Star Trek Week 2: The Walkthroughs UPDATED

Hey people! Week 2 is here and we are looking forward to seeing what’s on offer! Hey are your week 2 walkthroughs which, as usual, will be updated as I go!

Frame of Mind

Part. 1
Unlock Ten Forward to find and save Deanna Trio
10 life support energy

15 dilithium 2 transporter energy

Part. 2
-Have Peter do the Peter Maneuver, 6h, chance of transporter energy
-Clear 8 Trekkie’s
-Send an Away Team to Oh’NoS

Part. 3
-Earn 2 Synthesiser Ore
-Create the Klingon Temple
-Place the Klingon Temple

Part. 4
-Build the Bat’leth Badassery Outlet
-Have Geordi Get Easily Smitten With Girls, 24h

Part. 5
Earn the Ferengi Billboard from the Oh’NoS Away Mission

Part. 6
-Build the Space Crapper
-Have Starfleet Peter Drop a Captains Log

Part. 7
-Have Geordi Update Look, 8h
-Have Riker Engage in Beard Maintenance, 4h

Part. 8
-Reach Starfleet Level 4: Fry Cook Rank
-Upgrade the Warp Core to Warp 3

Securing a Future

Part 1
-Have Geordi Run a Level 3 Diagnostic, 12h

Part 2
-Have Riker Think Deeply, 2h
Chance of Life Support Energy

Part 3
-Have Geordi Build Model Ships, 1h

Come to Your Senses Pt. 1

Part 1
-Build the Wardrobe Services Enterprise Room – Drops Headbands
-Unlock Deanna Troi

Part 2
-Have Deanna Troi Scour Through Wardrobe, 2h

Part 3
-Have Deanna Troi do Sexy Yoga, 4h
-Have Bonnie Twerk It, 4h

Part 4
-Have Counselor Troi Sense Others’ Feelings, 12h
-Have Joe Beer Skeet Shoot, 1h
-Have Bonnie Chug a Bottle of Wine, 1h

Part 5
-Have Deanna Take Chocolate Seriously, 24h

Bat’leth Out of Hell

Part 1
-Have Worf Wear Many Hats, 4h chance of Klingon Dictionary

Part 2
-Have Worf do a Security Sweep, 12h

Part 3
-Have Word Shave with Bat’leth, 10h
-Have Starfleet Peter Drink Synthehol, 8h

Part 4
-Have Worf Fight Bravely in Tournament, 8h
-Have Klingon Chris Spar with Bat’leth, 24h

Part 5
-Have Worf Polish his Sash, 24h
-Have Chris Show Klingon Angst, 10h

There appears to also be a Quahog version!

Part 1
Peter Meets Worf


Buy $9.99 or more of Clams and get 3000 dilithium for free

Age of Ascention

Part 1
-Get Klingon Chris
-Have Klingon Chris do Battle Cry

Part 2
-Have Klingon Chris write love poems
-Have Lois do laundry

Part 3
-Have Klingon Chris walk Painstick gauntlet
-Have Quagmire do the Giggity Stut

Part 4
-Have Chris Spar with Bat’leth

Away We Go

-Send Starfleet Peter on a mission to Wai lota IV
-Send Ferengi Mort, Riker and Geordi on a Mission to Oh’NoS

5 clams!


39 thoughts on “Star Trek Week 2: The Walkthroughs UPDATED”

  1. Any tips for getting Starfleet XP? I’m only a little half way past Startfleet level 3. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to level 4 before tonight. I’ve built the two buildings in Quahog which gives I believe 100 XP, I’ve made the items for this week in the replicator. Any other suggestions or may I need to wait until tonight for perhaps more chances or not since I need to upgrade the warp core to access the new items?


      1. How exactly do you do that? I’m so behind on stuff, I’m still about 3 points away from level 4! Thanks in advance!


      2. Donna,

        Each event typically has a building that pays for itself within a week. In this event, it’s Earl Grey’s Hawt Tea. In the first week, you would build one each day or two then more frequently after a week until you have a dozen to 20 buildings. Since this event is long, there is plenty of time. At this point, you might have enough to build a few now and then slowly add more.

        As long as you collect at least 4 times a day, it will break even in 7 days.
        A dozen buildings will earn daily at least 240 dilithium and 48 XP.

        Keep in mind that you need to room swap to collect Life Support Energy to purchase it and don’t buy too quickly so that you will have enough to open the next district. Don’t build any more when there is about 10 days left in the event because there isn’t much time to profit from them.

