RyPod Review – S & M Cow

Hey guys,

Just got the S & M Cow!! Oooohhhhh yesssssss!!! I’ve only seen the animation for his first task – swatting flies – but it’s pretty a-moo-sing 😄

One of the easiest characters we’ve ever had to earn but definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the show and seen him in it 😊

If you love cows…or S & M 😉 you’ll find the animations funny 😊


P.S. Yes, I could have put this in a comment but decided to make a post instead…don’t have a cow, man…oh wait…wrong show 😆


Nature Week 2 – Walkthroughs

Hi guys, good morning / good evening!

Yet another one of those little week long updates to keep everyone busy!

Into the Wilderness

Holy Cow

Beef! It’s What’s For Dinner

A Breath of Fresh Air

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Nature Week – Part 2 FAQS

Nature Week is back for it’s second installment!
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1.8.5 iOS Crashing Troubleshooting

TinyCo has messaged us with the following solution/troubleshooting to help iOS players:

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Tell RyPod: Which FG Character Are You?

Ok, so I’ve not had any comments to answer in nearly 24 straight hours, nobody needs help with the firemen event and the music conversation has come to a halt…

SO…lets get this community talking 😊

Tell me…if you could be any character from Family Guy, who would you be and why? 😆 (random I know) lol

Also, which character in Family Guy would you say are you most like?

I’d say I’m most like Carl because I’m a film/TV geek 😩 lol and if I could be anyone in the show, I’d be Quagmire (and not for the constant sex haha) I’m choosing him because he’s got a great job, can speak Japanese and…yeah ok, he gets a lot of sex 😆 hahaha

Over to you…

Fire Fighting Event – The Walkthroughs

So yet more content to carry us through to the….uh….. New content.

Sexy Firefighters everywhere, none sexier than firefighter Brian obviously!

UPDATED: As far as I can tell, so far this is the whole shindig, if anything is duplicated I apologise – I have had a nightmare with this event! Too many bugs for me – Consuela is evil and must be stopped!

Fire in the Hole

Turn the Heat Up

Flame On

Hotter than Hades

Dog Day Afternoon

Fanning the Flames

A Dog on Fire

Pirate of the Flame

Boiling Point

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Firefighters Event FAQS Week 2

We only have one new answer to provide as Seamus has been added this week, and a moving deco!

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Tell RyPod: Music

Hey guys

I wasn’t going to post this, this early, but seeing as the Firedog Brian was a bust and everyone’s decided what they’re doing with it, this place is a little quiet so I thought I’d mention this announcement now while it’s quiet.

Not many of you know what RyPod actually stands for…the Ry is for Ryan (my name) and the whole name sounds like iPod (but with a Ry lol) because I LOVE music, it’s the biggest love of my life bar none.

Which brings me to this announcement…in three weeks today, I’ll be absent from this website for a week (Holly and Zooey are taking over the comments for a week) because I’ll be at Download!! 😀

For those of you who don’t know, Download is the biggest rock and metal music festival in the UK, with bands such as Muse, Slipknot, Kiss (the latter have been mentioned on Family Guy so you should all know them)

I’m super psyched as its my first festival and I’ll be sat in a field for 5 days listening to the best music in the world 😃

So this Tell RyPod is this…what type of music are you into and what are some of your fave bands or songs? 😊


Brian’s Fired Up!!

Hey guys,

As some of you have seen, Firedog Brian is now available.

How Do I Get Him?

Firedog Brian can be yours for 210 CLAMS!!

Obviously it’s a bit pricey but it is what it is. My thoughts are that I at least have more time to get Chris and ignore the Brian outfit lol

Will you be investing?


Firefighters Event FAQS: Week 1

We have a new two week event – Firefighters! Here are all the FAQS for the first week!

Some additional notes about the Firefighter Event:

– We’re seeing lots of errors related to players being on an older version of the game. If you begin getting error reports from players, a good place to start is to ask them which version of the game they’re on.

– Firefighter Seamus and Fire Dog Brian are currently locked in the shop. We’ll be releasing them later. 🙂

– There are two Mystery Boxes in the shop that share the same prize pool, but cost different types of items. Ideally, this will give players more freedom of choice. (Also, no repeats!)
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