Servers are back up!!!

The servers appeared to be fixed and the game is back online. Happy gaming everyone. 


22 thoughts on “Servers are back up!!!”

  1. Where is everyone at the moment? I still need 3 laser pointers for Locutus and have already unlocked Lois costume. level 7, 124 Yellow diamond, 44 Dark Green one , 74 Blue and 8 Orange… and still have a lot of unfinished quests.


    1. I got Lois yesterday and just got Locutus. About the same inventory.
      Tons of quests still, since I had everyone grinding for phaser energy.


    2. Doing well. Unlocked Starfleet Lois and Locutus. Finally got all the prizes from he transport (Warbird, Skimpy Sarong Herbet, etc.). I am on the cusp of getting to level 7, should occur today at some point.As for the other stuff, I have 170 yellow, 37 green, 48 blue and 22 orange. Quest wise I am getting there. Most of the ones I have left are side quest. The important one, “A Ship Without Picard” is at part 9 and waiting for the warp core upgrade later today.


  2. It is funny, when I couldn’t log on, I was sure it was my daughter stealing all of the house’s wifi with her damn minecraft game!!!!


  3. 🌟Wanted to see if anybody else has noticed in their totals of stuff needed for Starfleet Lois or Locutus or whoever you’re still working on to unlock: Go take a look at your totals to see if TinyCo., ended up GIVING you the rest of items you’re needing!!!
    Right AFTER servers got back up and running, I got into my game and looked at my total for the Ear Pieces for Starfleet Lois and it was COMPLETED with a checkmark! Now I know before everything went down that I was STILL working on collecting those so I have NO idea what happened all of a sudden!! puurrddyy sweeeeet tho I think haha 😉


      1. 🌟well that’s totally awesome then! 😄
        I know I am falling a little behind with still needing just a few more Laser Pointers for Locutus then I’ll have him unlocked.And also only need a few more Felicium for Starfleet Lois then I’ll have her!
        I don’t wanna get TOO far behind in this event and I honestly do really feel for other players who are having a tough time collecting all that stuff needed tho and just getting farther and farther held up. I can totally say and agree that this event IS indeed way different from PAST events I got to play. Seems like there’s ALOT to do to even just move into the next new phases and continue!! 😒


      2. Putting the pieces together, the phaser shot drop rate seems to have gone up this morning, so my guess is that TC have made that change and also back-dated it. That would explain the down-time and the ‘gifts’. It takes a while to work out for all those players what they should have under a new drop-rate.


      1. Mine didn’t give me anything either,still need twenty lazer pointers and four felicium.At this rate I will be unlocking locutus just in time for next weeks update.


      2. People only received ear pieces for Lois. The trick for the laser pointers is the combo shots. Try to get the Petercraft at the same time as either the large round or medium chunky meteors. The lathers the combo the greater the chance of getting and item.


    1. How many trips did you send the blimp on? There are 5 total trips that you can do and the blimp will automatically disappear. The items that you would get from the trip won’t appear until,you reach that specific point in the quest. They should be in your storage when you need them.

      If this is not the case I would contact Tiny Co and let them know that your blimp has disappeared before you were able to complete Olivia.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Im sure I did do 5 trips and was puzzled by the fact that I didn’t get anything on the last 3 then it disappeared.


  4. Did anyone else notice that the warp core (at least level 3) is running in reverse? The matter/antimatter flow comes top/bottom into the chamber and then out of the side conduits to the nacelles. Am I a geek for noticing that?

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    1. No but now I will have to look. Also since its been back up people have been reporting that they have gotten all the earpieces for Lois and now Riker and Chris have a task to get chocolate bars for Deanna.


      1. Exactly! The vertical chambers are supposed to be flowing TOWARD the dilithium chamber and then away through the horizontal conduits.


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