Ask TinyCo: Star Trek Edition (last week)

So this is something new we are introducing. It will run once a month on a post much like this one!

You will have the opportunity to pose a question to a TinyCo team member based on the event that is taking place at the time!

A TinyCo Team Member will be available to answer your questions in the comments section on Tuesday 28th April 2015, at 11AM PDT (it has been changed to Tuesday), so make sure you get your questions in!

But there are some rules…..

1. Keep questions to one per comment. It is easier to answer.

2. Don’t flood the post with thousands of questions! Allow others to have their turn!

3. Try to keep questions unique. A thousand people asking why their game keeps crashing is boring!

4. You might be a tad miffed about something but keep it PG people or you won’t be published!

5. Use it or lose it! If no one asks anything, they won’t keep doing it. Utilise it!

Right you got all that? Ask away!


112 thoughts on “Ask TinyCo: Star Trek Edition (last week)”

    1. by the way forgot to mentoin, there were some bugs during the event that kept people locked from thier games for between a day to a week or so.
      any chance to get some extra time that will help making up for the tim lost?
      because i’m a full freemium player, close to get every freemium thing in the event and i was locked out of the game for around 27 hours (there were people that were locked out of the game for like a week) so i think its a pretty good reason to ask for extra time


    2. Similar comments by others have also been suggested and it’s a great idea guys, maybe Holly and Zooey can give us more info (as I’m honestly not sure)



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