Ask TinyCo: Star Trek Edition (week 2)

So this is something new we are introducing. It will run once a month on a post much like this one!

You will have the opportunity to pose a question to a TinyCo team member based on the event that is taking place at the time!

A TinyCo Team Member will be available to answer your questions in the comments section on Friday 27th March 2015, at 11AM PDT, so make sure you get your questions in!

But there are some rules…..

1. Keep questions to one per comment. It is easier to answer.

2. Don’t flood the post with thousands of questions! Allow others to have their turn!

3. Try to keep questions unique. A thousand people asking why their game keeps crashing is boring!

4. You might be a tad miffed about something but keep it PG people or you won’t be published!

5. Use it or lose it! If no one asks anything, they won’t keep doing it. Utilise it!

Right you got all that? Ask away!


201 thoughts on “Ask TinyCo: Star Trek Edition (week 2)”

  1. How do I destroy the Shielded Petercraft? I’ve shot it multiple times and all I get are scorch marks. I’ve saved up 12 shots. I’d really like to destroy it once and for all.


  2. No trekkies spawning, blue or gold shirt, I’m level 4 star fleet and level 3 warp core but haven’t had a single trekkie spawn. Is there a reason or something I’m missing?


  3. Why are there no blue or gold shirt trekkies spawning on the family guy quest for stuff game for me? I am warp core level 3 and star fleet level 4 but haven’t had a single trekkie spawn once. Please help.


  4. A lot of people are not having Trekkies appear on their Starfleet ship and I personally just opened Locutus’s area and the Borg are supposed to show up but all of a sudden nothing is popping up except the tribbles. knowing this is a common occurrence with player, is there a fix to this?


      1. I haven’t unlocked her yet. No. I only have the Locutus requirement of destroying Borg for the duct tape.


      2. Do you have Worf? If you don’t have Worf or Deanna Troi then they won’t generate because you have no way of destroying them otherwise



  5. I’m just wondering where these supposed Borg are at that I’m supposed to clear. Do I need to complete some other quest first?


  6. twice my game has crashed as I send the blimp off. Consequently I am getting no items to unlock Olivia, as when it reloads again the plutonium is gone, but I have no items. Any help would be appreciated.


  7. I’m trying to complete my blimp missions so that I can get Olivia. I send the blimp off 3 times and get nothing. Sent it off last night and it hasn’t returned. Now the missions to get plutonium are gone. What’s the deal?


    1. Are you doing the quest related to the blimp missions? You get the items needed to get Olivia by completing the quests rather than using the blimp.



  8. I had to delete my game and re-install per your directions due to the game crashing issue. I did that but now I don’t know how to get my game back and the whole game started back at square one! How do I get my progress back?


  9. Is district 9 going to be available for windows phone. And will kool aid man be available again this summer of 2015 if so can you make it easier to unlock please.


  10. I unlocked William Riker had him walking around for a bit had him do a chore and he’s been gone for days. He’s not in any building and I’ve moved everything around looking for him. Anyone else have this problem? How can i get him back with out resetting the game?


  11. My blimp recently just disappeared. I also sent it out three times prior to this with no reward, wondering what the heck happened?


    1. The blimp should have reappeared after sending it. The blimp has to be sent a total of 5 times. The items in question will appear when you reach that point in the quest line calling for them. If they do not appear please contact Tiny Co. directly to have them look into it.


  12. why is it so hard to get the new characters?! It should be a challenge but not impossible! It’s ridiculous and makes it more irritating than entertaining.


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