Star Trek Week 4: Visitors from Outer Space

I can’t even believe I am up at this time but luckily I am and our awesome readers tipped us off as to the arrival of Q into the game.

Visitors from Outer Space

-Get Lieutenant Worf, Head of Security
-Get Guinan, the Bartender in Ten Forward
-Get Q of the Q Continuum

For getting these 3 you will unlock the Klingon Meg outfit which will take you a whole 10 minutes to unlock!


6 thoughts on “Star Trek Week 4: Visitors from Outer Space”

  1. Is she only availabe during the 24 hours quest or is she available till the event is over and it just shows up on the clipboard for 24 hours?


  2. Yup. I have her already and I’m just waiting for 1 hour for Meg to be done the task she was on (I didn’t think I’d need her this week).

    Her first quest requires Klingon Meg to Perform Beauty Regimen and for Klingon Chris to Do a Battle Cry.

    Q’s First Quest requires you to:
    Get Q
    Have Q Pass Judgement (2 hour task, visible)
    Have Riker Think Deeply (2 hour task, visible)
    Have Starfleet Peter Drop a Captain’s Log (12 hour task, not visible thankfully)


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