Star Trek Costume: Klingon Chris

Here’s the updated guide to unlocking Chris.

25 Klingon Dictionaries – Get from Worf, Send an away team to Oh’NoS, Make Worf wear many hats

15 Bat’leth – Get from Gold Trekkie’s

Prosthetic Forehead – Make Herbert be a Peeping Tom, Quagmire Host a Genital Jamboree, Get from Bat’leth Badassery Outlet

Chris’ Klingon tasks are as follows:




10 thoughts on “Star Trek Costume: Klingon Chris”

    1. I don’t know why they’re not appearing in certain towns, they do in mine :/ and also, if that’s how you spell your name – Kelhlee – that is an AWESOME spelling and I love it lol



  1. I haven’t seen a single Gold Shirt Trekkie, and every time I open the game I check through Al Harrington’s only to be told they’ve all been cleared. Two days since upgrading the Warp Core and not One. Single. Trekkie!

    More than just a bit ridiculous, TinyCo.


  2. What do the movie scene clappers next to version activities of character mean? Those activities are with no more coins or XP, so what does that clapper symbol mean?


    1. It means it’s an animated thing, so you can see the action they’re doing, for example, Riker stroking his beard has a clapper and he stands there stroking his beard for 2hrs, other tasks are not animated and they just disappear into a house to complete the task



  3. I’m not seeing trekkies at all and my Tribbles aren’t coming at the top of the hour anymore I click on outfits go to Chris click get from gold trekkies and it says there aren’t any available you have got them all. What do I do? I have Geordie, riker, Mort, peter, all available buildings purchased with coins or crystals. I’ve gone on away missions. I’m at Star fleet level 6.8. I have all rooms available bought with crystals and cubes and built. With 1 in storage. And all replicated items! Please help and thank you for all your hard work and hours you spend to help us players and for putting up with all the whining!


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