Star Trek Week 3 FAQS

UPDATED: Here are the FAQS for Week 3!

Why aren’t my Asteroid’s counting towards the quest?

Currently, only the circular asteroids that match the image on the quest will give credit. (We found out last night that only certain Asteroids were needed to complete the quest, as our total wasn’t increasing).

What can’t I find Borg clearing tasks?

There’s a known issue with the Borg “GO” button. For now, assign the Clear Borg actions directly from Deanna Troi and Worf’s action lists. (Also, you’ll need to have the bridge unlocked before the actions will appear).

How do I unlock Locutus?

To unlock Locutus, you must first repair the Bridge.  You’ll need to collect the following items:

10 Duct Tape (extra rare) from Riker’s Quarters, Guinan, clearing Borg

40 Batteries (common) from Starfleet Lois, Bonnie, Cespoolus (away mission)

10 Scrap Metal (uncommon) from Herbert, Riker, Joe

35 Laser Pointers (rare) from Bathrobe Quagmire, phaser battles

3000 Dilithium Crystals

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I get Guinan?

To get Guinan, you must first upgrade the Warp Core to level 3 and power up the Bridge.

Guinan will become available to purchase in the shop for 200 clams. She’ll help you earn Duct Tape and Phaser Energy!

Guinan will be available to purchase for the duration of the event.


How do I unlock Starfleet Lois?

To get Starfleet Lois, you must first repair the Bridge. You’ll need to collect the following items:

5 Space Groceries (extra rare) from Crew’s Quarters, clearing Borg

30 Communication Earpieces (common) from Bruce, Jerome, NomNomulous (away mission), phaser battles

25 Felicium (rare) from phaser battles, Klingon Chris

1500 Dilithium Crystals

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock her. If she is not completely unlocked, she will disappear from the game at that time. 

How do I get Skimpy Sarong Herbert?

Skimpy Sarong Herbert is a reward from the Cespoolus away mission. Send more characters to increase your chances of winning this outfit!

What can I win from The Bridge Mystery Box?

The Bridge Mystery Box will become available once you’ve powered up the Bridge. You can win the following prizes from the Mystery Box:

Le-Matya (moving deco)

Klingon Bird-of-Prey (building)

Picard’s Fishbowl (building)

Giant Tribble (animated deco)

200 Clams

150 Clams

15 Life Support Energy

5 Synthesizer Ore

4 Transporter Energy

12 Phaser Energy

Buildings and decos will not repeat, but currency and energy can repeat.

How do Phaser Battles work?

You must have the Bridge unlocked to access Phaser Battles.

Use the ship’s phasers to blow up enemy ships and asteroids! Tap on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the Phaser window. The number on the icon tells you how much Phaser Energy you have.

Collect Phaser Energy to power up the Phasers. Aim the sights by dragging the target with your finger, then press the ‘Fire Phasers’ button to shoot! You can earn items and Dilithium from shooting targets.

Can I unsee Skimpy Sarong Herbert?

No. We can’t either.


61 thoughts on “Star Trek Week 3 FAQS”

    1. Its the luck of the draw. My first try i sent all i have which is peter, troi and chris (i think its chris or whoever the thrid person was) and got warbird on first try and herbert second. I huess i got lucky.


      1. I wasn’t even at level 3 before that got fixed so unfortunately I missed the chance. I was wondering if anyone knew any other things with high XP


      2. They ruined it. Tiny Co should have found a middle ground to fix their mistake but not destroy the XP. Was 16 per hour now just .25 xp per hour. Rude.


  1. Anyone have any hints on who to send on the transporter to get the follow items:
    – Batteries
    – Romulan Warbird
    – Skimpy Sarong Herbert
    – Communication Earpieces
    – Bat’leth Battle Arena

    I know the chance are slightly different for each player but I have had luck with previous suggestions for the billboard and chocolate for Deanna. Cheers for any help.


      1. for what I’ve heard… just Don’t Send Peter. I got all my chocolates before that was discovered, so I don’t know if it works, but it could be worth trying….


      2. Jamie, I don’t have worf but I’ve tried the other 2 unsuccessfully, but thanks for the suggestion.

        Splendid spy, you can’t send mort for chocolates. Please reply after learning the characters names.

        Oscar1k, I’ve sent Chris and Geordi (everyone I have apart from peter) 3 times already and got nothing each time.

        Thanks for your suggestions though, and any more information will be appreciated.


    1. Here’s what worked for me;
      Batteries, Romulan Warbird, and Skimpy Sarong Herbert, I got by just sending Peter, on my first attempt I got Crystals, second got the Romulan Warbird, and third got the outfit, I then got batteries every two or three other attempts.
      Bat’leth Battle Arena I got by sending Worf and Klingon Chris.
      I’m now trying to get Communication Earpieces and Phaser Energy, again I’m just sending Peter, but I’ll post another comment if I have any success with this.
      Hope this helps.


    2. 🌟I’ve been using Bonnie to drop batteries and so far she’s dropped 1 every single time. So, I was jus gonna say use her instead because her task is ONLY 1 hour!!! :mrgreen:🌟💫


      1. That’s good! Bonnie hasn’t been so well behaved in my game but maybe she will start dropping batteries everytime soon.


    3. Sorry Saad. I have posted the correction immediately yesterday. Maybe the mods didn’t approve it. My bad, there’s no mort. I sent both Peter and Chris for the chocs.


      1. Ok thanks anyway. Looks like they need rypod back lol!
        I just got my first set of chocolates by sending all three (Chris, Geordi and peter) so I’ll try out your suggestion too


  2. I upgraded my warp core to three, unlocked Troi and have done all the tasks I can but none of the week three stuff has unlocked. This bridge isn’t open, I can’t get started on Lois or Locutus…buggy piece of crap.


