Blue Crystals: Complaints

Ok guys,

It seems a lot of you have complaints about why TinyCo have changed the blue crystal rate from 2hrs to 10hrs so I’ll explain my position for anyone who’s unsure…

Firstly, it’s not my fault. Let’s nip that one in the bud. I don’t make the game, I don’t control the game, I don’t even control this website. I’m just a guy who moderates your comments and doesn’t get paid for helping you guys out and taking the abuse when things go wrong. I’m a gamer, like all of you, so I share your pain.


I’m not taking any blame whatsoever for TinyCo changing the drop rate. It’s their game, they can do what they like. I know there are a few of you who understand my position and I thank anyone who understands, but the fact is IF TinyCo view this website (which is improbable but possible) then great, it’s good we’re getting viewed by the game makers and they’re seeing our comments and working on issues we bring up.

But I repeat: it’s not my fault, nor this websites fault. I don’t have to spend my spare time helping out, and the amount of people I’ve helped is phenomenal. I’ve said loads of times that I love this community of people, but please, stop the abuse, we’re here to help not hinder.


It must be serious as I am using my regular name.

Firstly, we all knew Tiny Co would spot this little glitch considering they get vast amounts of statistical data to let them know what interactions people are having with their game. It was evidently done in error on their part and we have absolutely ZERO control over its content.

Secondly, Ryan was using the method too, as was Zoe. They didn’t want to lose it any more than you did. Premium play is a joke at most times and costs a pretty penny or dime or euro….. I digress.

Please stop with the blame game. If you want to blame anyone, blame TinyCo. Blame Fox for giving TinyCo figures to reach.

Don’t blame the help. That’s just tacky.

Rant over.

Apologies to Ryan for the Hijack!


53 thoughts on “Blue Crystals: Complaints”

  1. I’m now having even more difficulty acquiring blue orbs since Tinyco “fixed” the event & “made it easier.” I have 2 rec rooms & Ferengi Mort & Peter grinding for orbs & have once again gone over 24 hours without earning a single blue orb. I’ve only been able to send 1 away mission for chocolate so far. I managed to unlock Klingon Chris with only minimal away mission rewards. I’m waiting on the next warp core upgrade to get Borg Picard but if it’s anything like acquiring Troi, basic math tells me that I won’t get the required items in the remaining 28 days unless payouts increase drastically. Despite this, I won’t be foolish enough to spend actual money on virtual clams to receive fake items.


    1. i hear ya. I’m getting orbs slowly by rebuilding the two rec rooms but I’m now 3 straight away missions without chocolate bars dropping. two of them after they said they made them easier to get. i call BS and will definitely not be shelling out for clams either


    2. Yh I agree that on-game message was complete nonsense!!
      They haven’t done anything at all to make make it easier. The things they tell us to do, like make two rec rooms, I’ve been doing since the start. And they didn’t change anything else to make anything easier. It’s all propaganda!!
      I’m no stupid enough to spend real money either, especially considering how they’ve treated us during this last week. And I just unlocked Klingon Chris this morning without sending a single away trip as I thought the blue orbs were too valuable and scarce to gamble with. In fact I literally have everything else unlocked for troi but have 0/12 chocolate bars because 6 blue crystals is too expensive for the likelihood of getting chocolate bars.

      If someone knows, please reply saying how tinycrap Madeira easier to get blue crystals.


  2. Ryan,

    I appreciated the article it helped me in my game progress. I’m sure they would have figured out the exploit was there sooner or later regardless of your article u posted. Sucks people have been so mean to you about it. I understand why you are leaving/stop contributing to the site. I hope you will reconsider down the road. I’ve always found your articles helpful, fun, and informative. Haters are going to hate. Do what you love because you love to do it. “Shake it off.” I wish you the best.

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  3. Don’t understand the complaints or brouhaha.

    The glitch has not been removed – it has been adjusted. More than twenty transporter energy pods per day was a silly rate. It makes sense to adjust it to four and more (with character tasks). And it has not been done in isolation – combined with the increased chances of a successful outcome on an expedition it is fine.

    And this is not a new technique – it has been around for a while and known about by Tiny. Sometimes they limit new buildings in number to avoid imbalance, sometimes they don’t.

    And, finally, it makes play easier not more difficult – only logging in every six hours or eight or ten is far more fun than having to log in every two hours lest you miss out.

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    1. Except that even getting 1 a day is my rate. I haven’t even gotten enough to send even one mission to the second planet. Troi will not be getting any chocolates any time soon. And even then, it’s only a chance for them. The drop for blue blobs is horrible compared to many are needed for just a CHANCE at getting an item from the mission. Not happy at all. And 1 every 2 hours would’ve been the correct rate for the amounts and time needed to just do the missions. Ridiculous that anyone WOULDN’T have a problem


      1. Room swap.

        Perdido made the point that room swapping is still very effective. Swapping both Recreation Rooms twice a day will give you 4 Transporter Energy with no worry about leaving it to chance.

