Changes to make it easier!

TinyCo has just informed us that they have made the following changes:

Phaser Energy now drops at higher probability

Worf’s Eat Rokeg Blood Pie action now always drops Transporter Energy

Guinan’s Fire Her Gun action now always drops Phaser Energy

Bonnie’s “Abuse Jacuzzi Jets” is now a source for Chocolate

Space Condoms now always drop from Shielded Peter Crafts

Transporter Energy now drops very often from non-premium sources

Felicium and Laser Pointers now always drop from the normal Peter Crafts

What do you think about the changes? Happy that TinyCo are trying to help players? Anything else you’d like to change?


26 thoughts on “Changes to make it easier!”

  1. I’d like to see not needing 30-40 items to unlock characters! Come on TinyCo! This is outrageous! I’m so behind on this event cuz I prepare taxes and cannot spend my day constantly on my phone. These events are IMPOSSIBLE to obtain everything if you’re not logging into the game every hour on the hour!


  2. Chris hasn’t dropped any felicium after so many attempts so I’m still stuck on 13/25 😦 is anyone else experiencing this problem?


  3. I feel they have got the difficulty of this Event totally wrong. I know they need to make money from Premium players but we should at least be able to unlock the first 2 characters by the time the 2nd district is ready to unlock. I am two districts behind in terms of character unlocks. Still trying to get enough lifeforce to unlock the sickbay.

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  4. 1 thing do i have something wrong in my game cuse i don t see in Deana Troi menu Bonnie drop choclates and yes im prety sure i have chance to unlock her and i make now away mission just more 4 choclates and im done


  5. I remember saying in the grinds my gears post yesterday, and it’s a start. I still think 42 condoms is too much but it’s good to know they are listening, and of course I can’t say for sure until I try out the new changes.

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    1. The changes to the peter craft drops have been extremely helpful, as are the phaser and transporter energy drops for freemium players, so I thank tinyco for that. However, I still think 42 space condoms is too much as, even though peter crafts always drop them, we are still limited by the waiting time to get phasers and 84 phasers minimum in under a week is not mathematically possible, is it? Can you please ask tinyco if it’s possible to lower this number, or give freemiium characters one more way to earn them, e.g. a character action?

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      1. “everyone has literally millions of coins”

        which is exactly why they can’t be exchanged for clams!


  6. Why can’t they have other characters collecting the space condoms other than blowing peter craft? We still need at least 80 phaser energies for it…not to mention it’s really difficult blowing it up. 120 would be a certainty. still not helping.. and they are saying worf and guinan always drops phaser and transporter energies…those are PREMIUM characters…. they are still not addressing issues highlighted by FREEMIUM players.

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      1. The thing that’s annoying me the most is that in all previous (Comic-Con onwards) month long events buying 1 or 2 premium characters basically guaranteed that I could grind things out relatively easily (Jesus required setting timers because I didn’t buy a premium for XMAS)– this event I bought Worf and Guinan and because I’m a really bad shot the only way that I feel like I’ll get Vulcan Quagmire is to drop more money–in other events there was a week of targetting bombs and I could fall behind and then make it up later but this is not good. (seriously bad shot, like when we couldn’t freeze the minions I was lucky to get 2 at a time


  7. Having just got Locutus, not really helpful. Now can’t participate in week 4 as Life Force is not readily available. Now 15/50! Seriously?!? I would have more but Riker is always on other missions. Very frustrating storyline!

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    1. Do you have 2 crew quarter’s built to collect from? They really help with gathering Life Support Energy, so much so that with them and what help Riker can provide when not on other quests, I am already set to unlock the Holodeck next week.


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