Star Trek: Old World Leader (Captain Kirk)

Finally! After a fair few clams trying to get Borg Consuela it seems I had just scraped together enough dark matter to get Kirk!

Old World Leader

Part 1
-Have Kirk fight the Gorn, 8h

-Have SF Lois find more flattering uniform, 12h

Part 2
-Have Kirk “improvise” through situations, 2h

-Have Bonnie go to Ladies Night, 6h

-Have SF Lois use replicator to solve problems, 16h

Part 3
-Have Kirk Philander, 6h

-Have Vulcan Quagmire suppress the Giggity, 6h

Part 4
-Have Kirk practice his moves, 12h

-Have SF Lois find more flattering uniform, 12h


11 thoughts on “Star Trek: Old World Leader (Captain Kirk)”

  1. I just brought Khan for 285 clams and got Scotty for free. I only need 11 dark matter to unlock joe I could of unlocked him for 96 clams but since I just got the other 2 the price to unlock him has gone up to 285 clams?? (That can’t be right) I didn’t no where to post this sorry.


  2. Premium skin for a premium character?!? 750clams for the Kool-aid man?!? Good thing Jesus has been churning out those clams like a champ. #sarcasm #thatredditpostislegit


  3. I really wish I could get Kirk, he’s always been one of my favourite characters. I’m not sure a week will be enough time to get 15000 dilithium and all the dark matter though


    1. There’s a new 1hr away mission to go to the Borg Cube that only costs 1 Transporter energy, it has a chance of 500 DC. Defeating Bertram is also a great source


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