Borg Consuela: is she worth it?

Its happened. The Borg have done what I asked and assimilated Consuela. Hopefully this means she will stop telling me that I have a billion different errors each week….. But alas probably not 😦

After you win her from the Heranus mystery box, she will take 10 minutes to unlock. You need to dig deep though as she does not come out of Heranus easily. It took me 7 attempts. 7. I almost wept. Almost.

Then she has a 4 part walkthrough which is pretty funny even by FG standards.

Cleaning is Futile

Part 1
-Have Borg Consuela perform Borg cleaning, 4h

-Have SF Peter, 6h

Part 2
-Have BC make Borg snacks, 6h

-Have Klingon Chris do battle cry, 4h

Part 3
-Have BC eject pets from the Enterprise, 8h

-Have SF Lois rage shoot, 8h

Part 4
-Have BC fire lemon pledge cannon, 12h

-Have Locutus play with Borg Kitten, 4h


22 thoughts on “Borg Consuela: is she worth it?”

  1. I’m on part 4 of BC quest line. Have BC shot lemon pledge Canon. That mission is 18 hrs not 12 hrs. (I wish it was 12 hrs) at least you get a chance of winning dark matter with that 1 misson for BC


  2. Tinyco just changed Borg Consuela!
    She now has the possibility of dropping Dark Matter (rare) from her “Fire Lemon-Pledge Cannon” task!


  3. I got really lucky with this one, trying to get her in order I got, 4 Dark Matter, 125 Clams, 100 Clams, 100 Clams, Borg Consuela, in total I spent 375 Clams, and got 325 back, so basically she only cost me 50 Clams.


    1. It took me 7 attempts and I won 125 clams, 125 clams, 100 clams, 6 dark matter, 4 dark matter, 4 dark matter and then Borg Consuela so it wasn’t too much of a fail but it was frustrating when she was first out of some peoples 😦


  4. I won her on my first and only Heranus Mysterybox try. For 75 clams, I think she’s worth it.
    So far, she doesn’t earn anything but Dilithium and XP, the former is the main thing I’m having an issue collecting.
    Borg Consuela’s tasks are:
    Assimilate Dirt: 2h, Gives 10 Dilithium and 2 XP
    Borg Cleaning: 4h, Gives 15 Dilithium and 3 XP (outdoor task)
    Make Borg Snacks: 6h, Gives 20 Dilithium and 4 XP
    Eject Pets from Enterprise: 8h, Gives 25 Dilithium and 5 XP
    Steal Replicated Silverware: 10h, Gives 30 Dilithium and 6 XP
    Fire Lemon-Pledge Cannon: 12h, Gives 35 Dilithium and 6 XP (outdoor)
    Scrub Tribble Skidmarks: 1d, Gives 50 Dilithium and 10 XP


  5. Hahahahaahaa!!!!😂😂
    PMSL she doesn’t come out of heranus easily😆 & dark matter coming out of heranus!!! 💩😮
    Sorry these puns are just too funny to ignore as is getting Borg Consuela(I’ll not be paying clams unfortunately).
    Keep up the good work guys👍🏻


  6. You’re lucky. I gave up on her. I got every other prize in the damn box, plus a few bits of dark matter and still no costume (fortunately I did get some clams to offset the cost of the boxes a bit).


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