    1. I don’t know if you are still having this problem, but you can try to upgrade the Warp Core by tapping on the actual Warp Core- it is in the back room of the ship. It’s tall and has a flashy red light running upwards. You don’t have to wait for the prompt/task to complete the upgrade. Good luck! (hope this isn’t too late for you!)


  3. I think they’ve pushed the fix for the Astroids not counting, I had 5/10 an hour ago, and just went into my game and my Astroids count had jumped to 10/10. They’ve also added a questline for Starfleet Lois called ‘Lois to the Bridge’, one for Guinan called ‘Guinan’s Guide to the Galaxy’, and one for Skimpy Sarong Herbert called ‘All the Way Bare’.


    1. i just finished the 6hr task for Geordi and it dropped phaser energy. I don’t recall what the task is other than its 6hrs and now shows that it drops energy on the task list


  4. I am still not clear when the Borg should appear. I have unlocked the Bridge. What also must I complete to be able to remove Borg. I see it as a task, but I cannot do the task.


  5. Sorry l0gan5, just a funny comment based on pictures people have posted online, haven’t actually seen him in my game yet. I am currently on Starfleet Level 3. And only just now unlocked Klingon Chris. So far this event is a slow mover for me.


  6. From what I’ve seen it looks like Geordi is supposed to have a job that drops phaser energy but he doesn’t have one on his job list. Anyone have any info?


  7. I had assumed before the update that getting to warp core 3 would require starfleet level 3 not 4. I’m still only about half way to starfleet level 4, I hope I can get there this weekend


  8. A-ha! That’s what I saw wandering around in my game the other day. Skimpy sarong Herbert (why does autocorrect know to suggest skimpy & sarong?) I was thinking he was an early April Fools joke. Now he’s back?? Nooooo make it stop.


  9. I see they quickly fixed the build time on Riker’s quarters and Weapon’s Locker. I knew I should have stayed up a couple hours later last night to take advantage of the 10 minute build.


  10. im hearing that the casket thing in the replicator gives 800 xp but have heard that people are hardly seeing their level move.. is this a glitch? im not going to spend that much on 1 item unless i have to!


    1. don’t spend on it first. spend on the ale bar. it gives you lots of XP. I have got 4 so far. around 120xp in 2 hours.


      1. Yep, it’s a very good investment. I have gone from level 4 1/2 to level 7 and something in less than 24 hours. Might hit Level 8 on the next clearing.


      2. And like all good things in this game, TinyCo changed the payout to 4xp every 16 hours. I immediately asked for a refund for my extra bar from customer service. I’m expecting a return message after the event ends.


  11. 🌟So how do we get Phaser Energy??? is there any characters and rooms that can drop em?? Like how Bonnie can drop Synthesizer Ore and Crew’s Quarters drop Life Support Energy??? �


    1. Technically you can get it from geordi, Klingon Chris, Deanna and starfleet Lois I think.

      But I’m at a stalemate, as I need Deanna to clear Borgs to unlock Lois, while Geordi and Chris are busy collecting chocolate bars for Deanna. So I can’t do anything until I get Deanna!


      1. Actually once u get her u need her to battle the cyborg cuz only her are able to for now so and they drop rare stuff that u need. u need chris to get the felicium thing and he is the only one that can get it so theres 2 people that u cant use to get the crystal. Its stupid really the way tinyco did it. Got everything for both picard and lois except 30 of the laser pointer for picard and 20 of the felicium for lois,wth. I guess not many people complain about it yet cuz they havent gotten that far but trust me once u get there its very fustriating.


      2. You’re right actually. It’s stupid also how I still haven’t got Deanna. I’ve got everything except chocolate bars. Do you remember who you sent to get yours?


  12. I think I’m somewhere in limbo-land. I’ve upgraded my Warp Core, and unlocked the bridge. I’m currently working on unlocking Lois’s costume and Locutus, but I haven’t seen any Borg to clear yet. The actions are there but they’re not available, because there’s none to clear. I’m only on Part 7 of the Frame Of Mind questline, though, so that might be the reason. Also, it may be a bug, but the Riker’s Quarters and Weapons Locker rooms are only taking 10 minutes for me to build…


  13. Is there any difference between shooting asteroids vs. the Peter ship regarding rewards/results? Are we supposed to target as many items as possible per shot, or is there really no strategy other than “hit something”? 🙂


    1. This is what I’m on to find our aswell fed up trying to get one to use & ending up with like 2 dilthium & couple xp nothing else 😦


  14. 🌟I just leveled up to Starfleet XP Level 4 but I still DO NOT SEE the new phase3 stuff??? Am I missing something or just NOT to that point yet?? ahhh so excited and anxious cause I’m NOT seeing anything new haha!
    I’m also on “Frame of Mind Pt.7” AND “Come to Your Sense Pt.1”,still HAVEN’T unlocked Deanna Troi!?!?


      1. 🌟OHHH!! haha okay that explains it! well then…I just started Riker and Geordi on that task soooo I’m waiting for like another hour or so to speed both of em up!! Using the rest of my clams BUT oh well lol 😄🌟💫


  15. Do you know what quest we need to complete before getting the new quests? I still have yet to get the billboard (Frame of mind 4, I believe), so I think I still have some work to do..thanks for all the great work!


    1. You need to have finished the Frame Of Mind questline, and be at Starfleet Level 4 to upgrade the Warp Core, and get access to Phase 3 content.


    1. Cracked me up with that one too. I was wondering when Herbert would finally get a skin/outfit. Though I’d think that someday his WWI outfit could be up for grabs, goes with a couple of his sound bytes like, “Don’t you worry.”


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