Star Trek Event: Build an Enterprise Room

Once you free and unlock Geordi LaForge you will be able to build rooms in the enterprise.

Robotics Lab
Build Time: 4 hours
Costs: 175 dilithium

Crews Quarters
Build time: 2h
Cost: 325 dilithium

Cargo Bay
Build time: 4h
Cost: 250 dilithium

Super Rad Cargo Bay
Build time: 10h
Cost: 400 dilithium


Cybernetics Lab
Build time: Instant build
Cost: 400 clams

Fuzzball Bay
Build time: Instant build
Cost: 200 clams

Week 2

Rec Room
Build Time: 2h
Drops: Transporter Energy (rarely!)

The Space Crapper
Build time: 8h
Drops: Picture frames (for Deanna Troi)

Wardrobe Services
Build time: 4h
Drops: Headbands (for Deanna Troi)

Premium offerings!

Red Shirt Doom Room
Build time: Instant
Drops: Transporter Energy (Always)

McBurgertown Outpost
Build time: Instant
Drops: Life Support Energy (Always)

Rikers Quarters
Build: 8h
Drops: Tape

Racquetball Court
Build: Instant
Always drops: Synthesiser Ore

Decompression Chamber
Build: Instant
Always drops: (one of) Dagger? For Dummies Books, Phaser?

Genetics Lab
Build: 10h
Drops: nothing!

Medical Lab
Build: 6h
Drops: Dummies Book

Coming soon…..

Wardrobe Services
Build: 4h
Drops: Visors

Observation Deck
Build Time: Instant
Drops: Phaser Energy

Weapons Locker
Build: 6h
Drops: Phaser Energy

Assimilation Room
Build time: Instant
Spawns extra Borg’s

Trophy Room
Build time: Instant
Always drops: dark matter

The Brig
Instant build
Chance of cannisters or catheters for CP Joe

Sonic Shower
Build time: 4h
Drops: Shirts for Talosian Stewie


41 thoughts on “Star Trek Event: Build an Enterprise Room”

  1. Could you include the following for all rooms, seems some are missing some details: cost, build time, collection time, possible drops (with chance). The COMING SOON section also needs to have a few removed. Sorry to nitpick, you guys are awesome!


  2. Why can’t any of the premium characters ever help with collecting items in future events? I’ve spent “real” money to get characters and it doesn’t seem to make the game easier for you. Once a new event starts the premium characters are useless and there’s new things to help that cost more money. All premium characters should have tasks that help collect items with current and future events.

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  3. How to always drop items from rooms in only 4 hours.

    By using a system of constantly building rooms, you can guarantee collecting Life Support Energy, Transporter Energy, Kingon Dictionaries, Headbands and optionally, Synthesizer Ores without wasting time.

    Note: I’m not the first to figure this out on my own and post online, but these are the steps I prefer and the entire post is written in my own words.

    Why it works:

    When rooms earn items, the success rate is often low. When rooms are built, their first drop rate is always. Some rooms have a build time the same as their earn time. In one case, the build time is even less. It is more productive to spend the time building rooms than waiting for them to earn items. It will also work well for rooms with long build times, but low earned drop rates.

    What you need:

    There are various combinations, but to keep the solution simple, it will assume you will use 7 rooms and have one Crew’s Quarters in storage and the following rooms already built or in storage:

    Another Crew’s Quarters – Life Support Energy, Build 2 Hrs, Earn 2 Hrs
    Two Rec Rooms – Transporter Energy, Build 2 Hrs, Earn 6 Hrs
    Two Cargo Bays – Klingon Dictionary, Build 4 Hrs, Earn 4 Hrs
    Two Wardrobe Services – Headband, Build 4 Hrs, Earn 4 Hrs

    Two Super Rad Cargo Bays (optional) – Synthesizer Ore, Build 10 Hrs, Earn 6 Hrs

    How to do it:

    Begin by replacing the first room with building the Crew’s Quarters. Then replace the next room with the one that used to be in the first room. You can do them in different orders, but you don’t want the last two rooms to be the same type or you will only be able to replace one of them to be built. Here is a schedule for convenience:

    Rm. 1 Rec Room replaced by building Crew’s Quarters
    Rm. 2 Cargo Bay -> Rec Room taken from Rm. 1
    Rm. 3 Wardrobe Services -> Cargo Bay
    Rm. 4 Rec Room -> Wardrobe Services
    Rm. 5 Cargo Bay -> Rec Room
    Rm. 6 Wardrobe Services -> Cargo Bay
    Rm. 7 Crew Quarters -> Wardrobe Services
    One Crew’s Quarters in storage

    After 2 hours, the Crew’s Quarters and Rec Rooms will be built and you can collect Life Support Energy and Transporter Energy. You can rebuild the rooms with this schedule:

    Rm. 1 Rec Room ->Crew’s Quarters
    Rm. 2 Crew’s Quarters -> Rec Room
    Rm. 3 Rec Room -> Crew’s Quarters
    One Rec Room in storage

    After another 2 hours, you can collect from all seven rooms. Your total items collected from the beginning after using only 4 hours will be:

    3 Life Support Energy
    3 Transporter Energy
    2 Klingon Dictionaries
    2 Headbands

    You can then start over again by using the Rec Room in storage and switching the places with the Crew’s Quarters in the schedule. Continue using this method for new rooms later.


