NEW: What DOESN’T grind your gears?

I thought it would be a good idea to lift our spirits again, and think about the game as a whole (not just the bad points) and see what we all enjoy! Maybe we might remember why we liked this game and still play?!

Welcome to our new – ‘What Doesn’t Grind Your Gears?’ post – come and share ‘What DOESN’T Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Since the game was released, almost a year ago (not BETA), we have received lots of events and content updates, so there must be something that has made you stick around!

The Star Trek update has been live for almost a month now, has there been anything in particular that hasn’t made you tap the uninstall button?!

We would really like to hear what doesn’t grind your gears – Whatever it is! 🙂


51 thoughts on “NEW: What DOESN’T grind your gears?”

  1. The events and getting new characters is always fun. When there are lots of quests that have rewards and being a freemium player gives it a little more of a challenge which is usually fun 🙂


  2. The sheer volume of characters and skins are incredible! But the main reason I’m still playing is I’m hoping to see the Star Wars event. This event rocks even tho the drop rates are a bit frustrating; but I’ve almost quit a few times and then I watch a FG Star Wars episode…. Fingers crossed it comes one day. May the Fourth be with you??


  3. What doesn’t grind my gears is that George tekai is so awesome that he refuses to go on the enterprise until tinyco fixes the event. Oh and on a more serious note if you are on Facebook you should follow George. He is very active and it is very funny.


      1. My wife is actually the one who follows George and yes Brad too. We have been Howard Stern fans for decades and he is their announcer a handful of weeks per year. George’s honesty and candidness on the show, especially about he and brad’s relationship is hilarious.


  4. I love the fact that every single character in this game of ours has been voiced, I don’t think there has been a character that hasn’t been voiced…well maybe apart from the Predator and the Alien but there isn’t much they can do about that


  5. Since just after Comicon until just the beginning of this event my game was crashing constantly. Just after the beginning of this event all that crashing has stopped completely which is the only reason I have spent any claims on this event. So YAY for no more crashing please please please make sure it stays that way forever.

    I also must mirror other sentiments about how satisfying the tribble popping is. Tap! Kablooie! Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap….


  6. You know what Doesn’t really grind my gears?

    Tribbles – Tapping those little multipliers before they run away and disappear has been pretty fun since the beginning.

    The Enterprise – I like having a new event area on a completely separate screen.

    New shooting mini game – This one is far from perfect, and could still use some work to make improvements. I just like the fact they didn’t make us bomb something for the 10th time and came up with a fresh take on it.


  7. Transporter Energy – With the ubdate of 2 week of Star Trek we got the transporter 2 and 3 week was just awful but now where you click is energy and is no posible you go to Wai Lota IV and unlock Deannna Troi


  8. The jokes are good. Collecting is good. I had an incident where i could not log my type of phone in and they fixed it in less than a day, that was good. The new events and suprises added content is nice. What keeos me from uninstalling the game is odly the ciguring out who dies what every 4 hours, and figuring out the odds and averages of being able to collect items in the time given.


    1. I don’t know Zork, maybe they were being missed by the previous comment moderator (I genuinely don’t know, I’m just guessing) but we have to accept the comments before they’re posted (so any abuse or anything can be stopped)



  9. I’ve been having fun the whole time since the start of the event. I started FGTQFS right around the Thanksgiving event. I missed out on Fat Lois and Kool-Aid Man (really wish I was buying clams then) but started actually in the Thanksgiving / American Dad event and realized how fun the game is. The Christmas event really drove it home for me, once I got Gene & Paul then Jesus I really got hooked.
    I only wish I would’ve gotten more decos/buildings/stuff from those events, maybe they’ll have another Best of event.
    And this site for sure makes it more fun, you guys are all goofs like me and have fun being said goofs.


    1. A ‘best of’ event does sound really awesome to be fair, it’d bring back all the old favourites that we missed and give everyone a chance to catch up 😊 TinyCo…take note



  10. 1. The separate area for the event! It really stabilized the whole thing. I love this idea so much that I hope the create a separate area for us to build on in the next district rather than more land. 😀

    2. The massive number of characters and skins we can get during the event. I have a lot of people doing event related tasks instead of being useless and put on 24 hour tasks to keep them out of the way. Keeping my fingers crossed that they somehow involve my comic con characters too. 🙂

    3. Replicater. So glad they kept this concept. 😀

    4. Short AND long tasks. It let’s me send them on tasks that reflect how long I will be in the real world (although they need to give the quest related 24 hour tasks a break!)

