End of Star Trek Event FAQS

Here are the FAQS so you know what to expect!

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Feedback: Star Trek Event

This post was meant to mark the end of the Star Trek event but it has been extended to 7th May 2015, that doesn’t matter – we would still like to hear what you think of the event!

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Star Trek Event has been extended!

Just a quick note to let you know that the event has been extended:

“The new end date is May 7th at 3 PM PDT.”

Do you need extra time or have you completed everything?!


Hey there people!

I am just stopping by on an unexpected Tuesday visit to apologise for missing the Q and A session. Zooey had a power outage and text me to see if I could moderate.

Unfortunately I was working late today and didn’t get her message in time to live moderate.

Those of you who have been present for any previous Q and A sessions with us will know there is usually someone at hand to get those comments through quickly.

Life got in the way today, but we will take steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Again apologies and if you have any unanswered questions you think I could help you with please post below and I will be around to give you a helping hand!

Ask TinyCo: Star Trek Edition (last week)

So this is something new we are introducing. It will run once a month on a post much like this one!

You will have the opportunity to pose a question to a TinyCo team member based on the event that is taking place at the time!

A TinyCo Team Member will be available to answer your questions in the comments section on Tuesday 28th April 2015, at 11AM PDT (it has been changed to Tuesday), so make sure you get your questions in!

But there are some rules…..

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Random Chat #1

Hey gang,

I know at times we go off on some random tangents with our conversations in the post/comment section and it fills the comments up with randomness and banter so this is a post so we can all shoot the breeze and chat about any old topic whenever we want 😊

So what’s on your mind? Music? Films? Jokes? Whatever you wanna chat about, go for it 😊


P.S. There’s just two rules…

1) There are no rules

2) No abuse 😆

Star Trek, week 6: The Walkthroughs *****UPDATED*****

So the end is nigh but we do have these wonderful walkthroughs for your final weeks reading pleasure!

My game keeps lagging out….. It has a case of the final week blues. Stick with me! I am getting there!

Updated with Khan and Scotty walkthroughs

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Star Trek: The Quahogian’s Tasks!

So I wasn’t really sure what to call this section but these are all the miscellaneous characters who had costumes for the Star Trek event.

Captain Pike Joe

Ferengi Mort

Borg Consulela

Vulcan Quagmire

Edo Herbert

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Star Trek: TNG character tasks

Another collated collection of all the characters from TNG and their tasks.

Picard.                                        Worf

Geordi.                                        Dr. Crusher

Data.                                           Q

Riker.                                          Troi



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Star Trek: Trekkie Griffins’ Tasks

All the tasks collated for the Trekkie Griffins (I will include Klingon Meg even though she isn’t in the line up!)

Starfleet Peter
Starfleet Lois
Klingon Chris
Klingon Meg
Talosian Stewie

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