Star Trek: Saving Scotty

Sorry for the delay….  Sometimes I like to sleep even if TinyCo don’t 😉

You can get Scotty for FREE after you unlock Locutus, Spock and Khan for 265 clams.

Um….. Yeah that’s it. Did anyone else get a quest line?! I paid for that. Tsk.


8 thoughts on “Star Trek: Saving Scotty”

  1. I waited to buy can until today. Bit i didnt recieve scotty? Why is that? I have locutes and kirk and Spock? Help please


  2. Peter just started questlines for each
    The Negative Feelings of Khan Pt 1 – Have Khan dig a grave
    All she’s got Pt 1 – Have Scotty play the bagpipes


  3. You forgot to add “each” as Khan and Spock are both premium. 😉

    Well, I bought clams for the first time to purchase Buzz and Spock… and Buzz is missing. I can’t get both unless I get Buzz first. Anybody else have this bug happen?


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