Star Trek Character: Unlocking Data

Data is actually one of my favourite ST characters and I was annoyed at having to wait this long for him! (Take note TinyCo ;))

Anyway here is the guide for his unlock!

Emotion Chip – 25
– Blow up Romulan War Birds

Anti-Virus Software – 28
– Make Peter Press all the Buttons
– Make Crusher Crush It
– Make Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath

Cat Food – 20
– Make Riker Seduce Alien Ladies
– Make Locutus Drink Borg Tea
– Get from Borg Cube

Floppy Disk – 50
– Get By Clearing Borg

4000 Dilithium

Get 50 clams if you have: Riker, Geordi, Troi, Crusher and Data!


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Character: Unlocking Data”

  1. Is it just me or is the payout prize for Data out of whack? I have 18 software left to get so the payout should be around 108 (18*6) but if you hit the ‘unlock’ button the payout is 397.
    Didn’t want to send TinyCo a message yet just in case the software are supposed to have a value greater than 6 each.


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