Star Trek Character: What Can I Make Spock Do

Thanks to LJ for providing screenshots of Spock’s tasks – find out what you’ll be able to make Spock do once unlocked!





9 thoughts on “Star Trek Character: What Can I Make Spock Do”

  1. He helps me with unlocking Locutus (drops duct tape) and one of his tasks generates headbands for Deanna Troi (altough I got them all jusT before buying him). So he works as advetised.


  2. Yesterday I was considering buying a few clams just to purchase an extra worker and Buzz Killington as he is my last main game premium character and building with 1 worker is tough at times. Then I seen Spock and I couldn’t do it. I guess I just assumed he would be a goal to win, an epic rare mission drop, the reward for defeating the highest level bad guy (Borg Bartram) or something. Seeing him for sale and costing more than the others just makes me feel… dirty I guess. Like endorsing profiting off his death and I just can’t do it. I can’t even purchase the clams to do the other stuff that I planned on doing! I know the event was planned long before his death, but still. I know I’m beating a death horse here, but if there was something redeeming about it (like a quest that if you purchase +$20 clams and buy Spock, tinyco will donate $5-10 to one of his favorite charities), I would do it in a New York minute because it would be honoring his memory.

    It really does bum me out though because my game will now feel incomplete without Spock. I would be okay with it if I fell short to get Kirk (I enjoyed next gen secretly in my youth so Picard is my captain of choice) or some of the skins, but Spock is such a huge part of the Star Trek universe and ingrained in the very ethos and pathos of it all.


    1. TinyCo has said since the moment they made Spock available to purchase that “A portion of revenue will be donated to the Nimoy Foundation in his Honor.”
      Look in the FAQ portion of the Star Trek event under the title “How do I get Spock?” and it says it right there.
      With that in mind, you can feel better about buying Spock Bluewind.


      1. That’s wonderful! Wish I had seen it sooner so I could have gotten a bonus for buying clams. Oh well. I’m ecstatic that they are doing this. I’ll hold off grabbing the clams until the new upgrade hits just in case they offer another deal.

        I’m debating between $10/275 clam and $20/600 clam packs because I’m saving up for an overnight trip next month. I’ve got 120 clams now. I want to get Buzz and Spock (I really want to first worker upgrade too, but it might be best if I just save up for that). I know I’ll get 100 back on Buzz for completing the set and 50 when I get Data (maybe 50 more if Khan and Scotty are possible). If I got the $10 pack, it would be tight, but…
        395 total clams – 250 for Buzz + 100 for completing premium set + 50 for Data – 265 for Spock = 30 clams remaining

        What do you think?


  3. Spock’s image “advertisement” IMPLIES that he has the ability to help Troi, Locutus, Crusher, Vulcan Quagmire AND Data… However, after seeing that the ONLY item he can produce is the “Space Chip” needed for Data, it seems to me that Spock is only good for one thing… Helping to unlock Data & Data alone… Am I right, orrr? Also, do we know if anyone else is able to fight &/or defeat Borg Bertram, other than Klingon Chris & Geordi? Thanks!


    1. I just bought Spock under the assumption he helped the other characters. Like you, I only see him helping Data and I’m very disappointed. Does he drop anything else? If not I’m going to ask for my gems back…😥


      1. It sounds like he doesn’t do much apart from helping Data at the mo but TinyCo might change that for next week to unlock other characters



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