        The success rate for chocolate has increased and I have received them on two out of the last three away trips. After you unlock Troi and do the Away We Go quest, you won’t need to use the transporter intensely until the next upgrade.

        TinyCo says that Troi was meant to be unlocked slowly. There’s no need to get upset until we see what the next upgrade brings and whether it supports what TinyCo said.


  4. That’s sad that people are blaming the helpful individuals instead of placing the blame where it goes… stop being hateful or nasty..I understand completely the frustration with the game, I myself am really pissed. It was suppose to be a free fun game to play- with that said,it is bs on the company for a scam. I didn’t realize how much money I spent until looked at my account & it’s still causing bs problems maybe even on purpose to make one have to spend more (notice the amount of claims have increased dramatically) stop blaming the nice people taking their personal time to help and place it where it belongs. I will contact whom I need to and take matters further because it has turned into a scam, nothing is ever free.


  5. So… I am wondering if something in the game has changed… I went to bed last night upset that TinyCo borked our solution to their imbalance. I had 4 blues. I get up this morning. Tap on all the characters busy doing things and I look up and I have 11 blues… I only had one room being rebuilt which should have yielded a blue and two characters working on a blue. Where the others came from, I am uncertain. It’s posduble that there was a drop issue and they fixed it. I am hoping that the extra blues were blues that I shoud have earned all along and that they fixed the game.


  6. Umm… Now I swear this isn’t an April fools but my rec rooms are still only taking 2 hours? I assume this is because I have automatic updates turned off. Now here’s the tough choice. Do I keep it like this and get the transporter energy, but lose out on the “simpler transporter”? I already have troi and klingon Chris, but after 5 attempts I still have no ferengi billboard.

    And RyPod. Don’t listen to the bullies, man. You’re doing good work.


  7. Zoey’s right – Tinyco don’t need this or any other site to spot unexpected behaviours. They have access to all of our stats – just as they used to spot clam cheaters. It makes no sense in all kinds of ways to blame mods on a tips site for posting tips – whether Tinyco read them or not. Balancing the game will always be about looking at the average player and making sure it’s JUST hard enough to make you want to spend clams, but not so hard that it’s impossible without doing so (except for premium items). If they spotted a spike in some players drop rates that pulls them way away from the average then they’d want to address that, where it’s easy to do without affecting the average player. That’s all they’ve done. I’d expect other small changes to be introduced that maybe make it easier for Mr. Average. Let’s see.


  8. One of the curses of the Internet. Any action that can be construed as being a poster’s fault WILL be construed as that poster’s fault by some portion of the population. Usually by the most vocal members of the Internet.

    You’ve done well to bring us information and I’m sure none of the usual regulars here blame you for anything (except maybe bringing us awesome blog content and comment hilarity).

    I love you man, (In a purely platonic way)

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      1. Oops, did I say platonic? I meant demonic. Sexy demonic. Mwahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ (The safe word is FLรœGGร…ำ˜NKะฑโ‚ฌฤŒHIล’รŸร˜LฤฎรŠN)

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  9. I blame Tinyco. The game isn’t being balanced correctly and that detracts from the fun of playing. The AVERAGE player should be able to unlock of the available free content without shelling out money for clams. The players using the rebuild method to increase drops are simply making up for an imbalance in the game.

    For events such as this one it should be possible to unlock all the content for that week before new content becomes available the following week. This means that the AVERAGE player should be able to unlock Klingon Chris and Deanna Troi before the end of this week. This week it just didn’t feel like it was going to be possible to unlock Deanna because of the Transporter Energy shortage and the high price of away missions to collect Chocolate bars.

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    1. Did they feed you the line of bs that George Takei is supposed to help get the chocolate to help free Deanna? Haven’t seen the action and now they’re not responding. .. if anyone has any idea feel free to please let me know. Thanks


  10. I come to this site because I find the game’s lack of instructions or discover how use it before the time runs out frustrating… And that is ALL on TinyCo.

    I love this site and the moderators on it. you guys make the game playable. I appreciate the time and effort you guys put into it. Thank you.

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  11. I appreciate everything yall do! You’re always going to have some haters, sadly. But I want to say Thank You!! Thank you for spending your personal time to just help us other gamers! Yall are awesome!!

