Star Trek Character: Unlocking Beverley Crusher

It’s the Sick Bay district and who are you most likely to find there?! A Doctor by the name of Beverley Crusher of course!

28 Medical Tricorders – make Lois Holodeck Romance, Make Joe Patrol the School, Make Herbert Buy Candy for Kids

55 Hypospray – get from Genetics Lab, Get by Clearing Borg

18 Laser Scalpels – Get from decompression chamber, send an away team to Bowel Regulus, Make Quagmire Mix Drinks

3500 Dilithium


4 thoughts on “Star Trek Character: Unlocking Beverley Crusher”

  1. Has anyone else noticed that while the options for Hypospray are clearing Borg, the tasks for Worf and Deanna only show Synthesizer Ore as a drop?


  2. Build multiple VISOR Hut’s right away! I don’t think we were supposed to be able to build more than one, but I started building 2 (only have 2 workers) as soon as they were available. Just did the update in the GPlay store and now I cant buy it anymore from the shop. So build as many as you can before you update anything.


  3. Geordi’s visor hut in Quahog says it drops laser scalpels. But Bev’s item requirements doesn’t list it as a source. I’ll see if it’s for real in a couple of hours when the visor hut finishes building…


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