    5. Popping Tribbles OUTSIDE of my town. Things like them always led to crashing for me. If they were tied to roads, you had to remove them all. If they weren’t, you had to build an elaborate trap for when they spawned. This is sooo much better! I’m glad they kept them there too because they give me something to dodo if most of my characters happen to be on long tasks. 🙂

    6. Your workforce NOT being tied to building enterprise rooms. I’ve been playing since before Pee Pants and still only have 1 worker because I try to save to buy characters. It’s nice that the rooms (which will be decor after the event) don’t require a full force of workers.

    7. Away missions… sometimes. I like sending a character off with the chance to win something that they couldn’t get naturally (like orange crystals), winning random prizes (like a costume), and collecting stuff for people. I don’t like quests requiring me to go via quest when I need nothing from that one or when there is no other way to get it and it’s mega rare. Still overall positive.

    8. Herbert gets a new skin! A creepy one on so many levels, but still a new skin.

    9. Mort. That skin just makes me laugh! XD

    10. Warp was affordable and is pretty involved.

    11. Some of the buildings are too cute! Love the glasses hut. ^_^

    12. Costume emporium right there on the ship.

    13. Shooting ships. A lot of people are back and forth on this, but once you know the combo needed to get them to drop something, it’s pretty satisfying. I only hope the armored one will drop double or triple! O_O

    14. Some of the outside actions are really fun to watch (my favorite is Deanna).

    15. The dialog

    16. You guys. Great guide, great support, and great people. This whole event at times (and every previous event) would be impossible without you.


  11. I’m so happy with the event- I went hard with the buildings and premium characters (as I’m sure they hoped we would) and everything has gone well!! All resources are abundant if you go premium… Anyway love the game and try to budget a few clams a month for just such events… Thanks for taking my money tiny co.

    It’s nice to have the diversion
    Sorry to you guys who are going the free route, I’m sure it’s frustrating that way on purpose (to encourage the clams purchase… Which is of course the goal… To make money)


  12. First I just wanna say the game must have been around for longer than a year, as comic con was almost a year ago, and I was already on the Asian town district by then!

    Anyway the reason I haven’t uninstalled yet is that I’ve been playing too long an achieved too much to give up now. If I stop, all the time I’ve dedicated towards this game and characters, costumes, decos etc I’ve earned would mean nothing. In fact it’s when I look at everything my town that I realise I’ve come to far to turn back, and although tinyco are real b****es sometimes, they still turned our favourite tv show into an enjoyable game.

    But of course, this game would also not be as much fun if it weren’t for this site. I mean where else can we roast the game when it sucks (like now), praise it when we have fun playing, and pass time when we wait for updates?


      1. Are you sure you don’t mean 2013? I I remember comic con was last summer but that means kingdom of full moon event was in December 2013/January 2014 and there were a few district to work through before then.


      2. The Full Moon event was (if I remember rightly) the first event, we had a few basic quests like build the Griffin house, build the Clam etc, but wasn’t the Full Moon event the first one?



      3. It was. That’s what I’m saying. It happened before April 2014 so the game is older than that, isn’t it?


      4. Comic-Con was in August 2014, the game was released officially on 16th April 2014, our first major event was the full moon event, and our next major event after was Comic-Con, then (I think) it was Halloween, then Christmas, then Valentine’s, now Star Trek – plus lots of mini events or weekend updates!


      5. By what she’s saying, yes. However I think she’s made a mistake and I seem to remember the full moon event being a few months before that, and the game being older than she says.
        So I just want her to tell when the full moon went was, so she an see that in right, no offence.


  13. Honestly the best part of playing this game for me right now is all of you. Not just Zooey, and Holly, and RyPod, but every single person here whether they are writing something or just a commentor makes it special.

    The game itself I like, and it is a great way to pass the time and have a bit of a laugh, but without the associated community I could just as easily pass the time playing solitaire and not have to grind out and time when I come back to the game. It’s chatting with everyone here that makes it all worth while.


      1. Oh yes. Way more entertaining. Especially when you and Holly get into virtual mud wrestling fights over mermaid wives to Joe and returned comment moderators. 😀


  14. For me personally, I’ve been playing since day one and I find that this game – although extremely frustrating at times – is enhanced by this community. I don’t wanna sound like a suck up, but it’s you guys that keep my hopes up and keep me playing through the tough times, and each and every one of you I help, makes me smile and keeps my spirit up just that little bit longer 🙂


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  15. I’ve been playing since beta day 1. What makes me stick around? Reading all the complaints in the What grinds your gears post! 🙂


    1. Haha, I will keep posting the GYG posts then 🙂 Sometimes, I collate the grinds that frequent most and message TinyCo so it’s good to know what everyone is grinding about!


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