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  12. Real talk!
    Ignore the haters. Most of thm are probably amateurs that just started playing in 2015 and just discovered this website last month so this is the first time they’ve been disappointed by the game. But I’ve been playing for a year and a half now and have been a regular commenter on this site for about a year now, but you probably know all about that.
    Anyway what I’m trying I say is that I’ve been using tho site long enough to know you’re not at any fault whatsoever. I played through comic con when we came up with the maze building and tapping tricks to bomb the minion stewies. Since then we’ve come up with so many techniques together for almost every event, but tinycrap haven’t acted like this before. The haters either don’t know this or don’t remember, so thy have no idea what they’re talking about.
    I can’t explain how helpful this website has been, I can’t say a bad word about it, so I’m on your side and I blame tinycrap too.
    Ps. Hollypopsicle used her real name! We would never have guessed what it stood for lol.

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      1. Don’t be sorry, bro. You did what you had to do. Have you noticed the decrease in negative comments since you posted the rant? That shut the cowards up!


      2. I know what you mean. Noody wants to be blamed, let alone wrongfully blamed. And I think you ended any arguments by doing what you did, rather than start any.


      1. You’re back!!! Can you please work out a deal with tinyco? They seem to only listen to you.
        And how can I guess it? It’s not like you’ve ever mentioned it before lol.


      2. Haha! Yes, Rypod, I will pass your message on and see what they say ๐Ÿ˜‰ probably thank you for letting them know about the Transporter Energy glitch so they could fix it before more players “exploit” their game and lose them “tons” of money ๐Ÿ˜‰


      3. Can you please let then know we think it’s unfair that the only way to get chocolate bars is to send the crew to the purple planet, which takes 8 hours and is โ€˜UNLIKELYโ€™ to give chocolate bars. Not to mention it costs 6 blue crystals, which are also rare and extremely difficult to obtain, each time you send to the planet.
        Everything else is OK but I feel collecting 12 chocolate bars which are so hard to obtain due to the above reasons is unfair and highly impractical.
        They should lower the number of chocolate bars, make them โ€˜alwaysโ€™ from visiting or give us more ways to obtain them, like character actions.

        Also tell them that our room building trick was a protest against this injustice, lol, and we wouldn’t have done it if everything wasn’t so hard to obtain.

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      4. Oh I know, I know! Your name stands for Veronica Washburne right? I bet I’m totally right. ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. Your nickname for TinyCo is mild compared to my version ๐Ÿ˜‰ also how the hell could you have guessed what it stood for?! My name is practically hidden within that cloak of a nickname. Its a brilliant disguise ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. I had a much stronger one earlier but Ry didn’t publish that comment because of it, so I had to keep it mild this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. Oh I bet I know what it is! I have some brilliantly witty yet vile nicknames for various companies! Money grabbing antics do not sit right with me whether it be TinyCo or McDonalds!


  13. Now can they fix the issues of us getting the choc bar? Maybe drop the blue crystal rates to travel from 6 to 4? and reduce the journey from 8 to 4? I am not sending my crew to get the choc bar until they sort this issue out. There’s no way of getting Troi. I have already tried multiple combos and it fails everytime. An uncommon item has become impossible. They should look into this instead!


    1. I feel your pain Splendid Guy, I have done 3 away missions, and You can’t get any chocolate without a Klingon. I won’t be able to get Chris because the foreheads aren’t deopping and I am loging in every 1-2 hours. I have a metric ton of pinks, just can’t get any blues to drop.


  14. ๐ŸŒŸI wasn’t blaming you at all Ryan! It’s the simple fact, you’re right that it’s NOBODY’S fault honestly. Nobody knew TinyCo., was going to take this little “cheat” out except for TINYCO. THEMSELVES!…Honestly, I don’t even wanna call it a “cheat” because it isn’t a CHEAT lmfao! it was just a random technique that actually WORKED and gave us players positive results?..haha!! I’m kickin myself in the @$$ because I started doing it that room swap too late! I had second-doubted it of course because I didn’t think it would work but…WHATEVER!!!!!!
    pointing fingers at others EXCEPT for TinyCo., is really really harsh. There were ALOT i mean ALOT of comments from players who were USING this technique so Rypod you seriously don’t need to be too hard on yourself! I think it’s pretty safe to say,YOU were just looking out for your readers and all kinds of players by HELPING them and giving tips hence, the name of this website??? BOOOOO-YAHH ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜˜โœŒโœจ๐Ÿ’ซ


    1. Lol, I know you weren’t having a go Tat, I know you defended me in the comments so it’s appreciated, I think I’d just had enough of being blamed, like someone else said yesterday, I’m pretty much on my own here at the mo



      1. ๐ŸŒŸYes I completely understand where you’re coming from. In our society, it has ALWAYS been easier for people to automatically blame and point fingers at others for their very OWN mistakes! what’s that quote say?:…something about when you point your finger at someone there’s always gonna be 4 pointing BACK at you or whatever!! haha something like Well that’s really how the world works anymore ya know &it’s sad…
        But no need to put yourself down from it. I wish people would LEARN and at least live by “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say ANYTHING at all!!!” ๐Ÿ˜’๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ซ


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