Hey there people!

I am just stopping by on an unexpected Tuesday visit to apologise for missing the Q and A session. Zooey had a power outage and text me to see if I could moderate.

Unfortunately I was working late today and didn’t get her message in time to live moderate.

Those of you who have been present for any previous Q and A sessions with us will know there is usually someone at hand to get those comments through quickly.

Life got in the way today, but we will take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Again apologies and if you have any unanswered questions you think I could help you with please post below and I will be around to give you a helping hand!


21 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. No apologies necessary. Real life happens.

    My question. Where is Buzz Killington? Have you guys heard anything? I bought class to buy him and Spock and now he’s gone. He’s my last of that group to buy. I put in a ticket a few days ago. I really hope that they didn’t remove him 😦


  2. Why we don’t receive the 5 clams reward in the our clams currency after sending a crew to borg cube , it’s basically my last hope in defeating borg bertram one last time to get joe’s outfit .


    1. I haven’t got any clams I’ve won from the Borg Cube either. Have messaged them but so far no answer (as I suspected there wouldn’t be).
      I’m owed over 100 now.


    2. It’s a random drop and not guaranteed. Unless you see the little box with a clam in it along with extra DC and XP, you didn’t get them this time and should try again. It’s no different than seeing the box with an extra crystal with 500 underneath it.


    1. I assume because she is just one person and did what she could in the time she could spare but if there’s any questions you wanna throw out, maybe me, Zooey and Holly can have a bash?



      1. I had asked if we’ll be getting a mystery box to spend our remaining dilithium crystals but it didn’t get answered unfortunately… 😦


  3. Hi, do you know if there will be any chance of changing that stones from the replicator for dilitium?? Like happened in Halloween….


  4. Are we getting a mystery box to spend our remaining dilithium crystals? or we should just spend whatever we have left… else I am going to save all the dilithium crystals that I have. Thanks.


  5. Do you know if TinyCo plans on making it easier to get the limited Consuela Borg Costume? I have a hard time shelling out Clams to “try” to get her. I don’t need any of the other things in that thing. I have every costume for every character in the game except that one. I’d hate to miss out on that one. Plus I have shelled out a ton of clams already in this event. I’d be okay if they charged a certain amount of clams for that costume if it meant that I would definitely be getting it


    1. I can’t imagine it, as the event ends tonight but maybe they’ll re-release her another time, for a smaller price?



  6. You never do know what can and will come up in life.. Murphy’s Law is my rule.. Thanks for being there for us… I just fully completed the Star Trek event.. I didn’t rush any quest or character.. It was all time moderation.. I could not have done it with out all of you.

    I do have one question.. I never got the 200 Tribble quest in 2 days.. Did I miss it? Or did everyone…

    Thanks Again,


      1. Ooooooh, that might be why I havent seen it either. Pretty sure I completed that challenge when it first came out, I just though they were giving us another one in an attempt to “gift” everyone 10 clams without technically giving it away.


  7. Hi

    Not sure where the best place to ask this. I cant see Cleveland in the buy characters menu thing. I’ve only been playing a few months (only just got stewie) but the star trek event is awesome and have got a fair few clams from born sphere mission. In the off chance that he isn’t part of the next event (that would be an awesome event but I digress) should he be there. A few new other characters show up there like Kool aid man and rupert but not Cleveland.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome game



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