Star Trek FAQS Week 6

Here are the FAQS for week 6!

How do I get Borg Consuela?

Borg Consuela is available as a prize in the Heranus Mystery Box.

How do I get Captain Pike Joe?

To unlock Captain Pike Joe, you must upgrade to Warp Core level 6.  You’ll need to collect the following items:

– 25 Oxygen Tanks (rare) from Borg Cube (phaser battle), clearing Borg, The Brig

– 24 Catheters (rare) from Borg Cube (away mission), Jerome, Meg, Bruce, The Brig

– 90 Dark Matter (always) from defeating Borg Bertram, Trophy Room

– 4000 Dilithium Crystals

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

What are Borg Cubes?

Borg Cubes are a new type of enemy you’ll encounter in Phaser Battles once you’ve repaired the Holodeck. You’ll have to shoot them three times to blow them up. They’ll drop five Oxygen Tanks for Captain Pike Joe!


38 thoughts on “Star Trek FAQS Week 6”

  1. Whenever I click Acapella XII for away missions, it shows some Klingon form of Meg. Is she going to be available or is it some kind of error?


  2. Has anyone else done the math for Cannon Bertram? Even if you have all 5 attackers hitting their max HP attack every time, it’s gonna take 16 hours (4 runs at him). And if they hit their min HP attack every time, it’s gonna be 20 hrs (5 runs at him). 3 Max attacks get you to 39, so you still need to send at least 1 person on another run to get that last HP. And since we would never get all max HP attacks every time, we’re pretty much guaranteed to spend 20 hrs defeating Bertram’s final form. This is a big change from the Yeti since his final HP was only 35 AND we had SIX characters to fight him (Max/min # of attacks were 4/3). Here’s the table I used to get this math. Gonna report all of this to TC. They need to know we would like to sleep at some point!


    1. ‘rithmetic I did with using only the four freemium characters is that it would only take 16 or 20 hours with a fifty percent rate (including three carried forward from previous round). That is, 37 or 46 hit points. (5 + 8 per round.)

      Seems possible. Not sure what the complaint to Tiny is?


      1. Hahahahaha you’re my hero, honestly. I agree that it’s hard, especially for freemium players like me who don’t have Guinan and Picard yet. However your maths doesn’t include the head start trick, which works better with more attackers and is very difficult to put into your spreadsheet.
        Either way I hope they make it easier and more practical. We shouldn’t have to rely on cheats and luck.


    2. Laser drops 500 rd not 250. Not sure why you are complaining, Xmas had 2 premium attackers and Jesus was very hard to obtain if you didn’t buy at least one of them. I believe the final yeti was impossible without the premiums or Jesus. 3 characters 1-2 damage 5 attacks = 15min 30max + 2-4 from head start from 2 of them = 17-34 damage on yeti with 35 health. 5th Bertram can be hit for 35min to 58 max with headstart without spending a clan.


  3. Ok I was out drinking last night when my level jumped. Now my only problem will getting enough dylithium crystals. All I need is Picard to help fight bertram. Kirk is def not freemium and I’m good with that


    1. What about dark matter? There’s only one freemium way to get it and so much to spend on.
      We need 21 for Picard, 65 for joe costume and 150 for Kirk. Also another 13 for the new replicator prizes, so almost 250 dark matter if you want everything released in this event.


  4. Does anyone have any idea what the rewards are for the last 2 levels of Bertram? I’m trying to decide whether to hold off going to Warp 6 so that I can keep getting 10 dark matter in 2-3 rounds with 4 people attacking him, or if it would be better to move up and get more rewards per defeat. Any ideas? Any other details or walkthrus planned, moderators?


    1. If you click on Bertram you can see the DM payouts, (25 and 50 for last 2) not sure about DC/XP though. I believe we get 250 DC for Lvl3 (Laser), so maybe it’ll be something like 500 and then 750 or 1000 DC if they’re feeling generous.


  5. To unlock Joe, the oxygen tank task says to kill the Shielded Petercraft and it will take two hits. I take it they mean Kill the Borg Cube and it takes three hits. Am I correct and the description is wrong or am I frelled because I am missing the Shielded Petercraft.

    Thanks again you awesome people.


    1. It must be Borg cube. I got all the oxygen tanks within 10 minutes by hitting the Borg cube. It’s quite easy to hit too as it moves so slow.


  6. Just wondering if anyone knows how, who, or when we’ll be able to work on/get the other original Star Trek characters. I see two more blacked out silhouetted profiles in the face space page.


      1. Thanks Helene. Any idea how we’re going to unlock them? Do I have to get Kirk before I can work on Scotty? Seems strange w only days left in the event.


  7. The weirdest thing just happened. I collected 1xp and went up a whole level from 2 bars into 9 all the way to 2 bars into 10.I think tinyco finally accept 2 levels a week is too much to ask so gave a free level up. Did everyone get this?


    1. Mine did too. I was barely over 9, devising a plan to obtain level 10 (with leveling up, using the replicator is the only way to go, but it was sucking up all my event currency) but anyways no worries. Level 10 and counting.
      So yay for me and you…level 10 without diminishing our shot at obtaining other items.


      1. Mine was even better almost at the end of level 8 yep EIGHT when pow, I shot straight to level 10. and levelled up my warp core too.
        Got no chance of getting Data though, and probably wont get Dr Crusher either, only two I wont get, discounting Kirk of course. But am hoping to get Vulcan Quagmire in the next day or 2.


  8. LOL O2 tanks were beyond easy to get, each cube moves super slow and drops FIVE tanks. Now I have all the items I need for Joe except for the Catheters, which i’m sure will take a few days

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    1. Oh, but also, how about a task for Kilingon Meg for those of us that have her? Same story with Herbert and getting AntiVirus for Data, Edo Herbert should have had a task. Just wishful thinking but could have had a higher chance of dropping too


      1. Yeh realized that later last night. Almost done now from the Borg away mission, which is good bc no one gave me any from their 8 hr tasks


    2. More like a few hours. Send whoever you have free from sf Lois, sf peter and Vulcan quagmire to the cube planet and you can get 5 every hour. You don’t even need to send Jerome and meg etc on their tasks!


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