Star Trek Costume: Unlocking Vulcan Quagmire

In homage To the late, great Mr. Nimoy we present Vulcan Quagmire!

25 Really Large Q Tips – Send an away tram to Planet Vulcan, Make Mort hiss at Hew-mons, Make Bonnie go to Ladies Night, Make Bruce Fret About Something, Get From T’Plana-Hath

26 Mind Meld for Dummies Books – Get from Med Lab, Get by Clearing Red Shirts

42 Space Condoms – Blow up PeterCraft in the Phaser Battle, Send an away team to Planet Vulcan


25 thoughts on “Star Trek Costume: Unlocking Vulcan Quagmire”

  1. Just popped into my game and they are now offering Q who helps with unlocking the Vulcan Q-man by always dropping condoms. He’s also part of the requirements to unlock Klingon Meg along with having Guinan and Worf.

    It’s still impossibly hard to get freemium, but a bit easier now if you’re a premium player.


  2. There’s no way a freemium player is able to unlock this costume. How are we able to collect 40 space condoms by blowing up petercraft? There’s no guarantee it will drop as well. in addition to that, we need to hit it twice for it to explode. 80 phaser energies minimum. Make it 160 because it’s not definite.

    Zooey, Holly, Justin , Jamie and maybe Ryan, please let tinyco know about this.


    1. Us freemium players will just have to hope that they lower the number that we need to get or make a character drop them too.


      1. The bigger ones. Better keep and save all your phaser energies. Tinyco might do something later on…making it easier for us to obtain the condoms. They are getting a lot of complaints. I am sure they will be doing something about it.


  3. What the hell is going on with petercraft!? I just zapped it 4 times and nothing, it takes so long to get the crystals needed and they don’t even destroy the bloody thing! How am I ever going to get the rare items needed if I can’t even destroy the petercraft!? Not to mention that it’s a rare chance even when you do destroy it 😦

    If everyone here send a message in the game to tiny comraising these concerns, maybe, just maybe they will re-think it?

    Go go go.


    1. You have to hit it twice before it drifts off of the screen. When you hit it once it changes to look damaged, but if you let it drift off the screen then when it comes back it is fully repaired. A real pain because they don’t really tell you this, and I wasted a few phaser energy trying to get destroy it over a couple passes waiting for times when I could shoot and hit both ship types.

      Still a pain but once you know that, at least it is possible to destroy them.


  4. Characters we still have to get; quagmire costume, crusher, stewie costume, meg costume, data, kirk, ?????, it all seems too much to me


  5. This event Has made me start to HATE Star Trek. I was all jazzed for it and now it”s one gigantic grind fest and I play the game PREMIUM!! It should not be HARD for a premium player to do this. Let alone a freemium player.

    This two hit Petercraft… I ran through 14 phaser energy just trying to hit ONE of them twice before it zaps off screen before I can even get a 2nd laser shot off. Ridiculous!

    I need a freaking break!! 5 or 6 weeks straight of CONTINUAL grinding for huge ammounts of item drops and ZERO time for anything else is making this Event and the game as a whole just suck.

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    1. I completely agree, this is supposed to be fun right? Was it the intent to turn the game into a continual round of disappointment and drudge?


  6. This is too much. The only way to get the 42 condoms is to blow up ships, or spend 100 clams for the privilege of spending transporter energy for the chance of getting them.

    TinyCo, just make the costume cost clams and stop pretending you’re giving players ways to unlock them for free.


  7. The next time you talk to TinyCo, can you ask them why they hate their players so much? This is a serious question that I would like asked.


  8. 🌟wanted to let ya know that there’s ALSO a certain total of Dilithium Crystals you’ll need for this one too i think the number is like a little ovee 1,000?? Not sure, but that’s exactly why I came straight to this page to double check wit y’all lol 😄


  9. 68 rare items in total needed for this outfit is just insane. People are barely able to unlock the characters, let alone these outfits at such a crazy high rare drop rate. This is beginning to really suck 😦

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  10. Here is my experience so far. What the heck is that? New Peter craft oh nice,… Zap… Oh that didn’t destoy it. Wait…. Zap….. Oh it didn’t destroy it again. Oh it regenerated after it went off screen. Ok. Zap. Zap. Nothing. Zap.zap. Nothing again. Well six phaser crystals for nothing. Thanks.

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  11. Which petercraft do we have to blow up? The new one or the one we were using for the felicium and laser pointers? If it is the new one im going to be a bit upset. It’s hard enough to get drops from the petercraft using one phaser energy but to have to use two and perhaps not get anything will make me feel this is rather impossible (especially as I just wasted two phaser energy that somehow did not blow up the new petercraft). This is horribly ridiculous that so many rare items are needed and the only way to get them is through one task unless you pay clams. I really feel this event is horribly thought out for players….but great for tinyco to make money.


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