Star trek week 5: The Walkthroughs *UPDATED*

As per usual – walkthroughs will go up as I go along for any of you late nighters / work breakers / booty shakers (it so rhymed) that are actually reading at this time of day! So without further ado….

A deal is a deal

Buy $9.99 Worth of Clams, Get 25 Dark Matter Free! Get Picard Faster!

Live Long and Prosper

Place the Leonard Nimoy Memorial Statue in Quahog

System Failure

Part 1
-Unlock the Holodeck

(A message will come up about Captain Kirk, Jean Luc Picard and Talosian Stewie now being available in the replicator!)

Part 2
-Learn how to defeat Borg Bertram using Klingon Chris, Geordi, Picard and more!

-Have Klingon Chris fire phasers to stun Borg Bertram, 4h
Does 1-2 damage

-Have Geordi fire phasers to stun Borg Bertram, 4h
Does 1-2 damage

-Keep firing phasers until you’ve stunned Borg Bertram
Guinan does 1-3 damage

Part 3
-Clear 2 Borg squatters
Chance of floppy disk, chance of synthesiser ore

-Replicate the Borg Cube
2 dark matter, 4 synthesiser ore

-Place the Borg Cube in Quahog

Part 4
-Blow up 5 Romulan War Birds in a phaser battle

-Send an away team to Beta Max
Chance of Borg Monolith, 3 phaser energies, 500 dilithium
2 hours

-Retrieve the Borg Monolith from Beta Max
(I sent everyone – got it first time)

-Place the Borg Monolith in Quahog

Part 5
-Have Dr. Crusher save 4 red shirt cadets, 3h each

-Stun Borg Bertram 2 Times

Part 6
-Build the Sonic Shower, 4h

-Have SF Lois get frisky in the tubes, 1h

-Create the Guardian of Forever in the Replicator, 5 dark matter, 5 phaser energy

-Place the Guardian of Forever in Quahog

Part 7
-Have Riker play trombone, 24h

-Have Vulcan Quagmire suppress the giggity, 6h

Part 8
-Unlock Commander Data

-Place the Armillitary Sphere in Quahog

-Have Vulcan Quagmire live long and giggity, 4h

Part 9
– Reach SF Level 10: Lieutenant Hardass

-Upgrade the Warp Core to Warp 6

The Return of Picard

Part 1
-Rescue Picard from Borg Assimilation
21 dark matter, 21 synthesiser ore

-Have Vulcan Quagmire Clear a Borg

-Have Troi Clear a Borg

Part 2
-Have Picard perform the Picard Maneuver, 2h

-Have Crusher crush it, 2h

Part 3
-Have Picard face palm, 6h

-Have SF Peter do the Peter Maneuver, 6h

Hard Data

Part 1
-Have Data Practice Emotions, 4h
chance of Grey Dress

Part 2
-Have Data turn off emotion chip, 8h
-Have SF Peter press all the buttons, 2h

Part 3
-Have Data embrace child-like wonder, 2h
-Have Locutus pick metal wedgie, 2h
-Have Deanna give Troi therapy session, 8h

Part 4
-Have Data malfunction, 12h
-Have Klingon Chris battle cry, 4h

Spend 265 clams on Spock for this walkthrough

A Logical Fallacy

Part 1
-Have Spock play 3d chess, 4h

Part 2
-Have Spock Perform a Mind Meld, 8h

-Have SF Peter abuse the replicator, 24h

Part 3
-Have SF Peter press all the buttons, 2h

-Have Spock do a Vulcan nerve pinch, 2h

Part 4
-Have Spock strum the Vulcan lute, 5h

Part 5
-Have Spock Live Long and Prosper, 6h

-Have SF Peter do the Peter Maneuver, 6h

Brain Swelling

-Create Talosian Stewie

Old World Leader

Part 1
-Get Captain Kirk
150 dark matter (someone’s having a laugh right?!), 50 synthesiser ore

-Have Kirk fight the Gorn

-Have SF Lois find more flattering uniform, 12h


73 thoughts on “Star trek week 5: The Walkthroughs *UPDATED*”

  1. So, the Romulan Warbird is supposed to “always” drop Data’s emotion chip. But I’ve destroyed a few so far and no luck. A bug?


  2. Once laser Bertram has been defeated, do we need to keep defeating him until the new levels are released, or is our progress saved there?


    1. If it’s anything like Christmas, he’ll revert back to Level 1 if you don’t defeat him in 24 hours. I’d keep defeating him. That way you can get the most dark matter you can until the Thursday update.


      1. That’s easier said than done if you only have 2 characters fighting him. I think it MIGHT be better to let it reset and fight the first 2 forms again if you only have Geordie and Klingon Chris.


