Fun-ily Guy #1

Hey guys,

I know everyone’s struggling and unhappy at the moment with this event so I thought I’d start a new series of posts to make us all smile 🙂 it’s just a random Family Guy quote each time to remind us why we all love the show 🙂

Brian: Do you even know what a menstrual cycle is?

Stewie: A great way to get around town is what it is!! *imagines a wacky multi-coloured cycle complete with horn and bouncy wheels*



19 thoughts on “Fun-ily Guy #1”

  1. RayPod and all mods,

    This is not a quote but I did not know where else to put this question.
    Has Herbert always been dressed like this and I have just been too wrapped up in myself to notice or has something very disturbing just happened?


  2. Meg:Dad what you say we start to lern with me
    Peter:(laughing) (sigh) (punching) How dear you Meh NEVER
    Peter:Star the News
    Tom Tucker:The news ghost is in the reporter room now
    Joice Kyney:How is it
    Diane Simmons:Oh Damn (scream)
    Joice Kiney: How you gonna call
    Diane Simmons:Oh Common do yo don t see the ghost im here for crying out out
    Tom Tucker:Ghostbusters
    Diane Simmons:MY JOKE you ignored me how how you don t see me a yes my death i totally forget(scream like baby)


  3. ooh the menstrual cycle!!! I was hoping to get that decoration since the release of the game (I’ve seen it was on Beta…) hopefully they will bring it soon.


  4. I am loving this event.. I was freaking out on getting Deanna with the chocolates, but finally got an away mission to pay off, and got 4 chocolates at the same time (Was thinking I would have to make 12 such trips).. so, just have 8 to go, and I will be all set…


    1. I assumed it always drops 4 chocolates, as on the ‘choose a planet’ screen under ‘chance of’ it says 4 chocolate bars.


  5. Tom tucker: a local family is forced out of their home by ghosts, who are they gonna call

    Diane: (sighs) ghostbusters tom

    Tom tucker: no, diane, their insurance company, thats just stupid what you said.


  6. That’s one heck of a mental image.

    I’m pretty happy with this event tho. I think it’s starting a little slower than I would prefer and I honestly don’t know how long it’ll take to unlock Troi with the travel bit mixed in, but they’re pretty responsive when players are unhappy and it’ll sort out 🙂 I do wish the main characters had more to do, especially Louis, Megan and Chris. Klingon will unlock soon enough but I wish he had a task to help.


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