    If you wish to include the eighth room or no longer need to collect Headbands or Klingon Dictionaries, you can substitute with the Super Rad Cargo Bay. 10 hours for a guaranteed Synthesizer Ore is better than getting zero or one after using 12 hours trying to earn two times in a row.

    Easy Premium Method:

    Premium rooms have an instant build, but the there is no item drop until the earn time has passed. So, you will take advantage of the instant build time then return the room to storage.

    Using a room such as the Red Shirt Doom Room for 125 clams, you replace each room with the premium room then immediately switch it back to start building the same room, putting the premium back in storage. Repeat for all of the rooms in the schedule above in any order. The always drops of two Transporter Energy after 2 hours makes up for not using the Red Shirt Doom Room for one always drop after 6 hours.


    1. 🌟Not wasting my time to try and do all that…It shouldn’t even be that way at all either!.,The energy just needs to be fixed to where they AT LEAST drop every 3 or 4 times I mean come on!!! This is really ridiculous! I have 3 Transporter since Thursday now that’s pretty messed up IMO. They are NOT dropping like they might be set to already.
      TINYCO.,IF YOU’RE SKIMMING THRU THESE POSTS, PLEASE FIX THE TRANSPORTER AND SYNTHESIZER ORE ENERGY DROPS!!!! GAAAAAHH!!!…If it continues, this entire event is going to a failure in my game! cause I feel like I’m stuck in one spot and I’m NOT advancing anywhere further in the questlines…🌟💫👎

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    2. Support informed me that there was a change to the drops, They didn’t change the rates, but they put a cap on the number of times it can fail and once you hit that cap your next one will drop.

      Just passing it along


    3. nice way to play the system.
      but why is it even necessary to hack the game like this??

      also, Rec Room is a 10 HOUR BUILD now. gee, thanks TinyCo 😦


  4. 🌟Hey Rypod!!, I’m having alot of trouble trying to figure out and understand the Transporter thing haha like it seems like there’s not alot of sources that drop the blue energy? So far since last nighy, I’ve only been able to complete ONE away mission with Riker and Geordi, used clam to speed up just the 3 hours, and gotten back a pretty good comeback with like 5 dictionaries and some other things. I just don’t know which character(s) can bring back like CERTAIN items?…idk maybe by tomorrow or end of this weeknd I’ll understand it a little more because of the fact it’s only day2 of the new phase2 stuff 😉🌟💫


    1. A couple of the rooms drop blue crystals, one costs clams and always drops blue crystals, one sometimes does, I got 5 dictionaries from just sending Geordi lol 😛 woop woop, it’s not a case of certain items bringing back certain stuff, the more you send, the more chance of more stuff

      Hope that helps



  5. I have a question.. Right next to the turbolift is a place to build a room.. I can’t tell if I can build one there.. It won’t click.. but it is lit up.. Any thoughts????


      1. I think so, yeah, if you click on it, it should tell you what warp core you need and we upgrade warp core once a week



  6. I’ve got a question. Does the Chumba Wumba thing end? I have build everything and still have task and Chumba wumbas walking around. I’ve had stewie rid of them and they come back. I just want it to end and move on.


      1. 🌟In my game, Chumba Wumbas stopped spawning when I totally finished that district’s questlines and FINALLY crafted ALL of the stuff from the factory lol Now I only have the 2 Chumba Wumba walking decos, and those are at the end of the list you have to craft.
        So when you 100% COMPLETE everything that has to do with the factory i.e. that entire district!!:)🌟


    1. You have to get all of the items in the brewery.. 2 ferment tanks.. 2 each of all the band members.. 4 bottle cap trees, and 2 or 4 bottle trees.. get everything in the brewery.. as you get them, they disappear… Then have Stewie get rid of them.. they won’t come back…


  7. Question: What ITEMS (if any) do each room drop? I know Robotics Lab drops Red Shirts and Crew Quarters drops Life Support Energy. It says Cargo Bay drops Children’s Books, but which one? Or does both of them drop it? I might build a 2nd Crew Quarters depending.


  8. Could you also include the item drops for the rooms? And I see we can “change rooms” for existing rooms, but the current room goes into storage where? There’s no inventory or ‘move’ button on the Enterprise D. Also noticed that the undocumented workers don’t travel to space so there’s no limit to how many rooms you can build at once 🙂


  9. I accidentally built a duplicate room and want to change it. Does anyone know what will happen to the room I already built if I were to change it?


  10. I don’t know if I’m having a glitch or something. But I haven’t unlocked Gordie yet and I’ve already built the robotics lab and then working on the crew quarters. I’m also wondering what the rainbow thing is that shows up under Mort and quagmire. I haven’t found a purpose for it yet. I mean under their task list. Just curious. Otherwise I love this Event


  11. Gotcha Rypod.. was talking about the rooms you build, and what are the stats on them…
    Hate to admit this but I am older, 46, and my eyes don’t work as well as probably most of yours.. And the print on my iphone is damn tiny!!!


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