Star Trek: What Can I Make Jean Luc Picard Do

Thanks to LJ for providing screenshots of Picard’s tasks – find out what you’ll be able to make Picard do once unlocked!






7 thoughts on “Star Trek: What Can I Make Jean Luc Picard Do”

  1. Ok, so I got Picard’s new costume today and I noticed that Stewie’s costumer disappeared from the replicator even though I haven’t completed him yet. Whatup with that?


  2. I was hoping that all three would be one character with separate costumes. Not for tasks/item collection per se, but for continuity of characters in the game. They are all the same actor/person. Although I do see the relevance of at least keeping Picard and Locutus as one, being from the same franchise and all.

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  3. I was hoping Picard would be a separate character so I could have Patrick Stewart in my town as three characters, instead of just the two. It’s also a bit annoying that you can only use Picard OR Locutus, but not both, as they will both be useful for tasks/item collection.


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