      2. Yeah, but keep it going.. if you can, if you defeat the big betram, you get 10 dark matters…. I just released Picard fought him, not the Locutus character but Picard..I have 5 characters fighting him now..


  3. How can I get enough crystals to make everyone. I need around 30000. Which is 3000 a day. Can someone give me ideas where to get some.


    1. Quests, mini quests, blowing up Warbirds, practically everything gives you Dilithium but it’s mainly small doses, anyone else want to suggest anything?



  4. Hello All.

    I ask for answers that might help me finish the Star Trek quests and quit this game.

    1. Guardian of Forever: Your walkthrough says it takes 5 Dark Matter (DM) and 5 Phaser Energy(PE). My game asks for 5DM, 5PE, and 1000 Dilithium Crystals. Is my game still broken or was this just an omission on the walkthrough? Is it worth using all my crystals for it or should I save them to unlock something else?

    2. Talosian Stewie: Requires 4000 Dilithium, 18 Anti-Wrinkle Creams, 12 Grey Dresses, and 6 Sunscreen. I have the 18 creams, but they continue to drop from my everywhere! Is this ANOTHER glitch or will these be needed later in the game? I ask because they drop on every task that has multiple item drops.

    3. Earl Grey’s Hawt Tea: It was mentioned in the comments on here that creating multiples of this would eventually help you gain Dilithium. I built one and it disappeared from my Replicator. Is this another game glitch?

    4. Mini Quests: Are any of them worth doing? I am very far behind on the main tasks (more on this below).

    I’d appreciate if anyone can help me finish this event and move on. Live long and prosper.


    Here is my sad/mad/infuriating Quest for Stuff story:

    First off, I play Quest for Stuff on an iPhone 6 (4G LTE) and an iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi). Both have the latest OS. I access the game primarily from home. I’m on a cable network with an 802.11ac router.

    I took a chance on getting back into Quest for Stuff daily because I am a longtime Trekkie/Trekker/Niner. And I thought the whole thing could be fun. I was wrong. I have had a horrible time getting through this event.

    I have purchased clams twice, but did not receive any of the bonus items that were advertised; 3000 Dilithium and 25 Dark Matter. I wound up using all the clams to try to catch up on things. Some of my clam items and characters have disappeared. And I am still am not progressing.

    I can’t visit planets without the game crashing and I lose the resources that I used to visit them. I used over 100 Phaser Crystals trying to get Laser Pointers, only to find out my game gave the wrong information and not a single one dropped. I destroyed multiple numbers of the Shielded PeterCraft and the small PeterCraft and NEVER received a single drop item! No Laser Pointer. No Space Condoms. Nothing.

    I stopped firing on them and just collected the crystals. I didn’t try another Phaser Battle until the update to Romulan Warbirds. The drop items finally came through, after I had wasted hundreds of phaser energy on nothing.

    After visiting the QFS Facebook page, and this website, I discovered that my situation is not an isolated thing. This Star Trek ‘event’ is full of serious problems.

    I did contact TinyCo concerning my many issues. I gave them all of my information like I have listed above. I told them that I force-closed the game, hard rebooted my devices, AND reinstalled the game; multiple times. I told them nothing had changed/improved.

    I listed everything that didn’t, and still doesn’t, work. I provided TinyCo with as many screen shots as possible; this includes the bad info and glitches. Their response was basically “Yes, we know your game is broken. Thanks for giving us your money. Bye, bye, now.”

    The person that contacted me didn’t read anything that I wrote! She told me I need to find a “stable Internet connection,” “force-close the game and reopen it, and ” try connecting to the purchase screen once more.”

    Really? If I have already performed these steps, why would they suddenly work a 5th or 6th time? And… Why on Earth would I give them more money when I didn’t get what they promised me the first time?

    She then stated that my game errors/problems are “due to Google or Apple’s servers not responding in time.” But her next response said they were ‘aware of some issues’ and they will “post an update to correct the problems.”

    Okay, what? This reads as “It’s not our fault, but we are pushing an update through to fix it.” to me.

    At no point did she offer to add the items that I DID NOT receive with my purchase. Nor did she offer to add any/all the items I lost out on because of the weeks wasted on futilely trying to get past many quest glitches.

    She did not offer to replace the clams that disappeared, or were lost/wasted on items that wouldn’t drop. And she certainly didn’t refund any of the money I spent for the clams, all due to THEIR false information and glitches within my game.

    I am now trying to finish this event out of spite, not enjoyment. I apologize if this extra stuff offends anyone. Live long and prosper.


