Star Trek Event: The Replicator

The replicator is basically like the Witches Cauldron or the Brewery in that you collect “stuff” to make other “stuff”. Anyway here is a rundown on all the goodies up for grabs.

Starfleet Insignia Statue
– You need it to unlock Geordi LaForge, otherwise just a small token of the event.

Cost: 675 dilithium, 5 life support energy

Earl Grey’s Hawt Tea
-It’s a building….. Where you get tea…..

Cost: 125 Dilithium, 5 life support energy

Ferengi Mort
– One of the best fits for costume choice ever!

Cost: 350 dilithium, 10 life support energy, 5 synthesiser ore

Latinum Loans
-Another little building

Cost: 200 dilithium, 8 life support energy, 3 synthesizer ore

Future items:

Klingon Temple

Klingon Symbol Statue

Romulan Ale Sommelier Station

Casket Ejector


Star Trek Vasquez Rocks

The Guardian of Forever

Borg Cube 63697 (which tiny co total stole from reddit! Google it ;))

Data’s Chip Factory
5 dark matter, 15 Synthesiser ore

Picard’s Fencing Area
8 dark matter, 20 life support energy

Captain Kirk!!!!!
150 dark matter, 30 SO


15 thoughts on “Star Trek Event: The Replicator”

    1. I’m earning decent ammounts of dilithium (and clams too) by sending Peter, Lois and Quagmire to the Borg cube on the teleporter.


  1. Is anyone else not getting the xp from replicator created items.i have got star fleet insignia and tea shop so far,but when I tap on the Xp icons the Xp(50 and 75 for those items I think)does not seem to make the xp bar move at all.


    1. Same for me. The XP icons said “50” and “75” but the bar did not (really) move. On the other hand for the small amount (1-2) I get from rooms and jobs I can see the movement of the bar.


    2. About not getting any XP for event items. I remember having this issue on halloween event. I have moved some halloween decos to my inventory. They started to give me XP back when I moved these items back to Quahog again. Hope it helps…


      1. No, I never copy and paste, I promise Fred, everyone gets a unique answer – although some of them are similar lol



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