Star Trek Week 4 FAQS

Here are the FAQS for week 4!

How do I unlock Beverly Crusher?

To unlock Beverly Crusher, you must first repair the Sick Bay.  You’ll need to collect the following items:

28 Medical Tricorders (uncommon) from Herbert, Joe, Starfleet Lois

55 Hyposprays (uncommon) from clearing Borg, Genetics Lab

18 Laser Scalpels (rare) from Quagmire, Bowel Regulus (away mission), Geordi’s VISOR Hut, Decompression Chamber

3500 Dilithium Crystals

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock her. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Vulcan Quagmire?

To unlock Vulcan Quagmire, you must first repair the Sick Bay.  You’ll need to collect the following items:

25 Really Large Q-Tips (uncommon) from Ferengi Mort, Bruce, Bonnie, Planet Vulcan (away mission)

26 Mind-Meld for Dummies Books (rare) from clearing Red Shirts, Med Lab, Decompression Chamber

42 Space Condoms (rare) from Super PeterCraft (phaser battle), Planet Vulcan (away mission)

1750 Dilithium Crystals

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

What are Shielded PeterCrafts?

Shielded PeterCrafts appear in Phaser Battles after you’ve unlocked the Sick Bay. These ships are bigger and faster than regular PeterCrafts. You’ll need to shoot them twice to blow them up!


16 thoughts on “Star Trek Week 4 FAQS”

  1. Has anyone else bought the large satellite dish or the Chompy Alien plant? I did the first night they showed up but neither dropped any XP or anything. I tried with a Pod Plant and sure enough, it dropped 3XP. Why would something that’s over 10 times the cost not drop a thing? I’m thinking a bug, and I’ll be sending a message about it.
    Also, has anyone come up with a nice chart or something that shows the best bang for the buck in character actions for gaining XP? I’m still at level 5.5 and need XP to move to week 4. I JUST noticed that SF Peter has a 1 hour task that drops 12XP, yet I’ve been putting him on the 6hr one to get transport energy. Wish I would have seen that earlier.


    1. I placed both last night. I think I got xp from the plant but not the dish, if I remember correctly, so obviously I’m a bit disappointed. It could be a bug so message them and tell us what they say please.

      The best way to get a lot of ox is to build the casket ejector. It have me 800xp! Also I don’t think there’s any need for a chart on xp tasks as it’s pretty obvious that the longer tasks drop more xp, with some exceptions like the one you noticed.


  2. Does anyone know how we are ment to get megs outfit? I can’t see it anywhere. I’ve unlocked the Dr & Vulcan quagmire but there is still a coat hanger over Al Harringtons shop? Thank you.


    1. Isn’t there always a coat hanger over Al’s shop? I’ve never had it without one and I’ve been playing for 9 months or so. Am I misunderstanding something or do I have a glitch??


  3. So…..we need Quagmire to unlock Beverly: VQ Fights Borg or Hypospray, plain ole’ Glenn Mix Drinks for Scalpels, and VQ goes on mission to Bowel Regulus to earn Scalpels; and we need Beverly to put out the flaming Red Shirts for Vulcan Quagmire. Anyone else see the pickle we’re in? Some might say it’s a…….quagmire!…….I hate myself. But seriously, what the frak TinyCrap?


  4. Tinycrap must like getting abuse because this is a joke!!
    I don’t know what’s worse, 42 rates from phaser battles and away missions only, or 55 uncommons. The more we ask them to make it easier the more they do the opposite.

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  5. Build multiple VISOR Hut’s right away! I don’t think we were supposed to be able to build more than one, but I started building 2 (only have 2 workers) as soon as they were available. Just did the update in the GPlay store and now I cant buy it anymore from the shop. So build as many as you can before you update anything.


    1. I got the upgrade, but I also built 4 right away. That’s kinda the ongoing thing with them. you can only get multiples until they are built.


      1. LOL I got 1 from Quagmire, and I sent Locucust off to the planet and he got 5, and the 4 I built so that’s 10/18 right off. Wish the others would be that easy.


  6. The new shielded Petercrafts are really hard to blow up. I made sure the circle was on it (it was red) but it keeps saying I didn’t hit anything. I had 65 of the orange diamonds and then won another 12 from 1 of the planets and only got 1 item drop from it. 😦


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