    1. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time with the game Tony, I’ll do my best to answer your questions…

      1) you need the DM, PE and the Dilithium to get it. Personally, I’ve been using my crystals for characters but everybody is different

      2) it’s a glitch in the game, they drop more than what is needed, I don’t know why, it’s silly but there you go

      3) it could be that TinyCo changed the ability to create multiples of it to stop people taking advantage of the Dilithium we’d gain (just a guess) TinyCo are mean like that lol

      4) the mini quests are mostly optional, it’s up to you if you choose to, but every mini quest gains you XP and Dilithium so it might help you out

      I’ve read through your entire message and I apologise again that you’ve had so many issues with the game, the person from TinyCo who “helped” you sounds quite rude to be honest and like most companies, I imagine it’s all about the money

      All I’d say is do your best, try and enjoy it and you can always come onto here to rant or ask us anything as we’ll always do our best to help 😊

      All the best

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Rypod.. for # 2, i am wondering if it is throwing extra, for maybe a start off on the next level up for something… There is a Consuela Borg costume…


      2. Possibly, I noticed the Consuela Borg costume but so far no character has had any repeats of items needed



      3. Its possible, but once you get stewies costume they stop dropping and disappear from tasks so i am assuming that it is because you can buy multiples of items in the replicator and they didnt realize it would do the same with costumes.


    2. 1) They omitted the crystals in the post. Everything in the replicator always costs crystals. Also characters/costumes always cost more crystals than buildings/decos so I would save but ultimately it’s up to you.

      2) I also have all dresses and anti-wrinkle creams and they’re still dropping. It’s happening to everyone but no word from tinyco about it yet.

      3) The comments mentioning Earl Grey’s Hawt Tea were posted a few weeks ago so I think tinyco “fixed” it once they discovered we knew about it.

      4) Again this is up to you. Personally, I only do the quests if the characters needed aren’t doing anything important (if they’re not collecting items to unlock characters, for example). Before I would send them on quests to earn XP but now that I’m halfway through level 8, the XP seems too small to be of much use, but that’s just my opinion.

      First I wanna say that the best cure for crashing is restarting the phone. It’s the most simple but effective solution for my iPhone 4 when my game kept crashing when the event started. 3 weeks later it hasn’t crashed at all, it hasn’t even lagged yet.

      We all know tinyco are d**ks when it comes to paying for clams but as I’m fully freemium, I’ve never fallen for their special offers so I can’t help much on that. However, I once had a glitch where items weren’t dropping and they didn’t give me items but some clams instead, so I’m surprised they offered you absolutely nothing as compensation.

      Did you contact them in-game or by email? I think the in-game help is useless as its generic and usually about 2 months late lol. But emails get a proper response even if they’re a few weeks late.

      It’s a shame you’re basically getting scammed by tinyco but I think the best thing to do, even if it sounds a bit extreme, is boycott them. Don’t give them anymore money at all. The more people that do this, the quicker they’ll realise how awful their customer service really is.

      Hope this helps!


    3. Best thing to do is email Apple with the whole story and demand (or rather, firmly request) a refund of all monies. I have found that in cases like this, they will grant your request AND it hurts the ones who should hurt in the only way they seem to feel it: right in the bank.

      Liked by 1 person

    4. If you were paying for clams with credit card and you did not get everything what was advertised please place a request to Tinyco to refund payment.
      After refusal go to you bank and start “charge back” procedure. It helps with some odd sellers…

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  5. If you buy more than the $9.99 worth of clams (say get 600), does the amount of Dark Matter increase too, or do you just get the 25 anyway?


  6. Warbird always drops emotion chips…. Well, apparently my definition of always and TinyCos definition differ greatly. To me always is; well… always!


  7. Ugh there was an update for the game on my ipod today and yet again I am regretting doin the update. The game now wont go past the loading screen. Guess its the last week of Xmas all over again.


  8. Has anyone’s Data changed in terms of what drops floppy disks? Now in mine, it no longer drops with clearing Borgs,only with Spock doing Vulcan nerve pinches. I don’t want to pay for Spock :-/

    (Sorry mods, I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread before)


      1. May I ask why the sonic showers and all other items to get stewie are also not even showing up I can no longer get Vaseline and the blue dresses will that also return when done making the costume it seems weird that even the items would vanish


      2. Yup. It seems like all collection items for stewie is on hold. I was sending troi on her 2 hour task to get the vaseline but failed to get any for 5 consecutive times even though the item is uncommon. Advice is to stop focusing on stewie at the moment and collect data’s equipments


      3. I’m doing something similar, I’m collecting for as many costumes and characters as I can and ignoring Bertram, due to work, I can’t log in every 4hrs so I’m leaving Picard and Kirk, they’ll probably be pointless after the event anyway



      4. THANK YOU splendid spy!!!! I had this issue and now that I freed up Stewie from being replicated, Picard is BACK!!


      5. And a tip on that is if a costume is being made at Al’s, then don’t collect from characters and buildings that get items for another costume. You will get nothing because the system is temporarily tricked into thinking you are done with all skins.


