End of Star Trek Event FAQS

Here are the FAQS so you know what to expect!

Will I get to keep my Star Trek characters?

Every character you completely unlock or purchase before the end of the event will be yours to keep forever. Any incomplete characters will disappear once the event ends.

Will I get to keep my Star Trek outfits?

You’ll get to keep every Star Trek outfit you completely unlock or purchase. Yes, even Edo Herbert. No, we won’t take him back.

If you’ve unlocked an outfit for a character you don’t yet own (like Borg Consuela or Talosian Stewie), you’ll still be able to use these outfits once you get the character.

Which parts of the Enterprise will I get to keep?

Once the event ends, you’ll receive a deco version of every custom Enterprise room you create. This includes ALL premium and freemium rooms.

Please note that this does not include the main Enterprise rooms (Sick Bay, Holodeck, Engineering Bay, etc.).

What will happen to the Star Trek buildings and decorations?

All of your owned buildings and decorations will be moved to Quahog. You can find them in your inventory under the Buildings and Decos tabs.

To access your inventory, tap on the ‘Menu’ icon (the icon in the bottom left corner filled with squares). From there, tap on the ‘Inventory’ button to see the items in your inventory.

What will happen to my leftover Dilithium?

Be sure to spend your Dilithium before the event ends! Any unused Dilithium will disappear after the event.

What will happen to my leftover energy?

Be sure to use up any leftover energy! Any unused energy will disappear at the end of the event.

Can I keep working on Star Trek quests after the event?

Most Star Trek-related quests will disappear once the event ends. Only quests relating to premium characters will remain in your quest log.


6 thoughts on “End of Star Trek Event FAQS”

  1. I had unlocked 5 characters and now none of them are showing up in my game. I didn’t realize that I was supposed to be able to keep them. Is there anyway to get my characters back?


  2. I got my 15 clams from Tinyco that I didn’t get from the Borg Away mission, but since then I’ve go many more which I haven’t actually got. Tinyco say to restart the game to update the currency, but that doesn’t work.

    Surely they know this is a bug?


    1. I had the same problem. No reaction from the support. That`s a mess!!! I would have got minimum 6x 5 clams (i think real it was 8 or more times) from the borg missions. But no one i have got in my account. I will never spend mor money in the game. That is not correct from Tynico!


      1. How long has it been since you messaged support? It took a day or two for them to reply to me. Try once more if they don’t get back in a day or two.


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