Edo Herbert

At long last I finally managed to get him (did I really want him?!) and as late as it is I will still write the walkthrough for anyone else who, like me, couldn’t really be bothered!

All the way bare

Part 1
-Have Edo Herbert have a wardrobe malfunction, 12h

-Have Klingon Chris pick nose asteroids, 6 hours chance of phaser energy

Part 2
-Have Klingon Chris spar with Bat’leth, 24h

-Have Edo Herbert be carefree, 2h

Part 3
-Have Edo Herbert simulate Chris in Holodeck, 6h

-Have Deanna Troi sense others emotions, 12h

Part 4
-Have Edo Herbert flaunt body, 24h

-Have SF Peter sneak into forbidden areas, 10h


16 thoughts on “Edo Herbert”

  1. Can anyone tell me where he is? I just got him from the planet but, I don’t know where he is or how to start this quest line.


    1. I haven’t got him but I imagine if you go to your Quahog and click on him, you can swipe across to change his costume



  2. I have to agree, I was expecting more! I am all about dropping clams, but for this challenge I haven’t spent one. I just unlocked the 5 portal late yesterday around dinner time, due to being very busy and already I have everything for stewie except for two of his night shirts and 3 of the tubes of whatever! The Doc and Locutus I was able to complete with about 4 hours to spare while waiting for next level.

    So all be it…this isn’t one of the more fun events it has been one of the easiest ones for me to completed without spending any clams.

    Well that is a lie I wanted Spoc and the Locutus so i spent clams oh and the Q guy.


  3. how many attempts did it take for you to get him to drop? I sent a full complement 12 times on Wednesday and didn’t get him… 😦


    1. I lost count have many attempts but, I did spot that the chance barely went up with sending multiple people so I just sent one when they were spare. Finally got him this morning but, no idea where’s the costume.


  4. Has anyone’s Data changed in terms of what drops floppy disks? Now in mine, it no longer drops with clearing Borgs,only with Spock doing Vulcan nerve pinches. I don’t want to pay for Spock :-/


  5. They made getting everything and everybody take too long now there is NO WAY POSSIBLE to get the main characters before game ends. 55 of one item and so forth. REDICULOUS !Im really disappointed in this segment. Stupid me Spent over $100and even then wont get Stewie and kirk, probably not Data and I’ll be lucky if i finish Quagmire. Thinking of quitting after this. The game took off and the developers got too greedy for me.
    I know they have to make a living, but they should at least keep it fun instead of constant disappointment.


  6. Yep worst character/costume we’ve ever had in the whole game. actually now that I think about it is probably one of the worst characters on Family Guy maybe even one of the worst characters on TV at all.


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