Room 1204?!

Has anyone seen this appear in their games?


We have received quite a few messages about this random “Room”… Let us know if you have seen it appear, what device your are using and supply a screenshot if possible!


7 thoughts on “Room 1204?!”

  1. i saw it for 2 quests running at the same time, endless battle part 2 and either a Klingon Chris quest or a ship without Picard 5 (possibly 4). I use android, note 3


  2. Yes, I have seen this as well (Android device). They had appeared when tapping the quests in the notebook I believe. These weird messages no longer seem to be there however.


  3. I am on The most recent version of Ipod. According to that pic there is a progress bar for rooms? Mine only shows the time with no progress bar like you’d see in regular quahog. thought that was pretty weird. Guess my game Is just messed up lol. The space background on my game is also messed up it just shows tiny squares of space with stars here and there and behind that a grey background. but hey ever since the space background broke My game doesnt crash like it was at first whenever I visited the Enterprise so im game for leaving it that way.


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