        The Romulan Ale Bar could be used, but it uses a lot of material and anyone who could make several isn’t having a problem with dilithium and XP.


      3. romulan ale bar gives you a lot of XP. I have built 5 already. Every 2 hours I have jumped about 2 bars.


    1. 🌟In my game, the MOST Starfleer XP came from completing questlines!..Like each specific part you get done you get around 5 or 10 XP. My level is ALMOST to 4 lmao It’s only needing like a half or one more point to be Level4.


    2. 🌟And also seems to be another delay for tonight’s release! TinyCo., has been sending out a bunch of patches to try to fix the non-stop crashing in alot of players’ games so just hold on a bit more!

      EITHER way, you NEED to be at Level4 to see phase3 content!!🌟💫


  2. Anyone know what’s up with the mystery planet section? That section seemed to open up in the last day or two, and I’m afraid to hit the “buy” button on the available planet since I don’t want to accidentally spend clams on it. Thanks for any help, not sure if this is the appropriate place, but couldn’t find anything on this.


    1. You can click “Buy it” without worry. The button labeled “100 Clams ENGAGE!” is on the next screen and is the actual purchase button


      1. 🌟aw man!! ^^^Rypod’s comment above makes me sadd! I looked at this real fast and thought oh! he’s back again yaay!,but then looked at the date he posted is yesterdays 😥


  3. New timed quest out.
    14 hours Reward 5 clams
    send mort to o nos
    send peter to wai iota

    SIlly quest. I won’t be able to do it since i already had a crew out to wai iota that didnt include peter. By the time they get back i will only have 9 hours left to do them both.


    1. If no one else got it then it happened after i completed frame of mind part 6.

      That has been the only quest line that i have completed recently.


      1. If no one else got it then it happened after i completed frame of mind part 6.

        That has been the only quest line that i have completed recently.

        quest is called Away we go.
        and its Riker goirdi and mort to o nos
        Peter to wai iota.


    2. Don’t have to Mike. If you have 9 hours to spare, do proceed… as once you have send the other crew to another planet, you will get the clams. They do not have to complete their task. best way is to send the crew to O Nos first , 4 hours task. then to wai iota (Peter). you just need 4 hours and have Peter free after mort, riker and forge have returned from Nos.


  4. There’s a new quest: Traveling Salesman. It popped up last night, I had 2/4 Klingon Items and was working to get the rest from the Replicator but the quest disappeared. It said “Place 4 Klingon Items in Quahog and Win a Prize!” Anyone else see this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had that as well. I placed the Klingon Temple and was 3/4.. so i thought the last piece would be the sign. However, seeing that I do not have enough blue crystals yet, I waited. However as you said, it disappeared.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I saw this myself.. Had 3 of 4, and was placing the temple for the fourth.. But was never rewarded with anything, and the quest Disappeared on me too..


  5. 🌟could somebody POSSIBLE also put in this blog the FULL Klingon Mort’s “A Bumpy Transformation” questline!!?…I think I’m kinda lost with it at the moment maybe lol 😜🌟💫


      1. Got it. I’m working on his quest line now. By the way, still getting tribbles and got Geordie. I forgot which post I said I would test that on.


      2. I think it’s an officer and an idiot part 8 is the main branch of quests so start with those



      3. We have all of geordi quests done too, but still be holding back on doing the officer and a idiot quest line so it would keep spawning tribbles. But can’t seem to get any gold trekies? Do we have to complete the officer and a idiot quest line now and loose the tribbles to gain the trekies?


      4. Okay. Just to make it clear, if I complete Officer And An Idiot questline, trekkies will spawn and I won’t loose tribbles. Is that right? Or do I need to complete another quest as well as Officer And An Idiot for trekkies to spawn?


      5. In my Enterprise, Tribbles and Trekkies both spawn, I’ve completed all the Officer and Idiot quests, and I think there’s a couple missions with Geordi you have to do too



  6. Umm…. I built a space crapper, and got a crew quarters instead! It acts like a SP, and you get the picture of Riker, but the graphic is the crew quarters!

    Loving that the new rooms are only a 10 minute build! Wait 2 hours for a chance of a drop? Nah! Rebuild the room and get a guaranteed drop in 10 minutes! 😀


    1. The worf timer is just a questline timer. He’ll still be available for purchase after, they’re just putting the clock on because he’s a premium character & people don’t seem to want his questline hanging over there if they don’t have him.


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