthy run you couldn’t have missed the….um….. Womanly Borg that is 7 of 9.


(Yeah Rypod! I see your joke and I raise you this meme ;))

For younger or less geeky players – how about watching her as the seductive manager in Body of Proof?

OK, OK, walkthrough time I get it!

Seventh Heaven

Part 1
-Have Seven of Nine sleep in charging station, 4h

Part 2
-Have 7 of 9 be condescending, 2h

-Have Riker sit down, Riker style, 8h

-Have Klingon Chris battle cry, 4h

Part 3
-Have 7 of 9 petition for real starfleet uniform, 8h

-Have SF Lois use replicator to solve problems, 16h

Part 4
-Have 7 of 9 install Borg upgrades, 10h

-Have Dr. Crusher crush it, 2h


Join in and discuss FG:TQFS with fellow Quahoggers!

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