  9. Finally I got Vulcan Q costume. Working on Stewie’s costume and Data now. However I am focusing more on Stewie as he’s able to assist Chris and Forge in the battle.


  10. For those who didn’t play Xmas and fight the yeti, here is a tip for battering Bertram!

    When each fighting character finishes their attack, stop ONE and start reattack task. Repeat one by one. When Bertram shuts down you will have 1+ characters still attacking him.

    Leave them at it. When Bertram wakes up, you have a head start!


    1. That is the best tip Ian… I have been doing that continually and have defeated Bertram 5 times now.. I don’t rush the killing by paying clams… Trying to get Kirk before the next upgrade.. Don’t know what will need then..


      1. Yh that’s a great tip, I wish I could have come up with it earlier… Oh wait. I did. In the “Star Trek Edition: Share Your Tips” post. Where it should be. Thanks for the credit bro.


      2. @Saad Frankly mate Ian’s tip is better. Your tip only says to press the ticks one by one so no attacks are wasted. The best way, as Ian says, is to press the ticks one by one *and* restart the attacks for those characters.


      3. But that goes without saying lol, pretty much everyone know it’s the same tip and both tips are valuable to all gamers so everyone chill 😊



  11. Check your FaceSpace everyone! Not sure if it has been mentioned yet on this blog, but a new category of characters has been added. “The Originals” shows silhouettes of Spock, Captain Kirk, Scotty and Khaaaan!


  12. I’ve had three Space Condoms and six Emotion Chips drop from the 22nd century Warbirds, so the Warbirds do drop Condoms.


  13. Yesterday after the update, the armored petercraft quit dropping condoms. Today, the armored petercraft no longer even shows up. The only thing there is the warbird and asteroids. What on earth is going on?!?


    1. Are you sure the armoured Petercraft has gone? In my game, the original Petercraft has gone but the armoured one is still there



      1. In my game they all appeared but after I let 2 or three go because they only skimmed the corners, only the warbird carried on appearing. But I’m not even mad as the romulan warbird drops condoms too and only takes one hit, so I think that’s better.


      2. Yeah, all Petercrafts have disappeared from my game too and it’s just the Warbirds, but as you said Saad, the chances of getting them are more often now



    2. Yep. Definitely gone.

      My only problem is that I still had the armored petercraft last night and decided to shoot like 6 or 7 of them before I realized they weren’t dropping anything (it was late and I was tired). I guess I just assumed they would drop as they had dropped every time before. When I looked up and realized I had 1 condom (from one time it intersected with a warbird) I was a little upset. That’s 12+ energy wasted! I contacted tinyco, but no clue when or if they will respond and what they will do if they do.


  14. Is there a known issue with tribbles spawning? I haven’t seen any on my enterprise for nearly 24 hours. I’m at Warp Core level 5 currently working on Vulcan Quagmire (need 9 space condoms), Beverly (need hypospray) and have all other characters except Data and Talosian Stewie.


  15. I just got all the chips, and then fired at the War Birds 7x more, and none of them dropped a space condom. I’m saving the rest of my phaser energy until they fix it. Debating on whether or not to contact TinyCo on it–I’m sure lots of other people are steaming mad about this too!


  16. Fun tip.
    I already have admitted to crushing a bit on Meg and not just Hot Meg either.

    Meg has nothing practical to do on the Enterprise unless you are in dire need of Dilithium or Starfleet XP. Rather than send her on useless 2 hour tasks for a measly 10 & 2 respectively, I have been just changing her costume to the Sexy Kitty or Hot Meg and watching her wander around the Enterprise while waiting on others to finish their tasks.

    Obsessive? Well maybe a little but its all in good fun…. Right?


  17. So I need one more Space Condom to unlock Vulcan Quagmire, it says to destroy a Romulan Warbird now but I only get the Emotion Chip and destroying the Shielded Petercraft didn’t give one.

    Will the Warbird actually give up a Space Condom like it says?

    (Q has 18 hours remaining on a task before he can start this 8 hour task).


      1. I have all 25 microchips, and the warbirds still aren’t dropping condoms for me (I hit them 6 times after completing the microchips, the most recent being about an hour ago). The petercrafts don’t seem to drop them anymore either (at least not always)


      2. It’s been fixed! Just tried again, and the Warbirds are dropping space condoms at 100%. Making the costume now!


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